Arclight Ticket Prices: How much is a ticket at Arclight? 2022

ArcLight Cinemas are located throughout the United States of America, especially located in Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, and D.C. To date, ArcLight operates 10 cinemas.

ArcLight Cinemas are located in Beach Cities, Culver City, Hollywood, Pasadena, Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks as well as La Jolla in California, Chicago and Glenview in Illinois as well as Bethesda and Bethesda in Maryland.

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If you’re looking for Arclight tickets You don’t want to be focused on the price of tickets, but the overall value you’re getting. You’re not only paying for a ticket to a movie and you’re also paying for the entire experience of experiencing the best setting and ambience you can get.

Arclight Ticket Prices

Age Ticket Price


Children (ages 1-12) $9.75 – $11.00
Infant (<1 year) $12.50 – $15.75
Adult $12.50 – $15.75
Senior (60+) $9.75 – $14.75


Children (ages 1-12) $11.00 – $12.00
Infant (<1 year) $15.75 – $17.75
Adult $15.75 – $17.75
Senior (60+) $12.00 – $16.75


Children (ages 1-12) $9.50 – $10.50
Infant (<1 year) $12.50 – $14.50
Adult $12.50 – $14.50
Senior (60+) $9.75 – $11.75


Children (ages 1-12) $17
Infant (<1 year) $17
Adult $17
Senior (60+) $14.75


Children (ages 1-12) $14.50
Infant (<1 year) $14.50
Adult $14.50
Senior (60+) $12.50


Children (ages 1-12) $10.50
Infant (<1 year) $14.75
Adult $14.75
Senior (60+) $11.75


Children (ages 1-12) $9.50 – $10.50
Infant (<1 year) $12.50 – $14.00
Adult $12.50 – $14.00
Senior (60+) $9.75 – $11.50


Children (ages 1-12) $13.00 – $13.50
Infant (<1 year) $17.50 – $18.75
Adult $17.50 – $18.75
Senior (60+) $14.75 – $15.00


Children (ages 1-12) $11
Infant (<1 year) $15.75
Adult $15.75
Senior (60+) $14.75


Children (ages 1-12) $12
Infant (<1 year) $17.75
Adult $17.75
Senior (60+) $16.75


Children (ages 1-12) $11
Infant (<1 year) $15.75
Adult $15.75
Senior (60+) $14.75


Children (ages 1-12) $12
Infant (<1 year) $17.75
Adult $17.75
Senior (60+) $17.75


Children (ages 1-12) $13.50
Infant (<1 year) $18.75
Adult $18.75
Senior (60+) $17.75


Children (ages 1-12) $14.50
Infant (<1 year) $20.75
Adult $20.75
Senior (60+) $19.75

ArcLight History

The first cinema that was built by the company was opened in 1963. It included 14 auditoriums comprising The Cinerama Dome. It is situated on Sunset and Vine in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.

It was also recognized as the largest film projection screen in the world at the time. Through this theater, ArcLight was regarded as to be one of the most innovative companies in the field of cinema.

The theaters would be expanded by ArcLight in the coming years. ArcLight Hollywood opened in March 2002. Then another ArcLight theater was constructed at Sherman Oaks, California.

ArcLight increased its operations when it opened additional cinemas in different locations which include Beach Cities, La Jolla along with Pasadena located in California.

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ArcLight Review

ArcLight provides cafe menus for guests. Moviegoers can pick from a variety of snacks such as soups, salads, desserts, sandwiches, drinks along with signature drinks.

The most popular dishes are the grilled salmon and shrimp penne Baja fish tacos Fish and Chips, Kobe beef broiled eggs as well as steak and frites. chicken Milanese as well as chipotle steak tacos.

ArcLight Cinemas also feature the Dolby Atmos sound system in their Bethesda, Chicago, La Jolla, Santa Monica, and Sherman Oaks cinemas. Dolby Atmos gives viewers with a true deep and genuine experience. Dolby Atmos is a truly immersive experience. Dolby Atmos system permits sound to move through three-dimensional space. It also provides a unique experience of height and allows viewers to feel the movement of overhead. ArcLight Cinemas aims to provide its patrons with the highest audio quality, so that every details is heard clearly with amazing clarity, clarity, and clarity.

High Frame Rate (HFR) films are also being screened at ArcLight Cinemas. High Frame Rate films show higher resolutions per frame contrasted to a normal or normal film.

When visitors arrive to ArcLight the guests are greeted by an open-air lobby designed to relieve them from the bustle and noise of the city.

ArcLight Cinemas also offer places for guests to relax and relax. Film-goers can also choose to browse through shops that sell music, books and other novelty items.

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ArcLight offers a range of benefits for its customers through it’s ArcLight Program for Membership. With an annual membership cost that is $15.00, ArcLight members can save $1.00 for every ticket purchased on the internet.

Customers also earn points for every ticket bought. They can redeem these points at the ArcLight’s box office concessions, cafe or in the gift shop.

ArcLight also has its ArcLight Presents… Programming. ArcLight Presents… is a continuous program that presents a range of digital, archival first-run and archival films. ArcLight members get two free tickets to ArcLight Presents… films, which are typically priced at or above $28.00.

Seats in ArcLight’s cinemas are 3 inches larger than the seats in regular theaters. The seats also come with arm rests that are double-wide. In addition, the cinemas have the legroom of 46 inches.

What ArcLight provides its patrons isn’t just a thrilling watching experience, but also an extensive appreciation for cinema for film enthusiasts and movie buffs. ArcLight is a haven for movie lovers as it gives them a place to share their love of cinema with other movie lovers.

Convenient Ticket Purchase

When we used to have to wait in lines or go to the cinema an hour before to get in line to secure the most comfortable seats the technology has arrived to help us. With Arclight’s mobile and website along with Automated kiosks, customers will be able to bypass these hassles! Now you have the chance to purchase tickets, even reserve the seats you’d like to reserve, for any location. Arclight places.

When it comes to seating, your watching experience will be more enjoyable as well. This is because Arclight theaters feature comfortable seats three inches wider than standard seats, and double-wide armrests and a spacious legroom.

The expression “Sit in your chair, unwind and take in the spectacle” is given a completely new meaning thanks to Arclight.

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Wide Range of Program

Arclight has also incorporated distinct programs in its theatres. In addition to the typical blockbusters that are released in the new year ,you’ll find specialty films as well as certain retrospectives.

They have taken its range of services one step higher, and has added other opportunities to socialize and be cultural. This includes 21plus screenings (i.e. cocktails are permitted); Arclight Presents, an event series that features limited-release films and classic films with exclusive content, as well as event-based questions and answers.

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Arclight Theater Locations

Arclight offers a variety of cinema locations across throughout the United States. A majority of them are in their home town in Los Angeles where the chain began in 2002.

Some of Arclight’s top sites are:

  • Arclight Hollywood – 6360 Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, Los Angeles
  • Arclight Pasadena – 300 E Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena, Los Angeles
  • Arclight Santa Monica – 395 Santa Monica Place in Santa Monica, Los Angeles
  • Arclight Chicago – 1500 N Clybourn Avenue in Chicago
  • Arclight Sherman Oaks – 15301 Ventura Boulevard in Sharman Oaks, Los Angeles

The above cinemas are well-respected by patrons, with several are currently rated over 4.5/5 rating according to Google as well as Yelp reviews.

Arclight Discount Tickets for Arclight

We’re sure that are all enjoying watching films at Arclight however, we’re more certain that you’ll enjoy watching films at Arclight when you can get discounted tickets!

In addition to the many theaters that currently offer, Arclight also offers patrons the option of becoming member of the theater. Membership costs $15 annually which includes a range of advantages, including:

  • One dollar off off your Arclight ticket price with every online purchase
  • Earn points to redeem them for concessions, tickets to movies or in the gift shop.
  • Two tickets are free to Arclight gifts every year

The benefits continue to be offered to members following their 6th and 12th visits, such as birthday tickets for free and popcorn upgrade.

For more information on Arclight you can visit Arclight’s site on their official web page.

Superior Sound and Sight Experience

Arclight’s theaters are constructed to meet the strict standards of top-quality the presentation of films, which is essential in today’s competitive cinema world that allows audiences to be amazed every when they see a film.

And that’s not all. Arclight’s theaters are equipped with the design of the black box and result in virtually no distractions during the film experience. It’s possible that you’ll even become the film itself, due to the vibrant colors and clarity of the audio will entice you to watch.

Your experience of watching is enhanced due to the strict guidelines of good manners that are enforced by Arclight theaters. The rules are:

  • seats must be reserved before the movie begins
  • Absolutely no mobiles are permitted for use during the film
  • Distractions such as noisy conversations, continuous coughing, or annoying hands that are in the chip bag every minute are not tolerated.

If you’re considering going to watch a film at Arclight Theaters Be aware of these guidelines prior to your visit in case you are exiled for breaking these rules. Simply respect the other movie-goers.

You’ll also appreciate the fact that Arclight offers the “no advertisements” standard. The experience you are enjoying is not interrupted by ads or displayed prior to the film. The movie will show a small amount of trailers for movies displayed prior to the film’s start just after the time set.

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Arclight Cinemas FAQs

How much did it cost to go to the movies in 1973?

In 1966, the average cost of a movie the year 2013 was $7.73 that’s roughly the price today. The cost continued to rise through the latter half of the 1960s and early ’70s, reaching an inflation-adjusted top at $9.34 in 1973.

How much does a movie ticket in Japan cost?

Japanese cinemas cost the average price of 1,350 Japanese dollars each ticket in 2020, an increase from an average ticket cost of about 1,252 yen in 2011.

How much is a movie ticket Australia?

Average cost of tickets for cinemas Australia 2007 to 2020
In 2020, tickets will would cost an average of 14.23 Australian dollars. This is an increase of just more than 50 cents from the price in the year before. The average ticket price has decreased by less than four Australian dollars since 2007.

Can you drink alcohol at ArcLight?

There is a new way to enjoy craft beer and wine while watching a movie in Arclight Cinemas. Arclight Cinemas. … The next time instead of having to rush to drink a cocktail prior to the show begins you can choose an alcoholic drink from the Arclight bar before your movie, or buy glasses of wine or beer wine from the theatre concessions.

How much were movie tickets in 1971?

Tickets prices have actually dropped from their 1971 peak price of $10.16 in dollars today. The experience at the theater has increased in many ways.

What is the most expensive movie theater?

Here are the 1o most luxurious theaters in the world:
  • Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas. …
  • Urania National Film Theater in Budapest, Hungary. …
  • Electric Cinema in London, England. …
  • Cineteca Matadero in Madrid, Spain. …
  • Amante Beach Club Cinema in Ibiza, Spain. …
  • Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas in La Costa, California.

How much is a movie ticket in the USA?

The average price for tickets to cinemas in the U.S. & Canada 1980-2019. In 2019 cinemagoers from America United States had to pay an average in the range of 9.16 U.S. dollars. This was an increase from the year 2017 when the average ticket cost of 8.93 U.S. dollars.