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This is the best place to find Arctic Circle’s(r) complete menu, including prices. On the menu, at Arctic Circle, you will find the most popular American fast food favorites that are served in a welcoming family setting.

If you happen to reside somewhere in the Western United States, you are likely familiar with Arctic Circle. If you are, then you are aware of it. Arctic Circle is a great spot to get an easy lunch or dinner on the journey home from work.

arctic circle menu

If you’ve never tried it a go and haven’t had the chance to, we’ve provided the entire menu for Arctic Circle below, including some of the most popular client favorites to help to make your choice.

Prices May Vary By Location. Consult Your Location’s Menu & Your Server For Exact Pricing.

Arctic Circle Salads Menu

Taco Salad $5.69
Grilled Southwest Chicken Salad $5.99
Crispy Chicken Salad $5.99
Grilled Chicken Salad $5.99

Arctic Circle Black Angus Burgers Menu And Prices

Arctic Circle Combo Meal Prices Menu

Black Angus Hamburger $3.89
Black Angus Cheeseburger $4.09
Black Angus Ranch Burger $5.69
Black Angus Double Burger $4.59
Black Angus Double Cheese $4.99
Black Angus Bacon Double Cheese $6.59
Black Angus BBQ Bacon Cheese $6.59
1/4 Lb. Black Angus Deluxe $6.59
1/4 Lb. Black Angus Bacon Cheese $6.89
1/4 Lb. Black Angus Mushroom ‘N Swiss $6.89
1/4 Lb. Pastrami ‘N Swiss Black Angus $6.89
1/2 Lb. Black Angus Deluxe $6.59

Arctic Circle Real Halibut ‘n Fries & Chicken Menu

Halibut ‘N Fries $7.49
Halibut Sandwich $7.49
Country Chicken Sandwich $1.79
Grilled Lemon Pepper Chicken Sandwich $1.99
Crispy Chicken Sandwich $1.79
Chicken Tenders 3-piece, 4-piece $5.59, $6.59
Chicken Rings 5 pc $1.79

Arctic Circle Fries & Onion Rings Prices

Fry Sauce Is Now Available For Purchase In A 16 Oz. Bottle.
French Fries $1.89
Arctic Circle Original Fry Sauce $0.30
Tater Tots $1.00
Sweet Potato Fries $1.89
Onion Rings $1.50

Arctic Circle Kids Meals Menu

Arctic Circle Served With Fries And A Drink.

Hamburger $3.49
Cheeseburger $3.49
Corn Dog $3.49
Mini Corn Dogs $3.49
Chicken Rings $3.49
Chicken Tenders $3.49
Soft Drink Pepsi Products $1.29
2% Chocolate Milk $1.29
2% Milk $1.29
Juice $1.29

Arctic Circle The Rim Shakes & Malts Menu & Prices

Shakes Small, medium, large $3.29, $3.59, $3.89
Malts Small, medium, large $3.29, $3.59, $3.89
Ice Cream Sundae $1.79
Brown Topper $1.79
Ice Cream Cone $1.79

Arctic Circle Courtesy Cone Menu

Arctic Circle Soft Drinks Menu

Pepsi Products $1.29
Fresh Lime Rickey $1.29
Fresh Lime Squeeze $1.29

Popular Menu Items

Everyone in the family is likely to be delighted by a visit to Arctic Circle for some fun and fast food. Children will appreciate the huge choices of Kid’s food. Don’t forget to try any of the Mini Corn Dogs or Chicken Rings. Kids love to dip!

People looking for a light dinner will love the large assortment of crisp and fresh salads. For those who are more sated, they will appreciate the chicken sandwiches, burgers (in the form of grilled and fried), and also fry Halibut. With delicious shakes and malts on offer at Arctic Circle, be sure to leave space for dessert!

There are plenty of options to choose from, so we’ve included some of our top picks below.

Grilled Southwest Chicken Salad

Anyone looking for a deliciously healthy and filling salad will be delighted by this salad. It’s packed with protein as well as all the most popular Southwest tastes. It is possible to serve this salad in a tortilla that is crispy for those who want to add some crunch to this delicious dish. Only $5.99.

1/4 Lb. Black Angus Pastrami

N’ Swiss

If you’ve not been able to experience Black Angus Pastrami, here is your chance. A generous 1/4 pound of the succulent preserved meat served on the deli bun with your favorite fixings and smooth Swiss cheese is sure to please even the most hungry eater. Take it along with a beverage and freshly cooked hot fries for $6.89.

Black Angus BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger

The burgers served at Arctic Circle are tender and succulent. It’s a whole 1/4 1 pound of 100 percent Angus beef patty which is cooked according to your preferences. Bacon and salty toppings, as well as sweet BBQ sauce, will make this a favorite among regular customers. You can get the whole meal for $6.59.

Halibut ‘N Fries

You’ll be amazed by how these crisp, hot soft and juicy fried planks of fish are 100 100% flakey halibut. They are served with a stack of crispy fries with a delicious tartar sauce. It’s fish and chips at its finest! The food is served in a basket, it costs $7.49.

Mini Corn Dogs Kid’s Meal

This is one of our top child’s menus from the wide choices on offer at Arctic Circle. Kids will be thrilled to dip the corn dogs in bite-sized pieces in their preferred sauce. The meal comes with fries and a beverage. In many places, there is a healthier option available on the side, so make sure to make a request! $3.49.

Arctic Circle’s History

The company’s founder Don Carlos Edwards entered the restaurant business in 1924 with a modest refreshment stand that was set up in preparation for the Pioneer Day parade in 1924 in Salt Lake City. In 1941, the Edwards stand had expanded to Carlos Bar-B-Q, and a second location opened in the year 1950, the first Arctic Circle.

The first Arctic Circle included the most popular items like The Brown Topper (a chocolate-coated soft served cone) as well as The Ranch Burger, which still attracts customers back in the present. Since its opening in 1960 the chain has grown throughout the Western United States to include more than 73 locations, and over half of the franchises.

Since 1988, the company was led by CEO Gary Roberts who is responsible for the expansion of more than 30 stores in the span of that time.


Q.1 How much is halibut at Arctic Circle?

The Halibut Sandwich rings up at $6.29– the most expensive sandwich I’ve ever reviewed. On their official website there are 451 calories and sixteen grams of fat, and an astounding 1029mg sodium.

Q.2 What is the Arctic Circle burger bag?

The nutrition tool available on the Arctic Circle website describes a “bag of burgers” as having five “hamburgers,” not “cheeseburgers,” which means that the numbers don’t take into account the cheese. It’s not a lot, particularly considering you’re eating five pieces.

Q.3 Does Arctic Circle have hot fudge sundaes?

Arctic Circle – Hot Fudge Sundae With Nuts calories, carbs, and MyFitnessPal.

Q.4 Does Arctic Circle have sweet potato fries?

Calories in Arctic Circle Sweet Potato Fries, without sauce | CalorieKing.

Q..5 Does Arctic Circle have smoothies?

Arctic Circle is The only company that makes use of”the “Good Stuff.”
When you’re creating shakes, malts, and Sundae, it is essential to use only the finest fruit and brand-name candy.


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