AMC Ticket Prices – Movie Theater Prices Update 2022

AMC Theaters has a reputation for providing quality service and movie presentations. AMC Movie Theaters now owns more than 300 theaters locally and over 40 outside. AMC Movie Theaters is the most successful movie theater company in the world. AMC movie tickets are affordable because of this large company.

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Children (ages 2-12) $10.69
Adults (ages 13 & up) $13.69
Seniors (ages 60+) $12.69
Student Discount (Only On Thursdays) $12.69
Military Discount (After 4 P.M.) $12.69


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3D Movies

Children (ages 2-12) $14.69
Adults (ages 13 & up) $17.69
Seniors (ages 60+) $15.69
Student Discount (Only On Thursdays) $15.69
Military Discount (After 4 P.M.) $15.69


Children (ages 2-12) $16.69
Adults (ages 13 & up) $19.69
Seniors (ages 60+) $16.69

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Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with the theater. Prices should only be used as a guide. Please contact your local theater for accurate pricing.

History of AMC Theaters

AMC Theaters began in 1920. At first, it was known as Durwood Theaters. The Durwood brothers founded the theater. Later, the Dubinsky brothers changed their names to Durwood. AMC began its rich history in 1961 when Stanley Durwood took over the family’s business from one of its original founders.

Stanley was a World War II Veteran and employed a militaristic approach when managing the theaters. His first move was to rename it the American Multi-Cinema Inc. or AMC Theaters.

His next innovation was to change weekends at the cinemas for the rest of humanity’s history. He realized that one screen in a building was very restrictive. If the movie isn’t a success, they would be in financial trouble until the next movie became available. This was fixed by him purchasing several buildings and adding one more screen. Thus, the very first multiplex theatre.

The Kansas City’s Ward Parkway hosted the AMC Theatre, the first multiplex. Stanley’s theory proved correct, even though there were only two screens.

The concept was further developed in the 1980s when AMC opened the first ten-screen multiplexes. AMC was the first to open a megaplex theater that could host thousands of people simultaneously. AMC has the largest megaplexes, which house 25 to 30 screens each under one roof. Incredible stuff!

AMC made another major shift in 2009 when it switched to digital projections. AMC was the first major movie theater chain to use digital projectors.

Chinese conglomerate Dalian Wanda Group bought AMC Theaters for $2.6 Billion in 2012.

AMC recently went on a spending spree in 2016 and purchased Odean Cinemas UK, Carmike US, and UCI Cinemas Brazil, Portugal, and a few other countries in Europe.

AMC now has over 8,500 movie screens in more than 990 locations around the world.

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AMC Theaters Innovations

AMC Theaters is renowned for many innovations that movie theatres still copy. One example of such innovation was the introduction of tiered levels stadium seating. This design enabled guests to see the screen clearly from wherever they sat.

They were also the first ones to add cup holders to their seats, and adjustable armchair rests for “love sitting”. This is not all. AMC was first to introduce seat reservation, button signaling, dining-in theaters, for a more luxurious movie viewing experience.

AMC is not just a theater business. Recently, the company launched AMC Movie Talk, an online movie talk show that is available on Youtube. With guest stars like film critics, directors, writers, and other top names in the business sharing their views on Hollywood movie news, you won’t be disappointed.

AMC Theatres adheres to a strict policy when it comes to R-Rated films. To purchase tickets, guests under 17 must have a companion 21 years of age or older. They must also watch the film together. Anybody under 17 years of age must present a valid ID in order to enter the movie house.

AMC Theatres YouTube

How Much Do AMC Theater Tickets Cost?

The average AMC tickets price is quite low. However, AMCs can have different pricing depending on their individual circumstances. Others may have lower pricing.

The theater chain introduced different movie formats to keep ticket prices from rising too high. The theater chain introduced 3D screens, IMAX, and D-BOX to ensure that guests can still enjoy movies, regardless of what their budget may be.

You can lower AMC theater prices if you take advantage of their loyalty program. AMC movie tickets can be purchased at a reduced rate if you accumulate enough points.

You can check the AMC ticket prices online, or call them on the phone if you aren’t sure. You will be able to know the price of AMC movie tickets before going to the counter.


AMC Locations

AMC is America’s most loved cinema chain. Some of their individual cinema locations receive an insanely large number of patrons each month.

Here are some top AMC Cinemas:

  • AMC Studio 30 – 2949 Dunvale, Houston, Texas 77063
  • AMC Highlands Ranch 24 – 103 W Centennial Blvd, Highlands Ranch, Colorado 80129
  • AMC Livonia 20 – 19500 Haggerty Road, Livonia, Michigan 48152
  • AMC Empire 25- 234 West 42nd Street New York NY 10036
  • AMC Burbank 16-125 East Palm Avenue On First Between Magnolia and Orange Grove Burbank, California 91502
  • AMC Colonial 18 – 825 Lawrenceville-suwanee Rd, Lawrenceville, Georgia 30043
  • AMX Saratoga 14 – 700 El Paseo De Saratoga, San Jose, California 95130

Based on our calculations which are scientifically based (they aren’t), over 875,000 people go to these cinemas each month. It’s a staggering number! It’s amazing how many movies are being viewed!

AMC Stubs A-List During COVID-19

You don’t have to wait for your AMC Stubs A-List member to return from theater closures. You can re-join your AMC Stubs A-List membership to get back into the theaters.

Slickdealer SmilingCreature265 states that you can wait to activate your A list membership until July 1, 2021. There aren’t any Hollywood releases. If your current A-list membership is currently on pause, and you do nothing to activate it, your account will be reactivated in July.

According to the Slickdealer as well as an AMC email to subscribers, it expects to have a better summer movie program. According to the theater, however, it states that some of the most notable releases of 2018 were not scheduled until the second quarter of 2021 due to COVID-19. This includes Denis Villeneuve’s Dune adaptation (October 1), the latest Bond entry No time to Die (October 18th), and Matrix IV (December 22nd).

How Does AMC Stubs Membership Work?

AMC Stubs A-List Members can make reservations online, or via the AMC mobile application, for up to three movies per week. There is no extra charge beyond the monthly fee. You can watch three movies at once, or spread them throughout the week. You can enjoy a cinema experience like no other by simply showing your app at the concession stand or ticket stand.

AMC A-List new members must commit to a minimum of three months. This commitment cannot be cancelled. You have the option to opt-out of recurring billing at any point. Otherwise, the monthly fee is charged each month on the same date.

How to Find Your AMC Stubs Number

Under the “Wallet” tab in your AMC Stubs Dashboard, you can access your AMC Stubs member number as well as your virtual credit card, stored credit card, and gift card numbers. Your digital membership can be accessed via the AMC app. If you don’t have your AMC app or account number, a crew member may still access your account via email or phone number.

AMC Stubs Number


AMC Theaters is the most popular cinema chain in the world for one reason: you get the best movie-viewing experience. AMC Theaters offer primetime movies, the best seats possible, the best audio and screen quality, and many facilities inside each theater. AMC movie tickets are very affordable considering all the extras and amenities that they offer.

AMC multiplexes offer over 20 films. You can either watch the movie in 3D or in IMAX, depending upon which one is available. You can either reserve your seats online or simply go in and choose a movie on the spot.

AMC ticket prices are so low that you can still enjoy weekends at the movies.

You can find more information about AMC Theaters at their official site.


How much do movie tickets cost?

They have more than 60 locations across Australia. Over 75% are in Queensland and New South Wales …..
Event Cinemas Prices.
Child $15.00 – $17.00
Adult $20.00 – $23.00
Student/Pensioner $16.50 – $18.50
Senior $14.50 – $17.50

Which Day movie tickets are the cheapest?

You are looking for the best price for movie tickets? Consider going to the movies on Tuesdays. Many chains offer discounted tickets and concessions on Tuesdays since it’s historically been the slowest day at the movie theaters.

What day is the movies cheaper?

AMC Stubs A-List, Premiere, and Insider members can save every week on tickets until Tuesday shows! It’s one of many benefits of having the privilege of becoming an AMC Stubs member.

Is it cheaper to buy movie tickets online?

Buy Your Tickets Online
Sometimes it’s beneficial to purchase your tickets ahead of time to make the tickets at a lower cost. It’s one of these occasions. Sites like and Fandango offer regular coupons and promotions that to use when you shop online. Be sure to sign up to receive their emails about promotions.

How much does a movie ticket cost in NYC?

In the evening, Queens is the cheapest for adults ($10.21 average) and senior citizens ($7.81) in addition to children ($7.06 the average). It’s not surprising that Manhattan (average adult ticket cost at $12.59 when matinee pricing is included) was the most expensive of the five boroughs.

What is Cinebuzz blockbuster offer?

Each Monday pupils can watch the most popular blockbusters for only eight dollars. To avail this offer you must show you your valid ID and current student card in the Box Office to obtain the promo coupon by a member of staff. Then connect online and apply the promo coupon on the account of your Cinebuzz account. If you’re still not a Cinebuzz member, sign up for no cost today.

How much do Lion King tickets cost?

The prices for tickets to “The Lion King” and other Broadway musicals can range between approximately $80 to $140. “The Lion King” is widely believed to sell many more seats for $227 than the majority of Broadway shows are selling at their highest rates which boosts the production’s revenues

Does Cinebuzz cost money?

The best part is that there aren’t any charges for subscriptions, just pay for what you want to purchase. For a short period of time take a movie to rent and earn Cinebuzz points that you can redeem at your next visit to the cinema.

How much is a movie ticket in Sydney?

The average film ticket is $29 in Sydney plus more if it’s in 3D However, there are many opportunities for all to go to cinemas at a reasonable cost.

Which is better IMAX 2D or 4DX?

IMAX theaters feature huge screens with amplified sound systems. … IMAX, not like 4DX is a new technology that is loved by film makers because it lets audiences experience 25 percent more of the screen. A curved screen lets you see more than an ordinary theatrical presentation on a standard screen.

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