Best Druid Spells By Level: A Top 10 List 2022

Best Druid Spells By Level – With numerous powerful and intriguing spells available in the Druid’s spellbook The question has to be asked: ” What are the most effective Druid spells?”

There is a myriad of ways to rank Druid’s spells. I thought it was interesting to pick the best Druid spells based on the level.

It’s not an easy feat, and certainly, there was an extremely close contest at all levels. If you take into consideration the method you decide to construct your Druid there could be some variations.

While focusing on the main strengths and purpose of the Druid class as a whole I have selected these spells for the top Druid spells based on the level of D&D 5e.

best druid cantrips

Best Druid Cantrips

The Druid isn’t lacking in valuable cantrips, but Guidance is the best choice.

If one of your group members is performing checks on their abilities, the possibility to add an additional d4 on their roll can be a key element in the success of their ability check.

Unless you’re focussing on another effect There is no disadvantage to using Guidance. It should become a routine to throw it at your players prior to attempting an ability test.

Level 1

As one would expect, deciding on the most effective Druid spell from the options at Level 1 was extremely difficult. The class offers a variety of outstanding choices at this point in the game and only one can be the first choice.

With excellent choices of healing spells and spells for control and some amazing useful spells, this is definitely a head-scratcher. However, every Druid I’ve ever played has this spell in their arsenal regardless of what.

The Award for the Level 1 Best Druid Spell is awarded to Faerie Fire.

Faerie Fire carries extremely well and is able to make use of throughout your adventures. It is not just an effective way to defeat undetectable enemies, providing advantages to all attacks made against creatures that are affected can be a game-changer.

Level 2

For spells of level 2, the best option would be Spike Growth.

Druids are excellent to control large areas of the map using spells that completely block movement, or render them the least desirable choice. Spike Growth is able to do this with an incredible effect!

This spell has an area of 20 feet, which is more than enough space to tear down enemies. If you pass through the zone it takes 2d4 damage per 5 feet it travels. This could add up very quickly!

The damage doesn’t have to be limited to creatures’ movements during their turn. This damage is incurred every 5ft the creature moves. The use of Spike Growth along with spells such as Grassesing Vine or other powers that make creatures move is quite disgusting.

druid cantrips ranked

Level 3

The Druid’s level 3 spell options provide a variety of interesting utility effects, however, most of these are contextual. However, Conjure Animals is an extremely effective spell option that will surely change the tide of battle and possibly annoy your DM to the point of exhaustion.

It was a hard choice in the battle between Conjure Animals as well as the Erupting Earth however it’s hard to overstate the advantages of summoning creatures that can help you.

Do you need to make an effort to crowd your opponent? It is possible to summon 8 quarter-sized CR (or less) creatures or four CR 1/2 beasts. Do you need something tangier? You can summon a beast with the CR2 (or less) and two with the CR 1.

Your animals will assist in putting out more damage to your foes while also helping to absorb any damage the enemy is producing.

Naturally, since these animals last for just one hour, you might discover some useful applications for them too.

My group was conducting through the Rappan Athuk game in the Frog God Games, the Apes my Druid was able to summon in combat were also very effective in opening up a number of doors that were causing us all a slew of difficulty! It wasn’t exactly the quietest method, but it did the job!

Level 4

While there are a lot of amazing spells at level 4 available to Druids but this one was the easiest to choose.

Polymorph is a remarkably useful spell. Who wouldn’t want to transform into a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and get crazy? Sure, there are other creatures that you could transform yourself or an ally however, let’s be real this time…

Of course, you could also employ this spell defensively if have to! Making any of those Hill Giants that are trying to smash you into an innocent turtle is an effective method to level the playing field!

It’s one of the spells that every Druid would want to use and never let go of!

Level 5

Maelstrom in The Xanathar’s Handbook to Everything comes in as the champion of the level 5 Druid spells.

It was a hard choice between these two options. the Greater Restoration (because each party should have this ready) However, I’m a big fan of AoE spells.

With a range of 120 feet, and 30 feet of the radius of the spell’s effects it is possible that the Druid is able to take out an entire group of enemies before they get an opportunity to reduce the distance. The area is not only challenging terrain (which reduces enemies’ movements) however, but it also does a lot of damage and draws them toward the center of the map if they do not succeed in their Strength saving roll.

You can be extremely violent using this ability. Simply trap your enemies in the maelstrom, and then shoot at the enemies from a safe distance!

Level 6

Heal spell is the most powerful. The healing spell is going to earn the distinction of being the most powerful Druid spell on level 6.

Its effects are simple, yet extremely beneficial. Any creature that is within 60 feet of you will gain 70 hit points and is free of any deafness, blindness, or other diseases affected by it.

The ability to heal a large portion of damage points by an uninvolved distance is extremely powerful. A lot of times characters will be able to recover after being knocked down to zero hit points only to be knocked down again at the next turn of the opponent. By using The Heal ability, you can ensure that your friend is back in (or very close to) the top of their game!

Level 7

We are at the stage where the most powerful spells are available. They’re powerful, but extremely limited, which means the choice you make is even more important in this stage of spells!

At level 7.7, the honor of the Best Druid Spell is awarded down to the Plane Shift!

If your resources at higher levels are not enough having a spell that can be offensive or defensive can be very beneficial. If you’re using Plane Shift, you can choose to either send an enemy on an alternate dimension or use it as an escape method.

In order to use this on an opponent, you need to be able to successfully perform a melee attack on them. If you succeed in the target, they make a Charisma saving roll. If they do not succeed and fail, they are sent to an undetermined location on the plane to the tuning rod you are tuned to.

The enemy could be able to return however, it’s likely to take a long time before they do.

You can also use this spell to take you as well as up to eight willing companions to a different plane. You must, as always, have a tuning rod adjusted to the plane that you want to travel to. However, this is a valuable tool in the event that your group is having to leave quickly.

Level 8

There’s something incredibly satisfying when you cast the Feeblemind game upon a terrifying adversary. At one moment, they’re shouting and yelling orders at their group. But then, in the next, they’re staring at the ceiling and drooling on their own.

The spell’s damage of 4d6 can be described as “meh,” but that’s not the main reason why you’re using this. The true joy is decreasing the target’s Intelligence as well as Charisma score to one.

The person who is affected by Feeblemind is unable to use spells, communicate, or even comprehend the language. They’re born with basic abilities but that’s all there is to it.

The rat’s intelligence (with a rating of 2) is not a good place to be.

Oh, and it’s only for 30 days unless removed by greater restoration, healing, or Wish.

Level 9

We finally have one of the largest spells on Level 9.

I was very close to donating this title to Foresight However, but I cannot resist the sheer magic it is the Shapechange.

As a Druid isn’t inexperienced with changing your character from this point on during the course of play.

The wording in this case is what matters the most. It’s not just a beast like you’ve gotten used to. This spell allows you to transform into the most imaginable animal!

The only limit is that you can’t transform into a creature or a creature.

Did you once go to a party and have an encounter with something amazing such as the Purple Worm or Beholder?

You’re very welcome, dear Druid! You’re now able to enjoy the privilege of playing these creatures (or whatever else you decide to play as) in the coming hour!

This spell is not only extremely useful and effective, but it’s also the most enjoyable of Druid’s spells.

The Foresight program or Shapechange should be awarded the top spot, however, Shapechange is one of the greatest potentials to create stories that your team won’t forget!

druid spells 5e

Conclusion – best druid spells by level

There you go My selections of the Top Druid Spells for every level of the spell.

Some of them were much more challenging to pick one option than I anticipated being able to do.

Naturally, there are some that will differ based on the party and, in particular, the type of Druid. However, every time I’ve played Druid I can’t keep these at hand!

Do you think these spells are worth your time? Do you have a spell you believe merits an enduring spot on each Druid’s list of spells?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Don’t forget to look over our Complete Druid’s Guide to D&D 5, 5e! It will cover everything you need to be able to unleash your inner nature in your adventures!

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People also ask

What is the best druid spells?

Best Druid spells you should be using in DnD 5E
  • Shillelagh (Cantrip) …
  • Goodberry (1st Level) …
  • Entangle (1st Level) …
  • Faerie Fire (1st Level) …
  • Pass Without a Trace (2nd Level) …
  • Spike Growth (2nd Level) …
  • Moonbeam (2nd Level) …
  • Heat Metal (2nd Level)

What is the most powerful druid spell?

The Award for the Level 1 Best Druid Spell is awarded to Faerie Fire. Faerie Fire can be used extremely well and is easily obtainable throughout your adventures. It’s not just an effective way to defeat undetectable enemies, also giving an advantage to any attack against the creatures affected can make a difference.

How many spells should a druid have?

If you choose to do this, choose a number of druid-related spells equal in value to the Wisdom modifier plus your level as a druid (minimum for one spell). The spells you choose must be of a specific level in which you have slots for spells. For instance, if you are a 3rd-level druid you’ll have four 1st-level spell slots and two 2nd-level slots for spells.

Which druid Cantrip is best?

Top 5, in order:
  • Guidance.
  • Shape Water.
  • Create Bonfire.
  • Thorn Whip.

What spells does a Level 1 druid know?

SPELLS. At the level of 1, the Druid is able to master two cantrips as well as several spells at level 1 equal in value to the amount of their level (1) plus the ability to increase their Wisdom. To make the article we’ll say you have five spells, and we’ll go through some of the best options. As your first cantrip, I suggest Shillelagh and Thorn Whip.

What level is revivify?

3rd stage
Revivify can be described as a third-level Necromancy spell that allows the player to bring back an animal that died extremely recently, within the last few minutes — to live.

Is primal savagery good?

Much like Shillelagh, Primal Savagery is an excellent method to deal with some additional melee damage.

Does wild shape break concentration?

One of the only references to spelling focus in the Wild Shape feature is that the use of it will not interfere with your concentration.

What do Level 5 Druids get?

At the 5th level, you are able to get access to 3rd level Druid spells There are many to count. There isn’t the new cantrip. When you reach the 5th level, you won’t be able to get ASI however, as your Druid level increases you are able to prepare an additional spell that before. You can begin preparing your new spells once you’ve had a rest for a while.



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