Amazon Employee Discount 2022 (Benefits, Who Can Use, Products,Other Stores)

amazon employee discount

Amazon Employee Discount : Amazon might be the right place for you, whether you’re looking to change careers or simply make extra money with a part-time job.

You might be curious about Amazon’s employee discounts and other benefits before you apply. Are employees eligible for a discount on Prime membership plans?

You will find the answer to your question about Amazon’s employee discounts. This was the result of my research!

Amazon Employee Discounts and Benefits for 2022

Amazon employees have 30 days to get a 10% discount for products they sell and fulfil. This applies as of 2022. The discount is also available to employees who purchase products worth $1,000. Amazon employees also have access to health insurance, tuition reimbursement and paid maternal leaves.

Keep reading for more information about Amazon’s employee benefit plans.

Amazon offers discounts to employees

Amazon employees can get a discount on certain purchases

Amazon employees are entitled to a 10% discount for certain products. There is a limit of one per year.

Amazon places a limit of $100 on the employee discount. Employees can buy up $1,000 worth of merchandise to receive a discount.

Amazon Prime Days are also eligible for the Amazon employee discount. Amazon employees are eligible for additional savings during Prime days.

How do employees get the Amazon Discount?

Amazon employees are currently reporting that they must work for Amazon for at least 30 days to be eligible for the 10% employee discount.

Amazon employees also have other benefits, such as tuition reimbursement or insurance coverage, that begin after they are hired.

What products are eligible for the Amazon employee discount?

do amazon employees get a discount

Amazon offers employees a discount, but there are limitations on what products you can purchase.

For the employee discount to apply, Amazon must direct sell and fulfill the item.

The employee discount is not applicable if a third party sells the product.

How can I get my employees a discount on Amazon?

First, get your unique employee discount code in order to use your Amazon employee discount coupon at checkout

You can do this by signing in to your Amazon A2Z account, then clicking the profile tab. After you have created your profile, you’ll see the staff photo and unique employee discount code.

On the same page, you’ll also be able see how much is left to be used for employee discounts.

The $1000 amount is reset every year on the anniversary of your employment.

Amazon Employees get Prime for Free

Amazon Prime memberships are no longer free for employees as of 2022.

Prime memberships are exempt from the 10% discount for employees.

What benefits are available to Amazon employees?

Amazon provides many other benefits than a 10% discount for Amazon products.

Amazon’s minimum hourly rate is $15, regardless of the position. Amazon employees also get the time and a quarter during holidays that are part of the Amazon holiday season, such as:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Amazon also offers benefits to employees like financial and health perks.

Health Benefits:

Amazon employees are eligible to start health benefits the first day they start work if they work at least 20 hours per week.

Amazon offers a range of health plans that can be used with multiple network providers to ensure that employees receive the best possible care. Amazon also offers Vision and Dental insurance.

Employers can apply for the Health Savings Account to receive money towards their health coverage.

Family benefits:

Amazon offers a variety of perks for employees who have families. Amazon employees who are full-time receive up to four weeks of pre-partum leave and up to 10 weeks of paid postpartum leave.

Amazon also offers flexible return-to-work programs for new parents. This makes it easier to get back to work. Amazon also offers adoption assistance as a family perk.

Amazon offers up to $5,000 for single-child adoptions and 10,000 for sibling or group adoptions.

Financial Benefits:

Amazon contributes to employees’ financial security. Amazon, for example, matches employee contributions to 401k plans with different investment options.

Amazon employees are eligible for dismemberment, accidental death, or life insurance.

Career Benefits:

Amazon understands that hourly workers may be looking for a new career path, and offers support programs to help them achieve their goals.

Amazon’s Career Choice Program pre-pays 95% for employees’ tuition and textbooks costs.

This program helps employees to be more focused on school than the price. Amazon also offers tuition reimbursement.

Employees who have worked for the company for at least one year are eligible to receive a 95% tuition reimbursement towards an Associate’s degree.


Amazon offers 10% off products purchased and fulfilled by Amazon employees. There is a maximum discount. The discount is only available to employees who are able to save up $100 each year.

Employees also have access to 401(k), vision and dental insurance as well as a 95% tuition-reimbursement program.

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Amazon Employee Discount FAQs

How can I get discounts on Amazon?

How to Get Discounts On Amazon
  1. 1 Become a Prime member.
  2. 2 Apply for an Amazon Prime Rewards Card.
  3. 3 Join Amazon Family if you need stuff for your kids.
  4. 4 Sign up for Amazon Student if you’re in college.
  5. 5 Click on the “Today’s Deals” page.
  6. 6 Use Amazon Coupons on specific items.

How do I get 50 percent off Amazon?


  1. Amazon Prime gives a 50 percent discount to all new customers aged 18-24.
  2. Users who are eligible must prove their age with ID proof.
  3. Once verified, Rs 500/Rs 165 will be credited within 48-hours to the customer’s Amazon Pay balance.

How do I get 15 percent off Amazon?

Register first to verify your eligibility. Terms and conditions: All eligible customers who sign up and make a purchase using the Amazon shopping application for the first time are eligible for $15 off their next qualifying $25 purchase.

Does Amazon take NHS discount?

Amazon doesn’t offer any discounts for NHS staff at the moment. Amazon Prime members have access to a wide range of products at a discount and other Amazon Prime deals. These can be used through the Amazon website.

Does Amazon ever have coupons? provides coupons. Although you might have seen coupons for toothpaste or sunblock in random places, Amazon has an entire section that is dedicated to coupons. This includes not only household goods but also groceries. There are coupons available for electronics, toys, and pet supplies.

How do I add coupons to Amazon?

Add an eligible product to your shopping cart. The Place Your Order page will ask you to enter the promo code. Select Apply.

What is the promo code?

A promotional code, which is a code provided by retailers to customers, allows them to get a discount when they buy products online. There are hundreds of promo codes and voucher codes available on the website, so you can save money immediately.

How do I get prime youth offer?

You can avail of the Prime Youth Membership Offer by simply going to

  1. Get the Amazon Prime app now and sign up.
  2. Customers must upload 1 ID Proof (Aadhar Card/Pan Card/ VoterID Card/ Driver’s Licence) and 1 Selfie to prove their age.

How do I get $25 off Amazon?

Amazon $25 credit when you add a debit card (targeted)

  1. Log in to your profile
  2. You can add your debit or credit card details by clicking the ‘Add A Card’ button in the advertisement.
  3. The credit will be applied immediately after you have successfully registered your card.


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