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If you aren’t aware of Bobby Flay, I will inform you. Bobby Flay is a celebrity chef who is well-known throughout the world for creating delicious food that is of high quality. Some of the most sought-after recipes from Bobby Flay are the beef chili, shrimp ‘n Grits along with the famous pizza dough.

Bobby’s Burger Palace has a massive selection of delicious burgers available on its menu. You can sample the flat bobby shakes, burgers and sides, and beverages from the menu.

Apart from the prices on the menu Alongside the menu prices, I will provide you the Franchising Info as well as the Contact Information and a breakdown of nutrition for the items within menus at Bobby’s Burger Palace menu.

Bobby’s Burger Palace, is an American fast-casual restaurant chain created by the famous Bobby Flay, the chef Bobby Flay in July of 2008. The first restaurant in the chain Bobby’s Burger Palace was opened in Smith Haven Mall in Lake Grove, New York.

He wanted to alter the way people think about hamburgers, which is why he created Bobby’s Burger Palace.

If you’re someone who loves burgers and you want your burger to be other than a burger you’re in the best spot for you. In this article, I’ll tell you the most recent Burger Palace menu. Burger Palace menu and prices.

Bobby’s Burger Palace Menu Prices

Bobby’s Burger Palace menu offers an extensive selection of Burgers and sandwiches, salads shakes, fries, and drinks. The most requested menu item is their Burgers.

There are 12 different burgers which consist of Crunchburger, Green Chile Cheeseburger, Bobby Blue Burger, Dallas Burger, Philly Burger, and many more.

There’s also the option of making your own burger inside Bobby’s Burger Palace. You must first select the meat you would like to add to your hamburger.

It can be the burger’s certified Angus beef and ground turkey as well as whole chicken breasts. You then decide on the toppings as well as the sauce and garnish for the hamburger.

Bobby’s Burger also prepares its hamburgers right in front of its customers, which means the burgers at Bobby’s Burger Palace always use fresh ingredients.

When you order your burger, it is possible to can also pick up side dishes like french Fries, Potato Fries, and Onion Rings.

However, the Bobby’s Burger Palace menu prices are a bit more expensive in comparison to a typical fast-casual restaurant. You can have an adequate meal for only $10. Keep in mind the high-quality food you’re getting from Bobby Flay’s recipe each penny is well worth it.

Bobby Flat Burgers

Bobby Flat Burgers Price
Crunchburger $7.95
Bacon Crunchburger $9.50
Palace Classic $8.95
Green Chile $9.25
Bobby Blue + Bacon $9.75
Brunch $9.75
L.A. $9.50
Dallas $9.25
Phily $9.25

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For The Vegetarian

For The Vegetarian Price
Bobby’s Veggie Burger $9.95
Griddled Cheese $.95
Chopped Crunch Salad $9.75
Add Beef, Turkey or Chicken $4.00

Perfect Sides

Perfect Sides Price
Fries $3.75
Sweet Potato Fries $3.75
Buttermilk Onion Rings $3.95
The Undecided $4.95

Kid’s Deals

Kid’s Deals Price
Cheeseburger or Griddled Cheese $7.50

World’s Best Shakes

World’s Best Shakes Price
With Whipped Cream
[Vanilla Bean/ Black + White/ Strawberry/ Pistachio/ Dark Chocolate/ Mint Chocolate Chip]

Time for Drinks

Time for Drinks Price
Iced Tea $2.75
Lemonade $2.75
Bottled Water $2.50
Fountain Soda $2.50
Bottled Soda $2.50


Bobby’s Burger is fairly new and was established around 2008, at Lake Grove, New York The first store was inaugurated within the Smith Haven Mall. The celebrated Chef Bobby Flay wanted to re-invent the concept of a Burger.

He was already enjoying great success with chains that he controlled: Bar American, Bobby Flay Steak, Ga to, and Mesa Grill.

The food philosophy that underpins the brand was inspired by Fay’s past, his interest, and his passion for delicious and delicious food of the highest quality. The menus that are available were inspired by his trips across the US.

In addition, the company was designed to provide an alternative to fast food restaurants and they will have your order in your hands as quickly as they can, while not compromising on the quality of food.

They also offer a huge reward program for loyal customers. Take a card from the shop and then activate it by registering it on the internet. For every dollar you spend, you’ll earn 1 point. And for every 100 points, you accumulate you’ll get the option of a free sandwich, burger, or salad.

The company continues to grow and currently has 19 locations in 11 states. Bobby Flay continues to remain active in the business to ensure that Bobby’s Burger Palace continues to grow with the same top-quality products that every establishment serves today.


What differentiates Bobby’s Burger Palace from other fast-casual restaurants is its commitment to serving a broad selection of premium, gourmet hamburgers. The locations they operate in all share the same design that is clean, bright, contemporary, and with casual comfort. Their locations are stocked with a huge number of seating areas for the public along with smaller tables and stools.

Their most-loved dish on the menu is their hamburger however you like it. First, you choose the meat you want to use such as certified Angus beef, whole chicken, or ground turkey breast.

Then , you must select the flavor that includes the toppings, sauce, and garnishes: L.A., Dallas, Carolina, Philly, New Mexico, Miami, Palace Classic, Bobby Blue, Brunch, or Topless. Whatever you choose, every single one is an amazing flavor combination, and you are sure to be delighted. The menu offers other alternatives like fries, salads, and sandwiches made of grilled cheese shakes, onion rings, and soft drinks.

A fantastic idea that the chain has also promoted can be found in its “Burger of the Month.” According to the advertisement the menu changes each month, and the previous ones have been a complete gourmet delight.

In December, they released the first month of Bobby’s Christmas Burger, like every month, you get the meat of your choice and topped with melty Monterey Jack cheese, spicy red chile sauce, and spicy green salsa of chiles. You can also try one of their famous “Crunchburgers,” or any other famous hamburger served with potato chips.

The service at all locations is incredibly fast and courteous. Additionally, their prices are cheap at just $7 for any of their hamburgers. Bobby’s Burger Palace is reinventing the ways that people view this classic American food.

The burger is no longer seen as an unhealthy, cheap, or lazy alternative. This chain has introduced an innovative concept that is the gourmet fast-food hamburger with Fresh ingredients, and excellent taste, yet still fast and simple.

Bobby’s Burger Palace Supporting Hours

Monday to Thursday 11 am to 11 pm
Friday 11 am to midnight
Saturday 11 am to midnight
Sunday 11 am to 10 pm

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Bobby’s Burger Palace Happy Hours

Monday to Sunday 3 pm to 6 pm

Bobby’s Burger Palace Franchising Information

Nutritional Information


If you’re interested in knowing the nutritional information of the dishes on Bobby’s Burger Palace menu, you can go to the website mentioned above.

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Bobby’s Burger Palace FAQs

What happened to Bobby’s Burger Palace?

It shut down an outlet in Long Island’s Roosevelt Field in June 2019. The initial Lake Grove location closed in the middle of 2020 due to COVID-19. at the time of its closing in October 2021, the brand operated three stores which were located in Connecticut, Maryland, and Georgia.

How much is a Bobby Flay Burger?

When you order your burger, may also request side dishes like French Fries, Potato Fries, and Onion Rings. However, the Bobby’s Burger Palace menu prices are a bit more expensive when compared to a regular fast-casual restaurant. You can have an adequate meal for just $10. ….
Bobby Flat Burgers.

Bobby Flat BurgersPriceDallas $9.25

Philly $9.25

What’s Bobby Flay’s real name?

Bobby Flay, byname of Robert William Flay, (born December 10, 1964, New York City, New York, U.S.), American chef, restaurateur, and television host most well-known for his guest appearances on the cable channel Food Network, where he first gained attention for being one of the original Iron Chef competitors. Iron Chef

Who owns Bobby’s cheeseburgers?

Cheeseburger Bobby’s was created in the year 2007 by Bobby Stoll, who wanted to provide the people who live in his region with a casual and fast eating experience that emphasized the freshest ingredients as well as the most creative menu.

How many restaurants does Bobby Flay own?

In 2021, Bobby Flay has three restaurants that are open and operational. They include Amalfi the Mediterranean restaurant that was opened the following month in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and Bobby’s Burgers, a burger restaurant with branches within Caesars Palace and Yankees Stadium.

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