Adopt Me Pets Tier List Roblox ❤️ 2022

Adopt Me Pets Tier List Roblox – You can use the Adopt Me Pets Tier List to find the best pets in the game. With the help of the Adopt Me Pets tier list, you can move through the game faster and, more importantly, become a better player. There are many different pets, and each one is different and has its value.

Some animals in “Adopt Me” Most of the time, one pet is worth more than another. We all know that getting a pet can take time, effort, and grinding. Because of this, it’s important to know which pets in Adopt Me are the best and will give you the most for your time.

You need to think about some things when deciding what pets you will use and what your goal is. If you don’t care about these things, you can get the strongest pets in the game, tier S pets. Stay away from tier C or tier D pets because they are the worst in the game and not worth your time.

Don’t forget to use all the Adopt Me codes that will give you cool premium rewards. If you want to trade or sell pets, you can look at the Pet Value list to find out how much your pet is worth.

Adopt Me

Adopt me pet tier list: New and legendary pets Guide 2022

Here is a list of the best pets, from best to worst. The best character is in SS Tier; the next best is in S Tier (LEGENDARY PETS), then A Tier (ULTRA-RARE PETS), B Tier (RARE PETS), C Tier (UNCOMMON PETS), and D Tier is the worst (COMMON PETS). The rank of a pet will be based on its unique abilities, features, and trading value.

Adopt me S-Tier List (All Legendary Pets)

Pet Name How to Get Trading Value
Dragon Cracked, Pet, Royal Egg 7
Unicorn Cracked, Pet, Royal Egg 9
Giraffe Safari Egg 255
Parrot Jungle Egg 70
Owl Farm Egg 80
Crow Farm Egg 58
Golden Griffin  Golden Egg 10
Golden Dragon  Golden Egg 11
Diamond Unicorn Diamond Egg 65
Golden Unicorn Golden Egg 16
Diamond Griffin Diamond Egg 50
Diamond Dragon Diamond Egg 55
Turtle Aussie Egg 15
Kangaroo Aussie Egg 12
Dodo Fossil Egg 10
T-Rex Fossil Egg 10
Octopus Ocean Egg  
Shark Ocean Egg  
Golden Rat Rat boxes 6
Ninja Monkey Monkey boxes 8
Albino Monkey Monkey boxes 25
Monkey King Monkey boxes 28
Griffin 300 Robux 5
Golden Penguin 225 Robux 10
Shadow Dragon 1,000 Robux 270
King Bee 199 Robux per Honey 8
Queen Bee 199 Robux per Honey 20
Kitsune 600 Robux 7
Frost Dragon 1,000 Robux 100
Reindeer Christmas Egg  
Artic Reindeer Christmas Egg 27
Evil Unicorn Halloween event 60
Bat Dragon Halloween event 230
Cerberus Robux 10
Skele-Rex Candy 14
Robo Dog 600 Robux 5
Snow Owl Winter Holiday event 10,000 Gingerbread 11
Frost Fury Winter Holiday event (800 Robux) 21
Guardian Lion Lunar New year 2021 16
Metal Ox Lunar New year 2021 9
Diamond Ladybug Farm Shop Event 2021 – Diamond Lavender  
Golden Ladybug Farm Shop Event 2021 – Diamond Lavender

Adopt me A-Tier List (All Ultra Rare Pets)

Pet Name How to Get Trading Value
Red Panda Cracked, Pet and also Royal Egg 2
Shiba Inu Cracked, Pet and also Royal Egg 2
Flamingo Safari Egg 10
Lion Safari Egg 9
Crocodile  Jungle Egg 8.5
Platypus  Jungle Egg 7
Turkey Farm egg 6.5
Llama Farm egg 6.5
Koala Aussie Egg 4
Frog Aussie Egg 3.5
Sabertooth Fossil Egg 5
Deinonychus Fossil Egg 6
Clownfish Ocean Egg  
Business Monkey Monkey boxes 4
Toy Monkey Monkey boxes 4
Ginger Cat 210 Stars 4.5
Toucan 400 Stars 5
Starfish 550 Stars 4.5
Horse 300 Robux 4
Penguin 225 Robux 3.5
Sloth 199 Robux 3.5
Zombie Buffalo Halloween Event 8
Bee 199 Robux per Honey 3
Santa Dog or Dalmatian 250 Robux 12
Panda 249 Robux 4
Artic Fox Christmas egg 6
Elf Hedgehog Christmas Event 25
Albino Bat Candy 8
Ghost Bunny Candy 5
Yeti Winter Holiday event (6,000 Gingerbread) 4.5
Lunar Ox Lunar New year  
Ladybug Farm Shop Event 2021 – Diamond Lavender

Adopt me B-Tier List (All Rare Pets)

Pet Name How to Get Trading Value
Beaver Cracked, Pet, Royal Egg 3
Rabbit Cracked, Pet, Royal Egg 3
Bunny Cracked, Pet, Royal Egg 2
Snow Puma Cracked, Pet, Royal Egg 3
Elephant Safari Egg 13
Hyena Safari Egg 9
Brown Bear Jungle Egg 7
Rhino Jungle Egg 6
Cow Farm egg 11
Pig Farm egg 6
Emu Aussie Egg 4
Australian Kelpie Aussie Egg 4
Wooly Mammoth Fossil Egg  
Dilophosaurus Fossil Egg  
Pterodactyl Fossil Egg  
Narwhal Ocean Egg  
Seahorse Ocean Egg  
Rat Rat boxes 3
Monkey Monkey Boxes 4
Swan Christmas egg 5
Polar Bear Christmas egg 5
Reindeer Christmas Event 4
Elf Shrew Christmas Event 5
Musk Ox Winter Holiday event (3,500 Gingerbread)  
Lynx Winter Holiday event (4,000 Gingerbread)  
Ox Lunar New year update (Ox Box)

Adopt me C-Tier List (All Uncommon Pets)

Pet Name How to Get Trading Value
Blue Dog Blue egg 1st Uncommon
Pink Cat Pink egg  2nd Uncommon
Chocolate Labrador Cracked, Pet, Royal Egg 10th Uncommon
Puma Cracked, Pet, Royal Egg  
Snow Cat Cracked, Pet, Royal Egg 12th Uncommon
Fennec Fox Cracked, Pet, Royal Egg  
Meerkat Safari Egg 4th Uncommon
Wild Boar Safari Egg 3rd Uncommon
Black Panther Jungle Egg 5th Uncommon
Capybara Jungle Egg 7th Uncommon
Silly Duck Farm egg 6th Uncommon
Drake Farm egg  8th Uncommon
Dingo Aussie Egg 11th Uncommon
Triceratops  Fossil Egg  
Stegosaurus  Fossil Egg  
Glyptodon  Fossil Egg  
Crab Ocean Egg  
Dolphin Ocean Egg  
Wolf Christmas egg 9th Uncommon
Pet Rock April Fools Day  
Bat Candy  
Snowman Winter Holiday event (2,000 Gingerbread)

Adopt me D-Tier List (All Common Pets)

Pet Name How to Get Trading Value
Buffalo Cracked, Pet Egg 2
Cat Cracked, Pet Egg 1
Dog Cracked, Pet Egg 1
Otter  Cracked, Pet Egg 2
Chicken Farm egg 3
Bandicoot Aussie Egg 1,5
Tazmanian Tiger Fossil Egg  
Ground Sloth Fossil Egg  
Stingray Ocean Egg  
Robin Christmas egg 2-5
Chick Easter  
Pumpkin Halloween (Pumpkin Smash Minigame)

Adopt me free legendary pets guide

Here is a list of pets everyone can get for free or easily buy with in-game cash. These eggs have a 3-8% chance of giving you legendary pets:

Starter Egg: Get legendary pets
Blue Egg: Get legendary pets
Pink Egg: Get legendary pets
Cracked Egg: Get legendary pets
Pet Egg: Get legendary pets
Safari Egg: Get legendary pets
Jungle Egg: Get legendary pets
Farm Egg: Get legendary pets
Fossil Egg: Get legendary pets
Royal Egg: Get legendary pets
Golden Egg: Get legendary pets
Diamond Egg: Get legendary pets

Adopt Me Pets Tier List Roblox

Adopt Me Pets Guide 2022 – How to ride a Pet?

Get a pet the Ride-A-Pet Potion.
It cost 150 Robux to buy the Ride-A-Pet Potion.
To make pets that can be ridden for good, you need one potion for each pet.

How to make a neon pet in adopt me 2022

If you want free neon pets in adopting my game, we’ve discussed how to get them in this section. If you have a lot of pets, you can combine four of them into one neon pet. To do this, you need to have fully grown pets in your hand, which you can then put in each of the 4 colour areas.

Until there were no longer four pets on each circle. You have to pick up one of your fully grown pets and put it in one of the coloured areas. Here’s everything you need to know about the neon pet:

Put full-grown pets of the same type into the slots in the new cave. Then, the four pets can be combined to make 1 NEON PET.

Last words: Please adopt me, Roblox! Pet Tier List Reddit – September 2022 was just updated. We will update this list when new pets are officially released, which is based entirely on how much they are worth and what features they have. You can comment below if you have ideas about the best pet to make and reroll in Adopt Me.

Adopt me legendary pet tier Tier List Community Rankings

The Adopt me legendary pet tier list below is based on votes from the community and is the average ranking of the 12 tier lists that were submitted. The top of the list shows the best Adopt me legendary pet tier rankings, and the bottom shows the worst.

You must be logged in and post the list to the site for your ranking to be shown (not simply downloading the tier list image).

About Adopt Me Pets Tier List

We used a high-end account and tested all pets in the best possible condition to get the best possible rating.

The Adopt Me Pets list can be argued about like every other list. If you don’t agree with some of our ratings, please leave a comment so we can talk about it.

With a new update, every pet in Adopt Me can be changed. If the pet is changed, so are the rating and meta. Since this is the case, you should try out each pet independently.

By testing pets on your own, you can find out which ones are the best and learn more about them. Overall, you will become a better player if you try out pets independently. Also, make sure you talk to other players about their pets and find out what they are using.

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FAQs – Adopt Me Pets Tier List Roblox

What is the most valuable pet in Adopt Me Roblox?

1) Bat Dragon

Most people in the Roblox Adopt Me! The community has probably heard of Bat Dragon. The rare pet was made available to the public for the first time a few years ago, during the 2019 Halloween event. The whole thing cost them 180,000 Candy Tokens.

What tier is shark in Adopt Me?

Roblox Adopt Me Pets Tier List September 2022
Adopt Me Pets Tier Ranking
Frost Dragon S – Tier
Giraffe S – Tier
Shark S – Tier
Robo Dog S – Tier

Which is the best pet in Adopt Me 2022?

You can play this game with your friends, which lets you decorate your house and change how your pets look. The Ninja Monkey and the Octopus are two of the best pets in tier S. Turtle, and Tyrannosaurus Rex is the best in tier A. They are almost as good as pets in tier S.

What is the hardest pet to get in Adopt Me?

The Golden and Diamond Egg pets are the hardest to get in Roblox Adopt Me. This is because neither vendors nor players nor the Robux store can sell them. You can get both eggs from Star Rewards.

What is adopted golden dragon worth?

The value of the Golden Dragon is somewhere between a Frost Owl and a Turtle. Some people might even trade a low-tier Neon legendary for it, but that’s not likely since this pet isn’t very popular.

What is lamb worth in Adopt Me 2021?

At the moment, a Lamb is worth the same as a Flamingo, but we think it will be worth more in the future. The Lamb is the first known pet from the Easter Event to be made available to everyone. However, now that the Easter Event is over, the only way to get this pet is to trade with other players.

What is worth a Skele Rex in Adopt Me?

You can only get one by trading with other players, which is pretty obvious. The Skele-Rex is worth about as much as a parrot, an owl, or a bad unicorn.

Is the Shadow Dragon the best pet in Adopt Me?

The Shadow Dragon was unveiled at the 2019 Halloween event. It has one of the most shocking looks in the game, with a lean body and ashy black wings. It’s also often considered the most valuable pet.

How rare is a poodle in Adopt Me?

Poodles are a rare pet that grows out of eggs. This means you will have to hatch an egg with a high chance of giving you a unique item to get the Poodle. Holly will sell you an egg in the Nursery for $600 that has a 35% chance of hatching an uncommon pet.



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