Brodies Menu and Prices in Australia 2023

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Are you looking for the latest Brodies Menu? If yes, here in this article you can find all debonair menu items with prices. Debonair’s has a variety of prices on the menu, but offers the best quality that everyone wants.

So, in this article, I will show you the most recent price list for Brodies Menu prices in Australia, which you can see below.

Brodies Menu and Prices in Australia 2023

Brodies Menu With Prices Australia 2023

Are you looking for delicious dishes that won’t spend a fortune? Take a look at Brodie’s Menu Price. Our menu has an array of food options that are all available at reasonable costs. Everything from appetizers and desserts to every dish is created with great care and attention to particulars. Take your time enjoying delicious appetizers, and delicious mains, and indulge in decadent desserts without breaking the bank.

No matter if you’re in the mood for a delicious steak, fresh seafood or a tasty vegetarian selection the menu at Brodie’s has something to please every taste. Come to Brodie’s and enjoy a delicious culinary experience at a price that won’t put an empty hole in your pocket.



Cheese Burger $4.95
 Chicken Cheese and Bacon Melt Burger $6.80
 Brodie Burger $8.05
 Double Beef Cheese Burger $7.45
 Chicken Fillet Burger $8.05
 Humdinger Burger $8.70
 Serious Steak Burger $8.95
 Maxi Burger $11.20
 Big Chicken Club Burger $10.55
 Double Chicken Club Burger $14.30
 Go Big or Go Home $15.60
 Worx Burger $19.50


 Family Chicken Deal $29.95
 Family Burger Deal $31.95
 Twelve Piece Family Feast $49.95

Seafood Basket

Seafood Basket $19.95
Seafood Basket to Share $34.95

Meals for One

 1/4 Chicken and Chips $9.95
 Boneless Chicken, Chips and Gravy Meal $10.60
 Six Nuggets and Chips Meal $9.95
 1/4 Chicken and Veggies Meal $12.45
 Roast Beef and Veggies Meal $13.70
 Fisherman’s Catch Meal $12.45
 Troppo Pack Meal $14.95
 Quarter Chicken Meal Box $14.95
 Jr. Brodie Meal Box $14.95
 Crispy Chicken Meal Box $13.95
 Mega Meal Box $18.70
 Chicken Tender Meal Box $16.20
 Wrap Meal Box $17.45

Family Feast

 Roast Chicken $17.45
 Roast Beef $26.95
 Chicken and Chips Feast $39.95
 Roast Chicken Feast $39.95
 Roast Beef Feast $43.70
 Roast Chicken and Potato Bake Feast $39.95
 Roast Beef and Potato Bake Feast $43.75

Kid’s Meal

 Four Nuggets and Chips $7.50
 Cheese Burger and Chips $7.50

Side Orders

Roast Potato $1.25
Sauces $2.00
Potato Bake (Family Potato Bake) $10.60
Potato Bake (Regular Potato Bake) $4.95
Gravy (Large Gravy) $5.60
Gravy (Regular Gravy) $3.15
Peas (Large Peas) $5.60
Peas (Regular Peas) $3.15
Coleslaw (Large Coleslaw) $6.75
Coleslaw (Regular Coleslaw) $3.60
Carrots (Regular) $3.15

Rolls and Wraps

 Chicken Roll $8.70
 Beef Roll $8.70
 Classic Wrap $10.60
 Mayo and Sweet Chilli Wrap $10.60
 Aioli Wrap $10.60
 Spicy Wrap $10.60


Banana Fritter $3.10
Pineapple Fritter $3.10
 Seasoned Chips (Family Seasoned Chips) $9.95
Seasoned Chips (Large Seasoned Chips) $7.45
Seasoned Chips (Regular Seasoned Chips) $4.95
 Cheese and Gravy Chip Dipper $6.80
 Mayo and Sweet Chilli Chip Dipper $6.80
 Aioli Chip Dipper $6.80
 Humdinger Chip Dipper $6.80
 Serve of Salt and Pepper Calamari $6.80
 Six Chicken Nuggets $7.10
Six Nuggets $7.10
Garlic Aioli Chip Dipper $6.80


375 ml Soft Drink $3.70
600 ml Soft Drink $5.60
1.25 Litre Soft Drink $6.20
Keri Pop Top $3.15
Powerade $6.20
Mt Franklin $4.45
Orange Juice 500 ml $6.20
Mother Energy Drink $6.20
Fuze Iced Tea $6.20
Iced Coffee $6.20


Chocolate Mousse (Family Size Chocolate Mousse) $11.95
Chocolate Mousse (Regular Chocolate Mousse) $4.95

Brodies Menu Near Me


In the end, Brodies offers a tantalizing menu with a large assortment of delectable meals across several locations. In all of Sydney up to Melbourne, Brisbane to Perth, and Adelaide all the way to Gold Coast, each Brodie restaurant offers a distinct dining experience. If you’re looking for juicy burgers, tasty pasta, or delicious meat, Brodies has something to satisfy all tastes.

They are committed to using only the best ingredients and expert culinary expertise, Brodies invites you to take a dining experience with them at one of their restaurants. Enjoy exceptional tastes and warm, welcoming service, and an unforgettable dining experience at Brodies.

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