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Benihana Menu Prices: Are you looking for the latest Benihana Menu? If yes, here in this article, you can find all menus of Benihana with prices.

Benihana is an ideal spot for any occasion. The food is served around the Hibachi grill, where a chef prepares the food you take home in an entertaining and delicious manner!

The perfect place for a family trip or an evening out for adults.

It’s menu is extensive, so we’ve listed some of our recommendations below, along with the whole menu and costs.

Benihana Menu

Benihana Menu With Prices

Item namePrice


Seaweed Salad$4.90
Spicy Edamame$6.10
Vegetable Tempura$7.10
Sushi Sampler$8.70
Shrimp Tempura$9.20
Soft Shell Crab$11.60
Crispy Spicy Tuna$12.10
Tuna Poke$9.20
Pan Fried Beef Gyoza Dumplings$6.90
Sashimi Sampler$8.70
Shrimp Saute$9.20
Tuna Tataki$11.80
Chili Ponzu Yellowtail$12.10


Cucumber Rolls$5.40
Yellowtail Roll$5.40
California Roll$6.80
Shrimp Tempura Roll$8.70
+Eel Sauce$0.50
+ Spicy Mayo$0.50
+Extra Avocado$0.50
+Soy Paper- No Seaweed$0.50
Salmon Rolls$5.40
Tuna Roll$6.40
EEL Roll$7.90
+ Ponzu Sauce$2.00
+Sriracha Sauce$0.50
+Diablo Sauce$0.50
+Add Cream Cheese$0.50


Smelt Roe$2.90
Salmon Roe$3.50
Albacore Tuna$3.10

Kids Menu

California Roll$8.60
Hibachi Shrimp$10.80
Combination Chicken and Shrimp$13.50
Combination Shrimp and Steak$14.00
Hibachi Chicken$10.60
Hibachi Steak$11.20
Combination Chicken and Steak$13.50

Sushi Platters

Emperor Platter$78.00
Shogun Platter$56.00

Specialty Sushi

Shrimp Lovers Roll$12.00
Vegetable Roll$5.50
Philadelphia Roll$8.00
Shrimp Crunchy Roll$9.80
Rainbow Roll$12.30
Sumo Roll Baked$13.50
+Extra Avocado$0.50
+Soy Paper- No Seaweed$0.50
+Eel Sauce$0.50
+ Spicy Mayo$0.50
Alaskan Roll$12.00


Noodle & Tofu

Spicy Tofu Steak$17.30
Seafood Diablo$23.40


Hibachi Shrimp$25.60
Colossal Shrimp$28.40
Hibachi Salmon with Avocado Tartar Sauce$25.20
Ocean Treasure$39.20
Hibachi Tuna Steak$25.20
Hibachi Scallops$26.70
Twin Lobster Tails$41.60

Steak & Chicken

Filet Mignon$27.40
Spicy Hibachi Chicken$20.90
Hibachi Steak$25.20
Hibachi Chateaubriand$35.80
Teriyaki Chicken$20.90
Hibachi Chicken$20.70
Teriyaki Steak$25.40


Emperor’s Feast$30.80
Benihana Trio$38.40
Benihana Delight$27.10
Splash ‘N Meadow$30.40
Land ‘N Sea$35.30
Hibachi Supreme$45.80
Rocky’s Choice$27.60
Benihana Special$38.30
Benihana Excellence$29.00
Deluxe Treat$38.40
Samurai Treat$35.50

A la Carte

Hibachi Chicken Rice$4.20
Spicy Hibachi Chicken Rice$4.70
Benihana Onion Soup$3.50
Benihana Salad$3.40
Miso Soup$3.80
Steamed Rice$3.60
Brown Rice$3.60
Benihana Hot Sauce$.50
Yum Yum Sauce$.50
Ginger Sauce$.50
Ginger Dressing$.50
Teriyaki Sauce$.50
Garlic Butter$.50


Fiji Water$3.90
Mist Twist$1.50
Diet Pepsi$1.50
Mountain Dew$1.50
Iced Tea$11.00
Strawberry Ramune$4.00
Red Bull$4.00
San Pellegrino$3.90
Benihana Lemonade$13.50
Original Ramune$4.00

Contact Information

Benihana Corporate Office Address: 21500 Biscayne Blvd #900, Aventura, FL 33180, USA

Benihana Corporate Phone Number: 305238-2131

You can also contact the team of Benihana by using the contact form on their website.

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Final Words

This article is all related to Benihana’s menu. Benihana menu and prices and we’ve included other information associated with this restaurant, such as their contact details, social profiles, vital links, and so on.

If you’ve been there previously or plan to go there after, you have a better idea of the Benihana menu costs.

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