Applebee’s Gluten Free Menu 2023, ❤️ Gluten Free Restaurant

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Applebee’s Gluten-Free Menu: Applebee’s International Inc. offers the best casual dining in the United States. Applebee’s is a great place to go if you want to eat outside with your family. You might want to look at the gluten-free menu options before you go. Applebee’s has a variety of delicious gluten-free meals.

Applebee’s is a great option for people who are gluten-sensitive. If you are gluten-sensitive, make sure they know about cross-contamination.

You can eat steaks, ribs, or appetizers without gluten, but make sure you don’t order any side dishes that have gluten. Substitute for a potato, soup, or salad.

Applebee’s Gluten Free Menu

Here you can see Applebee’s gluten-free menu. You can choose the meals you want to order from there.


Applebee’s Gluten-Free Appetizers menu

Chips & Salsa$2.99
Queso Blanco$6.49

Applebee’s Gluten-Free Steaks menu

New York Strip$16.49
Butcher’s Reserve 12 oz. Sirloin$25.99
8 oz. Sirloin$14.99
6 oz. Sirloin$11.99

Applebee’s Gluten-Free Steak Toppers menu

Grilled Onions$14.90

Applebee’s Gluten-Free Soup menu 

Tuscan Bean Soup with Chicken & Sausage$4.99

Applebee’s Gluten-Free Sides menu

Regular Baked Potato$1.99
Loaded Baked Potato$2.99
French Fries$1.99
Signature Cole Slaw$1.99
Fruit Side$1.99
Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Regular and Loaded$1.99, $2.99
Seasonal VegetablesComes with meal
Almond Rice PilafComes with meal
Mexi RiceComes with meal
CeleryComes with meal
ApplesauceComes with meal
Herb Potatoes$1.99
Add Grilled Shrimp$4.99
Crispy Red Potatoes$1.99

Applebee’s Gluten-Free Chicken menu

Napa Chicken & Portobellos$10.99
Fiesta Lime Chicken$11.99
Bourbon Street Chicken & Shrimp$12.99

Applebee’s Gluten-Free Salads menu

Grilled Shrimp ‘N’ Spinach Salad$10.69
Fiesta Chicken Chopped Salad$10.49

Applebee’s Gluten-Free Salad Dressings menu 

Creamy Bleu CheeseComplimentary
Fat-Free ItalianComplimentary
Garlic Caesar DressingComplimentary
Honey BalsamicComplimentary
Honey FrenchComplimentary
Honey MustardComplimentary
Mexi RanchComplimentary
Oriental VinaigretteComplimentary
Jalapeno DressingComplimentary
Champagne VinaigretteComplimentary

Applebee’s Gluten-Free Seafood menu

Blackened Tilapia$9.99
Grilled Jalapeno-Lime Shrimp$11.99
Sizzling N’Awlins Skillet$11.99

Applebee’s Gluten-Free Sauces menu

Pico de GalloComplimentary
Southern BarbecueComplimentary
Balsamic GlazeComplimentary
Black Bean Corn SalsaComplimentary
Sour CreamComplimentary
Napa Valley Red Wine SauceComplimentary
Chunky Roma Pepper RelishComplimentary
Pesto MayoComplimentary
Chimichurri SauceComplimentary
Alfredo SauceComplimentary
Honey Barbecue SaucesComplimentary

Applebee’s Gluten-Free Ribs menu

Applebee’s Riblets Platter$13.99
Applebee’s Riblet Basket$9.99
Double-Glazed Baby Back Ribs, Full & Half$17.99, $12.99

Applebee’s Gluten-Free Kids menu

Chicken Griller$4.99
Apple Dippers with YogurtComes with meal
Baby Carrots with RanchComes with meal
BroccoliComes with meal
French FriesComes with meal
Garlic Mashed PotatoesComes with meal
GoGosqueeZ ApplesauceComes with meal


That’s all there is to know about Applebee’s Gluten-Free Menu. I hope you like this article and that it has helped you a lot. If you have any problems with Applebee’s Gluten-Free Menu, feel free to leave a comment. Thank you for reading.

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