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Find American Deli’s Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

The American Deli(r), complete menu, and prices are available here. American Deli has a variety of deli favorites, plus some additional options in a quick and casual environment or take-out.

American Deli is the perfect place to grab a quick lunch or dinner. You can also pick up a meal at the American Deli. There are many options so there is something for everyone. American Deli is known for its friendly, helpful service.

American Deli Menu

Here is the complete menu, including prices and some customer favorites.


Prices May Vary By Location. Consult Your Location’s Menu & Your Server For Exact Pricing.

American Deli Chicken Fingers menu Menu 2021

Fingers 4 pc $5.49
Combo With Fries + Drink $6.99

American Deli Reuben Menu 2021

Sandwich $5.99
Combo With Fries + Drink $7.49

American Deli Shrimp Menu 2021

Shrimp 8 pc. $5.99
Combo 8 pc. With Fries + Drink $7.99

American Deli Fish Menu 2021

American Deli Whiting Menu 2021 

Fish only 2 pc $5.49
Combo 2 pc w/fries & Drink $6.99

American Deli Tilapia Menu 2021

Fish only 2 pc $6.49
Combo 2 pc w/fries & Drink $7.99

American Deli Cod Fish Sandwich Menu 2021

American Deli Sandwich $5.49
Combo With Fries + Drink $6.99

American Deli Fried Rice Menu 2021

Add 5 Pc Wings For $3.50
Vegetable $4.99
Beef or Chicken $5.99
Shrimp $6.49

Wings menu prices 2021

Mild, Med, Hot, Lemon Pepper, BBQ, Teriyaki, Sweet Chili

Family Pack

Served With Celery & Blue Cheese Or Ranch Dressing
6 pcs. $5.09
10 pcs. $7.49
15 pcs. $11.99
20 pcs. $14.99
30 pcs. $22.19
50 pcs. $33.99
75 pcs. $50.69
100 pcs. $66.99

American Deli Individual Orders Menu 2021

Combo 6 pcs. $6.49
10 pcs. $8.99
15 pcs. $12.99
20 pcs. $16.49
Boneless Wings 10 pcs. $5.99
Boneless Wings Combo 10 pcs. $7.49

American Deli Phillysteak Menu 2021

Philly Sandwich $5.49
Combo With Fries + Drink $6.99

American Deli Burger Menu 2021

Beef or Chicken Burger $5.59
Combo $6.99
Philly Burger $6.29
Philly Burger Combo With Fries + Drink $7.79

American Deli Philly & Wings Menu 2021

Add Fries $1.00
Philly & Wings $9.99

Subs Menu 2021

Ham $5.19
Turkey $5.19
Corned Beef $5.19
Tuna $5.19
Combo $6.49

American Deli Sub & Wings Menu

Add Fries $1.00
Sub & Wings Served With Drink $8.99

Most Popular Menu Items

American Deli offers many options for lunch or dinner. The fresh subs, juicy burgers, and flavor-packed cheesesteaks will appeal to those with a big appetite. The crisp salads, wraps, and other healthy options will appeal to those who are watching their calories.

Chicken wings, whether boneless or bone-in, are a must-have addition to any order. There are 7 delicious sauces available to choose from so everyone can find their favorite. The fried fish is a favorite, as it is crispy on the outside and tender inside. It is served hot.

These are some of our favorite picks:

Rueben Sandwich

This is a classic deli dish. On grilled rye bread, a pile of corned meat is joined by Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing. For $7.49, get it with hot and fresh fries and a glass of water.

Fried Rice

This is not something you will find in your local deli. Although fried rice might not be a common item in a deli kitchen, you’ll be glad that you tried it. This rice is great with hot wings. Three flavors are available: Shrimp $6.49, Beef or Chicken $5.99, and Vegetable $4.99.


American Deli’s wings are exceptional. There are many flavors available so that everyone can find their favorite. A 10-piece boneless order is $5.99, while regular bone-in wings cost $8.99 for a 10-piece order.

Philly Sandwich

Your Philly cheesesteak can be made with beef or chicken. You can choose from grilled peppers, onions, or mushrooms. You can have it topped off with American cheese. For $5.49, you can order the sandwich alone or add five wings for $9.99.


Submarine sandwiches are a favorite of many. American Deli has a wide selection of fresh rolls, toppings, and meats to suit your tastes. The tuna salad is our favorite. Grab a sandwich to go for $5.19, or the combo for $6.49.

American Deli’s history

In 1989, the first American Deli opened in Atlanta’s South Dekalb Mall. American Deli International Inc. owns the chain and it has expanded rapidly to over 80 locations in the Southeastern U.S.

The chain’s core mission is to provide delicious, fresh food in casual settings. The slogan of the chain’s advertising campaign is “Good Times Demand Great Food.”

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