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This is your one-stop shop for the most current menus and prices at Arby’s(r). Arby’s offers a wide selection of quick lunch and dinner options and is known for its delicious Roast beef sandwiches.

You can expect fast and friendly service at the local Arby’s. With a broad selection of sandwiches and side dishes to select from, there’s something for everyone. If you’re seeking something different from the usual hamburger Arby’s is a good option.

Arby's Menu & Prices

Try a New York-style Reuben sandwich. Corned beef is topped with Swiss cheese sauerkraut, caraway Thousand Island dressing on a marbled rye toast. Serve it with warm and creamy Mozzarella sticks as well as Jalapeno Bites.

Below is the entire menu as well as some of our most requested items from customers:


Combo Meals

Roast Beef
Note: These Items May Vary From Day To Day
Roast Beef Classic Meal – $5.99, Sandwich – $3.39
Roast Beef Mid Meal – $7.39, Sandwich – $4.49
Roast Beef Max Meal – $7.99, Sandwich – $5.49
Beef ‘n Cheddar Classic Meal – $7.07, Sandwich – $3.99
Beef ‘n Cheddar Mid Meal – $7.99, Sandwich – $4.99
French Dip & Swiss Meal – $7.97, Sandwich – $4.89

More Beef

Smokehouse Brisket Meal – $8.39, Sandwich – $5.69
Corned Beef Reuben Meal – $7.99, Sandwich – $5.09


Angus Three Cheese & Bacon Meal – $8.19, Sandwich – $5.69
Angus Philly
A1 Special Reserve Steak Sandwich Exclusively at Arby’s Meal – $8.29, Sandwich – $5.49


Roast Turkey Ranch & Bacon Meal – $7.99, Sandwich – $5.59
Roast Turkey & Swiss Meal – $7.99, Sandwich – $5.09
Grand Turkey Club Meal – $7.67, Sandwich – $4.59


Crispy Chicken Meal – $7.37, Sandwich – $4.29
Chicken Bacon Swiss Meal – $7.99, Sandwich – $4.99
Chicken Cordon Bleu
3 Piece – Prime-Cut Chicken Tenders Meal – $6.97, Tenders – $3.89
5 Piece – Prime-Cut Chicken Tenders Meal – $7.99, Tenders – $5.39

Sides: Friends of Meat

Curly Fries Sm – $1.79, Med – $2.09, Lg – $2.39
Side Salad $1.99
Potato Cakes 2pc -$1.29, 3pc – $1.79, 4pc – $2.09
Steakhouse Onion Rings $2.09
Mozarella Sticks 4pc – $2.99, 6pc – $4.49
Jalapeno Bites 5pc – $2.99, 8pc – $4.49

Create A Meal

Choose A Size – Meals Include Small Drink & Small Fries – Make It Medium + $0.50 – Make It Large + $1.00
Grab a Soda or Freshly brewed Iced Tea Sm – $1.79, Med – $1.99, Lg – $2.19
Bottled Water $1.19
Swap Curly Fries For Potato Cakes, Side Salad, Or Onion Rings + $0.30


Chicken $1.49
Corned Beef
Roast Beef
Jalapeno Roast Beef


Jr Roast Beef $1.69
Jr Ham & Cheddar Melt
Jr Bacon Cheddar Melt $2.19
Curly Fries $1.29
Jr Shake Jamocha, Vanilla, or Chocolate $1.59


Farmhouse Salad With Crispy Chicken or Roast Turkey $5.29
Side Salad Substitute in your meal for no extra charge. $1.99

Kids Meal

Includes Apple Sauce & Drink Of Choice: Milk, Capri Sun, 100% Juice, Or Bottled Water
Roast Beef ‘n Cheese $4.19
Ham ‘n Cheese Slider
2 Prime Cut Chicken Tenders $4.49
Pumpkin Cheesecake Shake $2.79


Shakes Jamocha, Vanilla, or Chocolate Sm – $2.19, Med – $2.79, Lg – $3.69
Turnover Chocolate, Apple or Cherry $1.19

Popular Menu Items

While Arby’s is most well-known for its thinly cut Roast beef sandwich, they serve delicious chicken, Angus Steak and Brisket sandwiches smoked with beef.

If you’re looking for something different from the usual dishes, there are plenty of choices at Arby’s such as onion rings, potato cakes jalapeno bites, jalapeno rings, along mozzarella sticks.

If you’re looking for healthy options Arby’s offers large salads available on the menu along with roast turkey made with the entire breast meat and cut fresh every day. Market Fresh(r) wraps and sandwiches can also be great choices for those who are calorie-conscious.

Here are some of the most popular dishes on the menu

French Dip & Swiss

This delicious sandwich begins with the famous roast beef from Arby’s loaded high on an Italian roll. The sandwich is then topped with Swiss cheese and served with hot au jus that you can dip. Enjoy it with crispy curly fries that have been seasoned and crispy as well as an alcoholic drink for only $7.97.

Smokehouse Brisket

This hefty sandwich is loaded with plenty of smoky, thirteen-hour pit-smoked Brisket, is topped with Gouda cheese and crispy fried onions, and finished off with BBQ as well as mayo served on the star-shaped Bun. It’s not necessary to be in Texas to enjoy a fantastic smoking brisket sandwich! $5.69.

Chicken Cordon Bleu

If you’re a fanatic about the chicken sandwich, you should give this delicious new twist on the classic French dish a go. A tender and crispy filet of white meat chicken breasts is served with ham slices and Swiss cheese served on a handmade roll. You can enjoy it along with a salad as part of the combo for $7.99.

Farmhouse Salad

The salad can be topped with crispy chicken tenders and slices of deli-cut roast turkey. The salad’s greens are decorated with tomatoes, bacon, and cheddar cheese to give you a lot of flavors. Light Italian, Buttermilk Ranch, and Balsamic Vinaigrette are the dressing choices. $5.29.

Arby’s History

The founding members of Arby’s brothers Forrest and Leroy Raffel were interested in opening a fast-food restaurant that was focused on other things than hamburgers. They settled on roast beef sandwiches and launched the first Arby’s restaurant located in Boardman, Ohio in 1964.

The chain was first licensed in the year 1965, and by the year 1980, it had a total of 1,000 restaurants operating. Arby’s menu has seen many milestones, including the introduction of Arby-Q(r) in 1977. Then, the introduction of a variety of salads and sandwiches that were low in calories in 1991, as well as the introduction 2001 of Market Fresh sandwiches 2001.

In 2008 two of the companies that owned Arby’s and Wendy’s joined forces and formed Wendy’s Arby’s Group, Inc. Wendy’s Arby’s Group, Inc. Arby was purchased in 2011 by the Roark Capital Group, which as of 2015, it has 3,400 stores.

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  • Arby’s Head Office Contact Number– 678 289-2335 / 678 514 4100
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  • Arby’s Customer Support Contact Number: 1-800-984-8289
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  • Arby’s Guest Support Contact Number– 1-800-599-2729
  • You can also contact the team of Arby’s by using the contact form on their website.

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