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Find 85C Bakery Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

85C Bakery’s prices allow the delicious taste of amazing baked goods at your fingertips and make it a wonderful location to stop to enjoy an easy meal. Anyone should be able to take a break and enjoy a delicious baked item without needing to pay an additional mortgage on your home.

This idea is the reason for the establishment of 85C Bakery. Since 2003, they’ve been striving to bring the finest of bakers’ art to all, offering the ability to change regularly their dishes and standby’s which are sure to delight every taste.

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Take a look at their complete menu below:




Apple Almond Danish $3.00
Boroh Cream Danish $3.00
Boroh Danish $3.00
Caramel Danish $3.00


Berry Multigrain $3.00
Multigrain $3.00
Walnut Raisin Multigrain $3.00

Puff Pastry

Cinnamon Twist $2.75
Jumbo Coconut Strudel $3.00
Milk Butter Puff Pastry $3.00

Savory Bread

Bacon & Cheese $2.45
Calamari Stick $2.45
Cheese Dog $2.45
French Garlic Cheese $2.45

Sweet Bread

Coffee Bread $2.75
Berry tale $2.75
Brioche $2.75
Cheese Bread $2.75


Milk Toast $2.00
Multigrain Toast $2.00
White Toast $2.00


Choco Bun $2.75
Chocolate Cream Cheese $2.75
Cranberry Cream Cheese $2.75
Honey Bread $2.75


8 Cakes

Black Forest $4.25
Deluxe Strawberry $4.25
Fruit Cheesecake $4.25
Mango Cream Brulee $4.25

Full Month Cakes

Black Forest $5.25
Chocolate Cookie Crumble $5.25
Cream Cheesecake $5.25
Napoleon $5.25

Individual Cake

Chocolate Delight $3.50
Chocolate Pearl $3.50
Coffee Cream Brulee Cup $3.50
French Fruit Tart $3.50


Cream Puff $2.50
Egg Tart $2.50
Cheese Bites $2.50
Chocolate Chip Cookie $2.50

Sliced Cake

Mille Crepes Slice $2.45
Black Forest Slice $2.45
Blueberry Cheesecake Slice $2.45
Cream Cheesecake Slice $2.45

Sponge Cake

Almond Half Moon $3.50
Black Tie $3.50
Chocolate Sponge Roll $3.50
Chocolate Custard Roll $3.50


Hot Espresso

Coffee 16 Oz. $3.00
Coffee 22 Oz. $3.50
Americano 16 Oz. $2.75
Americano 22 Oz. $3.25
Café Latte 16 Oz. $3.25
Café Latte 22 Oz. $3.75
Cappuccino 16 Oz. $3.25

Hot Teas

Black Tea 16 Oz. $2.75
Black Tea 22 Oz. $3.25
Caramel Milk Tea 16 Oz. $2.75
Caramel Milk Tea 22 Oz. $3.25
Green Milk Tea 16 Oz. $2.75
Green Milk Tea 22 Oz. $3.25
Milk Tea 16 Oz. $2.75
Milk Tea 22 Oz. $3.25

Iced Espresso

Iced Coffee 16 Oz. $3.00
Iced Coffee 22 Oz. $3.25
Iced Americano 16 Oz. $2.75
Iced Americano 22 Oz. $3.25
Iced Caramel Latte 16 Oz. $3.50
Iced Caramel Latte 22 Oz. $3.75
Iced Caramel Macchiato 16 Oz. $3.50
Iced Caramel Macchiato 22 Oz. $3.75

Iced Teas

Iced Black Tea 16 Oz. $2.75
Iced Black Tea 22 Oz. $3.25
Iced Boba Milk Tea 16 Oz. $2.75
Iced Boba Milk Tea 22 Oz. $3.25
Iced Caramel Milk Tea 16 Oz. $2.75
Iced Caramel Milk Tea 22 Oz. $3.25
Iced Grapefruit Green Tea 16 Oz. $2.75
Iced Grapefruit Green Tea 22 Oz. $3.25


Chocolate Milk 16 Oz. $3.00
Chocolate Milk 22 Oz. $3.25
Iced Chocolate Milk 16 Oz. $3.50
Iced Chocolate Milk 22 Oz. $3.75
Strawberry Lemonade 16 Oz. $4.25
Strawberry Lemonade 22 Oz. $4.50
Taro Latte 16 Oz. $3.25
Taro Latte 22 Oz. $3.75

Sea Salt Beverages

Iced Sea Salt Tea 16 Oz. $3.00
Iced Sea Salt Tea 22 Oz. $3.50
Iced Sea Salt Caramel Coffee 16 Oz. $3.75
Iced Sea Salt Caramel Coffee 22 Oz. $4.25
Iced Sea Salt Coffee 16 Oz. $3.25
Iced Sea Salt Coffee 22 Oz. $3.75
Iced Sea Salt Smoothie 21 Oz. $4.95

Slushes & Smoothies

Cookies & Cream 22 Oz. $4.95
Frozen Marble Taro 22 Oz. $4.95
Guava Slush 22 Oz. $4.95
Honeydew 22 Oz. $4.95

Add Ons

Boba $0.50
Coffee Jelly $0.50
Lychee Jelly $0.50
Mango Jelly $0.50

Popular Menu Items

It’s difficult to choose the best one, more so when you consider the vastness of 85C Bakery’s menu. Its prices are within the reach of the casual eater and served in sizes that make a visit worth a visit, 85C Bakery has something to please everyone. The menu ranges from Danishes and bread to scones, egg bread to unleavened, it is a lot you’ll find at 85C Bakery. If you’re looking for fresh bakery products at a bakery that is focused on high-quality, you need to visit 85C Bakery.

Some of their top picks are listed below:

Mixed Berry Green Tea

Okay, this isn’t an actual baked good but it can be a wonderful companion to the array of baked goods you’re set to be served. It’s light and delicious and sweet enough to go with anything available the mixed green tea with berries is a popular choice by their patrons. Take a sip and it’s certain to become yours.

You can purchase a cup for $3.50 for $3.50 for a big

Apple Almond Danish

Danishes have been a long-standing popular choice for us, there’s something special about the light flaky dough that’s wrapped in a delicately arranged center of cream cheese that is flavored that causes our taste buds to fly. This version offers the warming autumnal taste of apples with lightly toasted almonds which give texture and flavor to this delicious little pastry.

You can get it for $3.50

Mille Crepes Slice

This is a masterpiece of pastry chef’s art of layering layer upon layer of delicately sweetened crepes, the alternating layer of sweet pastry filling. The design of this dish is an amazing tribute to the art of cooking and the delicious taste it adds to your food will leave you being embarrassed for eating the exquisite food.

Take a bite of the delicious pastry creation for $4.75

Black Forest Cake

Black Forest Cake Black Forest Cake is one of the most controversial confections ever made. Maybe we’re overstating this, however, the long-running dispute over whether cherries belong on chocolate cakes is a matter of one option to resolve. Take a bite of this delectable cake and experiment with the classic recipe to find out which side you’re on.

Let the jury decide $4.75

85C Bakery’s History

It has been in operation since 2003 and has been founded on the notion that anyone should be able to have freshly baked items without breaking the bank. When he went to a five-star hotel that it was apparent that many establishments put their baked goods out of the reach of the average eater, and he believed that the best confections and pastry shouldn’t be reserved for the wealthy. From this, Cheng-Hseug Wong created The 85C Bakery to provide his amazing baked goods to the masses.

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85C Bakery Contact Information

85C Bakery Office Phone Number- 714-525-8585

85C Bakery Customer Service Phone Number- 714-459-1685

85C Bakery Customer Service e-mail– customerservice@85cbakerycafe.com

You can also contact the team of 85C Bakery by using the contact form on their website.

Social Profiles

Facebook Page- facebook.com/85CBakeryCafe/

Instagram Account- instagram.com/85cbakerycafe/

Twitter Handle- twitter.com/85cbakerycafe

YouTube Channel- https://www.youtube.com/channel/85cbakery

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