Does Big Lots Price Match?- Find More About It 2022

Big Lots Price Match Policy

Big Lots Price Match – Due to the low pricing witnessed at Big Lots, the store is popularly known as a retailer that advocates for saving among the customer.

Because of this, customers have been looking for more ways to save, and some have asked if Big Lots will match prices. Read on if you want to find out!

Does Big Lots Price Match In 2022?

Big Lots Price Match

Lucky for customers, Big Lots lets them ask for a price match if a competitor sells the same item for less in 2022.

But the policy says that stores that don’t have physical locations can’t be part of the programme. Also, the request must be made within seven days of the item being bought, and proof of a lower price must be shown.

Please keep reading to learn more about Big Lots’s price-matching policy, its terms and conditions, and the things it doesn’t cover.

Return Period
30 days
Return Method
In-Store & Online
Contact Number
1 (866) 244-5687
Official Website
Big Lots

What Is Big Lots Price Matching Policy?

With the Big Lots Price Match Guarantee, customers can ask for lower prices on items if they are sold for less at other stores.

You can also ask for a price match if an item on is lower than the price of the same item in-store or if it’s the other way around.

But the policy doesn’t apply to competitors who don’t have physical stores, charge membership fees or are based outside of the United States.

It’s important to remember that some sales prices may only be available online.

So, if the customer buys the same item in-store, it may not be eligible for a price match.

If you’re shopping and see that the item you want to buy is cheaper somewhere else, all you have to do is tell a Big Lots employee and show proof.

Before taking care of the request, the Big Lots employee may have to check and confirm the claims of lower prices.

Also, customers can ask Big Lots to match the price of items they have already bought if the price drops within seven days.

When figuring out a customer’s request to match a price, big Lots’ price-matching policy lets the store use all Big Lots discounts, such as rebates, promotions, coupons, and offers.

Customers should know, though, that Big Lots has the right to turn down or limit the price match.

What Are the Exceptions of the Big Lots Price Match?

Even though Big Lots lets customers compare prices at other stores and ask for a price match, there are some exceptions to the price match guarantee.

Big Lots does not match the prices of online stores that have physical stores under different brand names.

Big Lots doesn’t match the prices of competitors’ loyalty or shopper discounts, savings from membership clubs, rebates, or coupons from the store or the manufacturer.

Big Lots does not match the prices of its competitors. This includes bonuses, bundled offers, clearance, open-box items, promotions, financing offers, and items with limited quantities.

Big Lots doesn’t match the prices of stores going out of business when it comes to price matching.

Big Lots won’t match the prices of services like deliveries, warranties, rentals, and assembly that other stores offer.

Big Lots doesn’t match prices on dairy products, eggs, or gift cards.

How Do You Request a Price Match at Big Lots?

At Big Lots, you can ask for a price match adjustment by taking your claim to a worker, who will check it out and make the final decision.

So, if you find the same item for less at a competitor’s store, you shouldn’t be afraid to go to a Big Lots store within seven days and ask them to match the price.

But you must ensure that the brands, sizes, quantities, weights, flavours, colours, and model numbers of the items you want to match are all the same.

Also, the item from a competitor has to have the same features, accessories, and status (refurbished or new) as the item from Big Lots.

The item must be in stock at Big Lots when you want to ask for a price match.

Once you know that the item is eligible for a price match, Big Lots will ask for an ad or a photo that shows the item and price at the competitor’s.

After checking all these, the worker will decide if the item’s price will go down.

What Stores Do Big Lots Price Match?

Big Lots’ policy on price matching does not include a list of eligible stores.

But the policy doesn’t apply to stores that charge membership fees, online stores, or stores that sell the same brands as physical stores under different names.

Does Big Lots  Match Prices With Walmart?

Luckily, Big Lots prices are the same as Walmart’s.

So, if you find an item at Big Lots that is the same as an item at Walmart stores and costs less, you can ask for a price cut.

This price-matching policy will work at both Walmart stores and

Big Lots

Does Big Lots Price Match Amazon?

Big Lots does not match Amazon’s prices, which is a shame. Big Lots’ policy for matching prices says that the store won’t match prices with stores that don’t have physical locations.

Because of this, Big Lots doesn’t include Amazon among the stores. It will price match.

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Products and Services provided by Big Lots

Big Lots offers a wide range of products and services, including home furnishings, decorations, and furnishings, such as furniture, bedding, and pillows. SH, the chain’s line of furniture and bedding, is its best-known brand. Value City, No Name, and Bric’s are some other well-known brand names.

The chain’s A&K home furnishings and decor collection have a wide range of products, such as area rugs, throw pillows, accessories, lighting, and decor.

The company also sells bathrobes, sleepwear, shirts, and home furnishings like rugs, pillows, and furniture. Big Lots has a lot of cheap furniture and home decor, brand-name furniture and home decor that costs more than at other stores.

It has sofas, loveseats, chairs, and sectionals in many different styles, colours, and sizes.

Big Lots Exchange Policy

With the Big Lots Exchange Policy, customers are sure to get what they want. You can ask for a different one of the same thing you bought. Show them the information they need to process your return and exchange your item.

But you can’t ask for an exchange on something you bought from You must bring the item to the Big Lots store closest to you.

Exchange period
30 Days
Exchange method
In-Store & Online

Big Lots Refund Policy

The Big Lots return policy says that you can only get a refund if you return an item within 30 days of the date you bought it. Even if you return something after 30 days, you can still get your money back.

But the money will be returned as a gift card to Big Lots. According to Big Lots’s refund policy, you will get your money back as you paid for the item.

This means you will get cashback if you paid for something with cash. If you use a debit card to pay for your purchase, the money will go right back into your account.

Big Lots isn’t the only brand with a flexible return policy. Brands like Costco and Staples do as well.

Refund period
5 Business Days
Refund method
Original mode of payment, Gift Cards

Big Lots Response to COVID-19

Big Lots does everything it can to ensure that its employees and customers are always safe. The team is taking every precaution that needs to be taken. Tell us a little bit about what they do in their stores:

  • Everyone wears a mask, and if someone needs one, the store also gives them one.
  • They are keeping their store as safe as possible by following the rules set by the CDC.
  • I am keeping a social distance of 6 feet inside and outside the store.
  • The store has a limit on how many people it can hold.
  • Online orders can also be picked up from the curb.
  • Help with heavy lifting from people who won’t touch your car.

Big Lots Hours & Locations

Most Big Lots stores are open Monday through Friday to 9 p.m., Saturday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. The Big Lots branch locator lets you know the store’s real hours for today and other days.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I deliver a big delivery item?

The process is the same; it depends on how well you fit the job. We would recommend sending the item back to Big Lots by mail.

Will I need to pay for the shipping cost?

No, Big Lots will pay for your shipping costs.

Can I track my returned product?

You can track your product by going to your Big Lots account and looking at the order history page.

Does Big Lots price match to online?

If you order something from and then find that the price at your local Big Lots store is lower than the price on the website, we will usually match the lower price. If you find a lower price online than your local store, we will gladly match that price.

Can you use coupons at Big Lots?

Do Big Lots accept coupons? Big Lots does not accept coupons or discounts from manufacturers unless our corporate office has approved them. This is true both in-store and online.

Do stores match online prices?

Almost every store has some policy for matching prices. Check their website or look for a big old sign near their customer service desk to find out which online stores they price match.


In a nutshell, Big Lots has a price matching guarantee that lets customers ask for price cuts if the item is cheaper at a competitor’s physical or online store.

Price matching does have some rules that must be followed before Big Lots makes a final decision on a price match request.