Apple Price Match & Price Adjustment Policy 2022 ❤️

Apple Price Match- Apple does not offer price matching with third-party retailers. There are stores like Costco that sell Apple items at lower prices than Apple does, but the business will not match such prices.

However, if you find a more suitable supplier elsewhere, you can always take advantage of the company’s liberal return policy and get your money back, no questions asked. If you need help with your Apple product or want to learn more about the financing alternatives available, read on.

About Apple

Apple is the most successful and largest technology firm in the world, and it focuses on providing equipment, software, and services to consumers. The nation of the United States of America is the birthplace of the firm.

Why Apple Don’t Price Match

Apple, the largest technology business in the world, has come to the conclusion that it is not feasible for them to provide its customers with a price match policy due to its exceptional position that they have.

Apple does not have to compete with lower pricing offered by other stores for their items even though those other retailers may have done so.

Price Adjustment Facility at Apple

Visit an Apple Store or phone the Apple Contact Center at 1-800-676-2775 to request a refund or credit for the difference in price if Apple lowers the price of an Apple-branded product within 14 days of the day you acquired the product.

If you fulfill the requirements listed below, then you are subject to this policy.

  • In the event that you purchased the item at its original price or received a discount while it was on sale.
  • If you find a sale on the same product that you purchased within a certain amount of time (14 days), then you are the only person who is eligible for a refund.
  • You are obligated to produce the original receipt for the item that you have just purchased.
  • Apple will issue a reimbursement for the difference in price after the verification procedure of your claim has been completed.
  • Returning an online purchase to an Apple retail or outlet location near you is the quickest way to get the difference in price refunded to you or to redeem a credit you may have.
  • Your request to have the price adjusted will be disregarded by Apple if it was made after the specified number of days have passed after the day the item was purchased.

Please be aware that Apple possesses all of the rights necessary to verify and authenticate your request for price protection on a specific item that you have purchased.

Price Adjustment Time
14 Days
Where Can I Price Adjust?
Online & In-store
Contact Info.
Visit the website

What is Apple’s return policy?

Whether you made the purchase in a physical store or online, you have up to 14 calendar days after receiving your item(s) to file a claim for a refund or exchange for the item(s). Customers who placed their orders online can log into their accounts to begin the return process and obtain a printed shipping label to affix to the package, which must contain all of the items that were originally included in the shipment.

Any purchases can also be returned to an official Apple Store, where a refund will be immediately and concurrently handled. Customers who returned their items to Apple through the mail will have their reimbursements processed within five business days of the company receiving the returned item(s).

What can’t be returned to Apple?

Apple Gift Cards, App Store Gift Cards, iTunes Gift Cards, Apple Print Products, and Apple Developer goods such as technical support fees, membership fees, and tickets to the WWDC are not covered by the return policy of Apple.

Additionally, Apple’s return policy does not apply to any electronic program downloads or software upgrades purchased from the company. Software that has been opened may still be returned for a refund as long as the installation procedure has not been finished and the software still possesses the original condition seal of the media package that contains the printed software license.

Can I make an exchange with Apple?

If you return an item to Apple within 14 calendar days of the date you received it, you will be eligible for an exchange. However, you will need to visit an actual Apple shop in order to complete the exchange.

Additionally, exchanges are contingent on the availability of the item in-store, which may be viewed online at It is important to note that personalized Apple products such as engraved gadgets cannot be swapped; only returns can be made for these things.

Does Apple offer trade-ins?

You can check to see if the product you want to trade in is eligible for a trade-in by going to the online facility that Apple provides for doing so. Apple may offer you credit towards the purchase of a new Apple product once you select your device and answer a few questions about its condition.

However, if you aren’t quite ready to make a purchase just yet, Apple may offer you credit towards the purchase of an Apple gift card instead.

If your product does not qualify for a tax credit, Apple will offer to recycle it for free in the event that it does not qualify for the credit. There are options accessible for recycling products, independent of the device’s state or the condition it is in.

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Does Apple offer discounts on new products for students?

An educational discount on Mac and iPad items are available to you if you are currently enrolled in a college or university, or if you have recently been admitted to such an institution. This discount is also available to homeschool teachers, faculty, and staff members of public and private schools, as well as parents of students.

Apple also provides alternatives for educational technology for schools that teach students in grades ranging from kindergarten to 12th grade. Visit the Apple website for further information, including alternatives and product support, if you work in an educational setting.

Does Apple offer discounts on new products for business owners, sole proprietors, or entrepreneurs?

Apple does not currently provide direct online shopping discounts for businesses; but, the company does provide a variety of services related to finance. These include negotiated end-of-term alternatives for upgrades and product modifications within your company, as well as individualized pay structures, organizational or institutional contracts that are adaptable, and other options.

Does Apple sell used products?

Apple’s online store features a section for reconditioned products in addition to the brand-new, sealed goods that are also available for purchase there. These pre-owned items are backed by Apple’s unique Apple Certified Refurbished Promise as well as a warranty that is valid for a full year from the day of purchase.

The Apple Certified Refurbished Promise states that your refurbished device will function “just as well as new,” that you will receive a discount of up to fifteen percent off the product’s initial price, and that it will come packaged in an all-new iteration of the company’s signature white box.

In addition, refurbished products include all of the necessary cords, accessories, and operating systems in their original packaging. Customers who purchase used or refurbished Apple devices continue to be eligible for free shipping and free returns for a period of 14 days, just like customers who purchase new or unopened Apple products.

Does Apple offer an extended warranty program?

Apple strongly recommends that customers buy AppleCare protection plans whenever they buy one of the company’s new products. AppleCare is an optional service that extends the regular warranty on your device and provides access to free technical help for a period of time in excess of the standard 90 days that come with Apple products.

The coverage provided by AppleCare includes assistance from Apple-certified technicians available around the clock, priority support access, protection for the device’s battery, and annual coverage for up to two incidences of accidental damage. Access can be gained by calling in, or you can choose to have your device repaired in-store (at an Apple Store or an Apple-certified shop), or have it picked up for on-site repairs.

Damage to the device’s screen or external closure may result in the imposition of additional fees, in addition to any applicable taxes. Get help and information from Apple specialists by calling them or chatting with them online.


Does Apple price match?

No, it does not offer the convenience of price matching to the other businesses that are in direct competition with it.

Does Apple Provide Price Adjustment?

Price Adjustment handles cases of price matching at Apple stores for products that are available for sale online the majority of the time. If, however, you have previously bought it from one of the company’s outlets or stores, then you will be able to quickly make a claim for the difference in price that is offered.

How can I get a discount on Apple?

You may be eligible for a price reduction at Apple if you are either a student or a member of the Apple employees.

Does Apple offer birthday discounts?

They do not offer any type of birthday discount, unfortunately.

What company owns Apple?

Both the Vanguard Group and BlackRock, Inc., are institutional investors, and both of them own Apple.