Does Advance Auto Parts Price Match? 2022

Advance Auto Parts Price Match – It can be hard to find auto parts because there are so many shops and stores that sell different parts at different prices. But if you want to get the best deals, Advance Auto Parts price matching has you covered – They gladly match a competitor’s price so that you can get the best deals.

That means that, as long as you know where to look for parts that Advanced Auto Parts can match, you’ll probably end up with the best prices. But how does the offer to match prices work?

Does Advance Auto Parts Price Match In 2022?

Advance Auto Parts

In 2022, Advance Auto Parts does match the prices of its competitors, which is a good thing. If you find an identical item in a store like AutoZone, O’Reilly, or Walmart, the company’s terms and conditions say that they will match the price. But Advance Auto Parts stores don’t match the prices of online auction sites like eBay. They will, however, match the prices of some other websites.

Here are the facts you need to know about Advance Auto Parts’ policy on matching prices and how it works.

Price Match Time
14 days
Where Can I Price Match?
Online & In-Store
Contact Info.
Visit the website
Advance Auto Parts

Eligibility Criteria for Advance Auto Parts Price Match Policy

To get a price match from Advance Auto Parts, you must meet the following requirements:

  • The size, color, and quality of the item should be similar or very similar.
  • The item should be good at the store or website of a competitor.
  • Your item should pass their price match test and be checked by a member of their staff.
  • Only a few of AAP’s online competitors will be matched.
  • The item should be available for delivery and be in stock.
  • If the same item is available at AAP, the competitor must also have it available for same-day pickup.

Exclusions for Advance Auto Parts Price Match Policy

After looking at who is eligible, let’s find out more about who isn’t eligible. Before you ask for a price match, there are a few things you should know.

  • Stores will only match prices with other stores that sell the same thing. The online store for AAP will match the prices of other online stores.
  • Local stores must be real; businesses that aren’t run by professionals can’t be checked.
  • You should only show proofs that are in print.
  • Advance Auto Parts won’t check photos or proofs from a phone.
  • Price matching can’t be used with coupons, deals, and other discounts.
  • Membership clubs and loyalty programs don’t let you match prices.
  • The buy-one-get-one deal doesn’t work.
  • Tax-free and sold at a wholesale price.

Advance Auto Parts Price Match Competitors

Since they don’t say this on their website, I called their customer service and asked the same thing. Their answer was that they don’t match prices with eBay, but they do with all the other major brands.

Kirby Corporation
O’Reilly Auto Parts
Pep Boys
NAPA Auto Parts

Advance Auto Parts Price Match Process

AAP will match the price of any authorized retailer that has a lower price. You can make a request to match a price in-store or online. Make sure your item fits all of the boxes they’ve given you.

This means you will definitely get the best deal. But how to submit a request? Keep reading to find out more.


  • Check the prices and specs of the parts you want to buy before you buy them.
  • Ask a competitor for a total price and break it down into shipping costs, taxes, and other costs. Get all the evidence you can.
  • You need to give the AAP representative a full amount that includes all the fees.
  • Contact AAP customer care on 1-877-238-2623
  • Give them all the proof you have. You can also talk to them in real-time or through Facebook Messenger.
  • After AAP checks the proofs and prices, they will accept your request and match the price.


Bring a printed ad from a competitor’s offer to your local Advance Auto Parts store so they can check it out.
If you show the print to any AAP worker, they will confirm that it is the same.
After verification, if your ad is valid they will price match it for you.

What Is Advance Auto Parts’ Price Matching Policy?

Advance Auto Parts has a policy that says it will match prices under certain rules.

For the store to match a competitor’s price, the same product must be for sale at both stores on the same day.

When requesting a price match, the item should be comparable or identical, of similar quality, weight, size, color, warranty, and manufacturer number.

Also, the price must still be valid when you ask for a price match. A member of the Advance Auto Parts team has to check the price match before this can be done.

This store will match the prices of some in-store competitors and a few online sites. Advance Auto Parts’s guarantee isn’t as good as some of its online competitors.

If a product can be picked up in-store at Advance Auto Parts, the same part must be available for same-day pick-up at a competitor for the price match to work.

Also, if Advance Auto Parts matches the price of an online competitor, it has to include the cost of shipping in the price.

When you order parts and accessories from, the prices may change based on the customer’s zip code and will be different than the prices in the store.

So, if a customer orders something online and picks it up at the store, the staff will automatically give her the lower price.

But if you buy the item in-store, the Advance Auto Parts team will match the price you see online.

How Do You Request a Price Match at Advance Auto?

For you to get a price match at Advance Auto Parts, you need to provide proof of the competitor’s price.

If you want Advance Auto Parts to match a competitor’s price, you must show the whole print ad, a photocopy, or a photo of the ad.

The price match won’t work with ads that were made for mobile phones.

Also, the item should be available and exactly the same. Once you’ve done all of these things, a worker at Advance Auto Parts will check the price and offer to match it.

Does Advance Auto Parts Price Match AutoZone?

Advance Auto Parts and AutoZone are two of the most important competitors because they both sell auto parts.

They both sell aftermarket parts and accessories for cars and offer the same services, so Advance Auto Parts’ price is the same as AutoZone’s.

Both Advance Auto Parts and AutoZone have a lot of stores, and they are usually close to each other.

This makes it easy to compare prices and ask AutoZone to match a lower price if you find something cheaper elsewhere.

Does Advance Auto Parts Price Match O’Reilly?

Just like with AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts’ price matches O’Reilly. Both of these stores sell the same goods and services.

So, if you find the same or similar products at O’Reilly for a lower price, you can ask Advance Auto to match the price.

Does Advance Auto Parts Price Match Walmart?

Walmart is a major competitor, so Advance Auto Parts stores will match Walmart’s prices.

Walmart sells many things and has a section for auto parts and accessories, so you might be able to find cheaper items at one of these stores.

When this happens, you can bring proof to Advance Auto Parts to get a price match.

Does Advance Auto Parts Price Match Amazon?

If you find an identical or similar item on Amazon, Advance Auto Parts stores will match the price using the prices on the company’s website.

But you should remember that the competitor’s price should include shipping costs, and Amazon’s ad should promise same-day delivery for the price match to work.

Does Advance Auto Parts Price Match Rock Auto?

Since Rock Auto is an online store, its policies are similar to those of Amazon. Advance Auto Parts will match the price of a website if the item can be shipped on the same day.

So, you should make sure this is true before asking for a price match.

What Are the Price Match Exceptions at Advance Auto Parts?

Advance Auto Parts’s policy of matching prices won’t work in certain situations.

You won’t get the price match if the competitor is offering wholesale or tax-exempt prices, a gift card, or a “buy one, get one free” deal.

It also doesn’t apply to items on sale, items that are damaged, items that have been fixed up, items that have been opened, mail-in offers, liquidation sales, or instant rebates.

This price match does not cover transmissions, engines, or commercial heavy-use equipment.

Advance Auto Parts Whiffs Again

Does Advance Auto Parts Give Price Adjustments After Purchase?

If you’ve already bought something from an Advance Auto Parts store, you can’t ask them to match the price of a competitor.

Price matching can only be done before you pay for the item.

You can also read our posts about whether or not Advance Auto Parts replaces headlights, whether or not Advance Auto Parts installs batteries, and whether or not Advance Auto Parts installs wiper blades to learn more.

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With Advance Auto Parts’s price match policy, customers can get high-quality auto parts at the lowest prices.

As long as you follow the steps, their policy to match prices is easy and quick to use. Make sure that your item is not on the list of things that can’t be shipped. You can also look at Cabela’s price match details for a similar guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Advance Auto price match?

Advance Auto Parts will match the price of any product that is the same or similar and is sold at a competitor’s store or website on the same day.

Why are Advance Auto Parts prices so high?

Advance Auto Parts uses geographical pricing, just like most national stores. Some markets are more expensive than others, and the prices and competitors in each market are different. We change our prices in each of these markets so that we can stay competitive in our field.

Do car part stores’ price match?

The deal is that any local Advance Auto Parts store or the company’s website will match the price of an identical or similar product sold on Amazon. The catch is that the competitor’s price must include shipping costs and the Amazon ad must promise same-day delivery.

Are AutoZone and Advance Auto Parts the same company?

With this deal, Advance Auto Parts will become the largest provider of auto parts for the aftermarket in North America, overtaking AutoZone. With the addition of Advance Auto, the new company will have more than 70,000 employees, 5,264 company-owned stores, and annual sales of $9.3 billion.

Does Advance Auto give a military discount?

Does Advance Auto Parts give servicemen and women a discount? Advance Auto Parts is proud to offer 10% off regular prices on items bought in-store by people who are in the military or have been in the military. Note that only veterans who have served for 20 years or more and are now retired are eligible.