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Even if you go to Bed Bath & Beyond often, you might not know about a price match. It’s a great way to save money on your purchases and get discounts. We’ll go over this guide and learn everything we need to know about it so that shopping goes smoothly.

Does Bed Bath & Beyond Price Match?

Bed Bath and Beyond

Yes, Bed Bath & Beyond will match the prices of their biggest competitors up to 14 days after the purchase. When you go to the store, you have to show them proof that the price is lower. After that, they will check the item’s price and match it.

Still, you should know that there are a few rules and exceptions that you need to meet to be eligible. Keep in mind that when you ask for a price match, you need to bring your original invoice and proof that you are eligible.

Price Match Time
14 Days
Price Adjustment Time
14 Days
Where Can I Price Match?
Online & In-store
Contact Info.
1-800-GO-BEYOND (1-800-462-3966)
Visit the website
Bed Bath & Beyond

How Can I Request A Price Match?

You can ask Bed Bath & Beyond to match a price before or after you buy something. There are two ways to do this. Just know that you must have an invoice, receipt, or shipping confirmation email with you when you ask for a price match.

Bed Bath & Beyond Price Match Online

Even though you can’t price match online, you can do it over the phone. You can call them at 1-800-462-3966 and ask for a price match to tell them about the lower price. You can also send them an email at [email protected].

Bed Bath & Beyond Price Match In-Store

Visit any BB&B store near you, show an employee the ad for a qualifying product from a competitor, and ask them to match the price. For verification, the process may take a few minutes.

Bed Bath & Beyond Price Match Conditions

Even though BB&B matches prices with its major competitors, there are some things you need to remember if you want your request to work. Here are some more details:

Things that need to be matched in price should be in stock.
Your product with the same price should be the same in every way, including the Universal Product Code (UPC), brand, size, color, and quality.
Items must be sold by both the best online stores and stores in the area. It should have a list of their prices.
BB&B will match the prices of other stores’ coupons or their own.

Bed Bath & Beyond Price Match Exceptions

There are a few exceptions to some of BB&B’s price match rules that you need to know about before you ask for a price match.

  • Price matching works only with sellers who are direct competitors. It doesn’t work with third-party sellers.
  • BB&B will not match the prices of membership clubs.
  • Price matching won’t work if you bought the item on clearance or during another sale.
  • Bed, Bath & Beyond won’t match prices on items that have been priced wrong.
  • Price match won’t work for items that are on sale or only available for a limited time.
  • When it comes to used items, BB&B does not match prices.
  • Price matching only works for a certain number of items.

The prices of items at Bed Bath & Beyond can change at any time. And they can always say no to your request to match the price.

Do Coupons Work with Price Match?

Bed Bath & Beyond’s main goal with price match is to make sure that their customers get the best price and discount possible. BB&B will accept both a price match and a coupon for a discount. With a price match proof and a discount coupon, you can get a great deal on your purchases.

Bed, Bath & Beyond will only take your deal if you have a coupon with you. If you don’t have it, the store employees have the right to turn down your request.

Bed Bath & Beyond Price Adjustment Policy

BB&B’s prices can be changed, which is good news for you. You can ask for a price change within 14 days of buying something. The difference will be refunded in the same way that it was paid.

Price Adjustment Process

You bought something whose price has gone down, and you want to change the price. If you bought the item from BB&B less than 14 days ago, you can do this now. For example, if you buy something at BB&B for $150 and then two or three days later it goes on sale and the price drops to $80.

You can ask for the price to be changed and get back the difference. Bed Bath & Beyond makes it easy to change prices, just like other stores. This is how.

Get in touch with any Bed, Bath, & Beyond sales rep to start the process of adjusting the price.
If your request is valid after being checked, the difference will be refunded to you.
You can call them at 1-800-462-3966 or go to their store to ask for an adjustment.

NOTE: If your item doesn’t get a price adjustment, you can always use Bed Bath & Beyond’s return policy to send it back and order it again at a new, lower price.

Price Adjustment Exceptions

All of Bed Bath & Beyond’s items can’t have their prices changed. Here is a list of the special items for which you can’t change the price.

Closeouts and products on sale
Things in short supply
Items on sale in stores and online

Note: Customers can only choose to change the price or use a coupon to save money. They can’t pick either one.

Bed Bath & Beyond Competitors

There is no official list of businesses that compete with BB&B. They say on rival websites that the products should be the same. But there are still a few exceptions, such as sale days, closeouts, and other offers. If not, they are like any other competitor.

How To Save More at BB&B?

Even though Bed Bath & Beyond is known for its great blue coupons that never run out, there are many other ways to save money. We’ll talk about all the basics here.


  • Use the BB&B coupon for 20% off when you shop.
  • Use coupon codes when you check out.
  • Use the fact that shipping is free.
  • Shop during holiday sales.
  • Participate in the BB&B: Beyond+ program.
  • Policies about matching prices and making changes to prices.
  • Sign up for BB&B Gift Registries.
  • When you can, use coupons from the manufacturer.
  • Sign up for a credit card from BB&B.

Save money with apps

The Bed Bath & Beyond app can help you keep track of things. It keeps track of all your receipts, coupons, and current deals. It also has a handy barcode scanner that you can use to check the price of something when you’re in the store.

There are also other apps that can help you save money. Ibotta, for example, can be used to get cash back, especially on items in the health and beauty sections of the store. Bed Bath & Beyond cashback deals are often available on Rakuten, which used to be called eBates. If you don’t already use these platforms, you should download at least one of them so you can start saving money at Bed Bath & Beyond and dozens of other stores.

Bed Bath & Beyond gift registry

Getting married? Bed Bath & Beyond is a great place to sign up because it has so many useful items for the home. Also, Bed Bath & Beyond gives registrants a lot of perks, like the chance to get free gifts when family and friends buy certain brands from their registries. Once you’re married, you’ll get 20% off anything on your registry that you didn’t get as a gift.

Bed Bath & Beyond holds events called “Rock Your Registry” in their stores. At these events, you can get help from experts with your registry, free food and drinks, and a goodie bag.

How to get free shipping

Bed Bath & Beyond offers free shipping on online orders of $39 or more. If the item you want is out of stock in the store, you can also get free shipping if you order it online. Bed Bath & Beyond will send it to you directly at no extra cost.

Bed Bath & Beyond gift cards

On sites like GiftCardGranny, Cardpool, and Raise, you can sometimes find Bed Bath & Beyond gift cards for less. When you save money on a gift card, you’ll automatically save money when you use that card. Bed Bath & Beyond gift cards can also be used at World Market, buy Baby, Christmas Tree Shops, and Harmon Face Values, which are all related stores.


This article was about Bed Bath & Beyond’s policy on matching prices and changing prices. If you follow these rules, you can save a lot of money while shopping. I hope this article has helped you understand the different ways that BB&B matches prices. If you have any more questions, please let me know.

Frequently Asked Questions

 How many do I have for requesting price adjustment?

Within 14 days of the transaction, prices can be changed and matched.

Can I Price match more than one item?

There are only so many price match items available. BB&B can choose how many items it will price match.

Can I price match and use a coupon at the same time?

No! You can’t get a discount on both of those things. You can choose to do any one of these things. whichever discount gives you a bigger percentage off.

Does Bed Bath do price adjustments?

Call 1-800-GO-BEYOND (1-800-462-3966) and tell one of our Customer Service Representatives about the qualifying competitor’s ad or website. Want to ask a store to match a price? Visit any Bed Bath & Beyond store and show any employee an ad or website from a qualifying competitor.

Does Bed Bath and Beyond price match with Amazon?

Bed Bath & Beyond will match Amazon’s prices. You can ask for a price match at any of their stores if you show an associate the Amazon ad.

Does Bed Bath Beyond price match the target?

Bed Bath & Beyond will match the prices of Walmart, Kohl’s, and Target, among others. This means that if a competitor has a lower price for the same item, Bed Bath & Beyond will match it, so you pay the lower price.

Does bath and body do price match?

2. Use their policy on price changes all the time. Bath & Body Works’ 14-day policy on price adjustments is a cool reason to shop early. They won’t match 1-day or Flash Sales’ prices, but they will match the prices of other big sales that last more than 1 day.

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