Barnes & Noble Price Match Policy

Barnes & Noble Price Match Policy – The most extensive book retailer in the world is Barnes and Noble, but they also sell a wide range of other goods.

More than 600 Barnes & Noble bookstores exist worldwide, and the company now has an online site that ships many of the same products sold in physical stores and some things that are exclusively sold online.

One of the reasons so many people enjoy shopping at Barnes and Noble stores is that they are welcoming and cozy.

The store hosts frequent special events has cafés and stores within, and offers adult and kid-friendly reading sections.

There’s a considerable possibility that Barnes and Noble will have the book or book-related item you’re looking for.

Barnes & Noble Price Match Policy

Does Barnes & Noble offer Price Adjustment Policy?

No. Barnes & Noble does not have a policy regarding pricing adjustments, therefore if you buy a book there and it is later decreased in price, you won’t get a refund.

Okay, how can I save money if Barnes & Noble doesn’t offer a price match or adjustment?

Despite the fact that this may be upsetting to you, Barnes & Noble does not match or modify prices. But this store still offers savings opportunities. There are some choices, including discount coupons, gift cards, and other sales. Here are some strategies for profiting from this shop:


On occasion, Barnes & Noble releases a promotional code for its customers. You can use the voucher, which is only good for a short period of time, to get discounts on your preferred books or other products.


Additionally, Barnes & Noble provides gift certificates or gift cards as holiday gifts for customers who have previously purchased their goods. If you are planning to buy something from this store, make sure you order it early enough to get a voucher/gift card that is roughly the same value as what you want to buy. This is a terrific way to save money.


You won’t ever miss an opportunity to save money on your favorite Barnes & Noble products because Barnes & Noble consistently has sales at various times of the year.

Purchase using

Prices on are typically less expensive than those at the Barnes & Noble store. The item you see in their store can also be found on their website, therefore if it’s cheaper to buy it online, do so. However, occasionally they provide their store with exclusive discounts. So make sure to check it for offers as well.

Barnes & Noble Mastercard:

Not only is it a useful card, but it also provides discounts in a number of various ways. like as

  • As a thank-you present from Barnes & Noble, after you make a purchase or transfer some balance on your card, you will receive a $25 gift card.
  • You will get two points for each dollar you spend with that card, and when you accumulate 2,500 points, you will receive a bonus of $25.
  • You receive 5% cash back on all purchases made at Barnes & Noble Stores and on
  • Not only that, but you also receive a 12-month membership to Barnes & Noble after your annual spending reaches $7,500.
  • The Barnes & Noble Mastercard has no yearly charge.

Shopping Tips at Barnes & Noble:

Here is some advice for Barnes & Noble shoppers:

  • On its website, Barnes & Noble frequently runs sales and discounts. To save money, be sure to check their website for coupons and deals before completing your order.
  • Barnes & Noble is a bookshop, so it will be advisable to visit the location if you’re seeking a specific book rather than searching or other stores as they carry different Barnes & Noble Store books.
  • You need a Barnes & Noble Mastercard in order to take advantage of any savings offered by Barnes & Noble if you locate any coupons or vouchers to use toward the purchase of your favorite book or Barnes & Noble gift cards.
  • If you’re looking for a Barnes and Noble near you, call them at +1 201-559-3882 or visit their website at

Does Barnes And Noble Match Its Online Prices?

Its own online prices are not price matched by Barnes and Noble.

Although its products are often more affordable online, delivery costs raise the price.

You can get free shipping if your order is over $25.

It might be more cost-effective to purchase it online if you are placing a big order or purchasing something that is more expensive.

Are Barnes And Noble Book Stores More Expensive Than Other Bookstores?

Although some products at Barnes and Noble stores are more expensive than those at other bookstores, there are several benefits to purchasing there that make the extra costs justified.

To find out how much more expensive Barnes and Noble’s books and products are compared to other retailers selling the same products, you may always check to price online and in various places.

Why Are Books Cheaper Online At Barnes And Noble?

Because they are transported directly from the warehouse, books at Barnes and Noble are less expensive online.

This makes the process much quicker and easier by reducing the number of handling and middlemen required.

Books that are transported directly from a warehouse are frequently priced according to what the publisher anticipates selling for.

How To Save Money Shopping At Barnes And Noble Online

book match amazon

There are numerous ways to cut costs if you do discover some better offers while purchasing online at Barnes & Noble.

Use the same strategies you use to save money at other places to save money when you visit Barnes and Noble to shop.

Here are some tips that you should have in mind.

1. Combine Orders With Friends

The most expensive component of internet buying is often the shipping cost for books from Barnes and Noble.

The minimum purchase quantity to be eligible for free delivery from Barnes and Noble is $25, yet many of their books and products are less than that amount.

If you simply need to place a little purchase, you might want to check with friends or relatives to see if anybody else is also going to place a modest order.

To save money for everyone, you can combine your orders.

2. Online Coupon Codes

You might be able to locate internet discount codes for your purchase.

The paper coupons or codes you use in stores are not the same as these coupons.
If you are a member of the Barnes and Noble mailing list, you will also get them in your mailbox. You can also find them advertised on advertising and banners on the Barnes and Noble website.

3. Online Sales Events

Online sales are something that Barnes and Noble do numerous times a year.

Some of these sales are offered both online and in-store, while others are exclusively available online.

You might wish to hold off placing an order from Barnes and Noble until these sales are taking place.

By subscribing to the Barnes and Noble email newsletter, you can learn about these sales in advance.

Does Barnes And Noble College Price Match?

Price matching is not available at Barnes and Noble College.

The same price-matching policy applies as it does in the original Barnes and Noble location.

Barnes and Noble College does provide distinctive textbooks and merchandise with a college theme.

These shops are typically found on university campuses.

Affordable textbooks are available at Barnes & Noble College, possibly at a lower price there than elsewhere.

Do Any Bookstores Price Match?

There are numerous bookshops and department stores that sell books that price match, even though Barnes and Noble don’t.

Check out some of these shops if you’re seeking a book at a lower cost than what Barnes and Noble are offering.

  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Kohl’s
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Macy’s
  • Office Max
  • Staples

How Does Price Matching Work?

The criteria or policies that apply to price matching vary depending on the retailer.

In general, if you can show a cashier documentation of a lower price on the same item somewhere else, you will be able to acquire it for that amount.

This is also known as pricing tweaking in some stores.

Price matching is a strategy used by retailers to stay competitive and persuade customers to choose them over other stores.

Some retailers will only match their own online pricing, while others won’t match any prices, not even their own.

Additionally, some retailers may only match prices with other retailers.

Many shops that price match won’t do so unless you can show them an advertisement or sale that details the time and precise item.

The item they price match must be the same; it cannot come in different sizes or varieties.

Why Are Barnes And Noble So Expensive?

Even though not everything at Barnes and Noble is pricey, it sometimes feels more expensive than other stores.

It’s vital to think about the entire experience when you purchase at Barnes and Noble, not simply how much the items cost.

These are a few of the factors that contribute to Barnes and Noble’s high price.

1. Customer Service

The customer service at Barnes and Noble is renowned for being among the best.

When they are confident they will receive excellent customer service, most customers are willing to pay a little bit extra for a product.

Customer support is always available to answer inquiries about individual items, purchases, or any issues you had when making your purchase in-person or online.

2. Selection

Numerous books that Barnes and Noble offers are exclusive and cannot be found in other retailers.

It can charge greater costs for certain things because of its distinctive variety and availability.

People are more likely to pay a greater price for a product when Barnes and Noble is the sole retailer selling it.

3. Stores Designs

Many people want to spend time at Barnes and Noble since it’s more than simply a bookshop.

Barnes and Noble is a chain of bookstores that not only provides a wide selection of books and gifts but also has coffee cafes and other retail establishments.

The shops invite customers to spend some time inside and make themselves at home.

Additionally, they provide cozy sitting so that you can read or browse the books before buying them.

Can You Sit And Read Books At Barnes And Noble?

Customers are welcome to read books while seated in Barnes & Noble stores.

In fact, it has chairs and designated reading places throughout its stores.

The shops offer a vibe that is similar to a library.

Along with shopping and reading, you may also grab food or a beverage.

Even children’s spaces with toys, beanbags, smaller seats, games, and crafts can be found in the majority of Barnes and Noble stores.

These places entice kids to read and occupy them while parents shop and read.

How To Save Money At Barnes And Noble

You might notice that certain of Barnes and Noble’s products cost more than equivalent items in other stores when you purchase there.

There are methods to save money despite the perhaps increased prices at Barnes & Noble.

Let’s look at a couple of them.

1. Get A Barnes And Noble Membership

Barnes and Noble’s memberships cost $25 annually, but if you frequent the store, the membership is well worth the money.

As a member, you’ll receive $50 in bonus coupons, free delivery without a minimum, special offers sent straight to your inbox throughout the year, 40% off the list price of today’s best-selling hardcover books, and 10% off a variety of other things.

If you frequently shop in Barnes and Noble or want to shop online but don’t want to pay for a delivery, the membership easily pays for itself.

2. Shop Online

As long as you have a membership that qualifies you for free shipping or can reach the $25 minimum criteria for free shipping, shopping online can help you save a lot of money.

Prices at Barnes and Noble are typically lower online than they are in-store.

To assist you to save even more on the rates found online, you can also locate coupon codes.

3. Get The Credit Card

You can receive cash back on all of your transactions if you are ready to apply for the Barnes and Noble credit card.

Other benefits offered by the credit card include a complimentary $25 gift card after your first purchase, a $25 gift card each time you accumulate 25,000 points, and a free year of membership after spending $7,500 on qualifying items in a calendar year.

4. Join The Kids Club

You can become a member of the Barnes & Noble Kids Club if you have children or purchase a lot of children’s books.

It offers a number of benefits and membership is free.

On their birthday, children receive a free cupcake from the café, and all children’s books are discounted by 30%.

Additionally, for every $100 spent on children’s books or items in shops or online, you can earn $5.

5. Shop Clearance

Barnes and Noble do feature a clearance department with a wide variety of books and other products on sale, just like any other store.

You can always look through these sale racks to get a great discount on your preferred publications.

You may find discounted books online, and the clearance collection is always changing.

6. Attend Free Events

You may benefit from them and save money by attending the numerous free events that Barnes and Noble offer throughout the year.

To learn about upcoming events, it’s a good idea to contact the store closest to you since these can differ by area.

To learn about events coming to a Barnes and Noble near you, sign up for the email list.

These free events provide a variety of free activities, including author signings, holiday events, and special ones.

7. Use Coupons

Numerous coupons are available that might help you save money on your purchases from Barnes and Noble.

They frequently arrive in the mail from Barnes & Noble for devoted consumers.

You might also have coupons mailed to your mailbox if you have a Barnes & Noble credit card, are a member of the kids club, or are a member of Barnes and Noble.

Also included in the email newsletter are coupons.

There is a Barnes & Noble Coupons & Offers section on the Barnes & Noble website where you can find daily deals, unique coupons that are only valid for a short period of time, and other fantastic deals that can help you save money on your purchases.

8. Join The Mailing List

You can subscribe to Barnes and Noble’s newsletter when you make a purchase there.

This is delivered through email and offers a tonne of coupon codes, exclusive discounts, details about future events, and more.

You have control over which emails you receive and how frequently.

In its email newsletter, Barnes and Noble frequently distribute promotional codes.

It’s imperative that you join up for this newsletter if you frequently purchase at Barnes and Noble.

9. Find Discounted Gift Cards

Purchasing gift cards at a discount can also enable you to make financial savings on your purchases.

On many different websites where people sell things they no longer need or want, you can find inexpensive gift cards.

These gift cards can range in price, but you can pay less to acquire a gift card with a higher balance.

You can use them in-store or online, so it’s like getting free money to spend at Barnes and Noble.

How Much Do You Save With A Barnes And Noble Membership?

does barnes and noble price match

You can make significant financial savings and receive benefits and offers that are only available to members by becoming a member of the Barnes and Noble Membership club.

The Barnes and Noble website have information about the membership.

The program is described on the website as follows:

The Barnes & Noble Membership programme, which was created for the company’s most devoted clients, offers Members 40% off hardcover bestsellers and 10% off almost everything else in Barnes & Noble locations all year long. Additionally, members get great savings deals all year long and free express shipping on all online purchases. The yearly cost is simply $25.


Can you price match in Barnes and Noble?

Barnes & Noble does not match prices. The shop does have a wide variety of books and affordable prices. Along with price matching, there are many other options to save money that are provided. Customers can save money by using coupons, benefiting from specials and promotional events, and becoming a member of Barnes and Noble.

Can I price match after purchase?

Only the buyer may seek a price match after making a purchase at a retailer for products delivered to the consumer (the person who was listed in the “Bill To” section of the order).

Does Books and Books price match?

Price matching with a competitor’s price is not a service we do. However, when compared to other specialty book stores, our prices are extremely aggressive.

Are books cheaper at Barnes and Noble or Amazon?

For newly released and upcoming books, particularly those that are bestsellers or generating a lot of attention, Barnes & Noble and Amazon frequently have comparable prices. Amazon might be slightly less expensive for other books, but the difference in pricing can be as little as a penny or as much as $3.

Why are Barnes and Noble more expensive in-store?

The retail locations, which are in or close to areas where people like to congregate for other shopping and entertainment, frequently result in higher-than-average costs for the business. This is a sign of the commitment Barnes and Noble make to uphold their reputation for giving customers excellent shopping experiences.

Can you return a book to Books A Million?

What are the return guidelines? enables returns on the majority of items* within 60 days after order receipt and ensures your pleasure. Your refund will be applied to the original credit card you used once the returned items are received.

Summary of this Article:

We appreciate your interest in learning more about Barnes and Noble’s price-matching and adjustment procedures. Barnes & Noble does not, of course, price match or alter its prices, but there are still a lot of other methods to save money there. Please post your inquiries in the comments section if you have any.


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