Burger King Secret Menu (Updated: January 2022)

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The Tastiest Things on the Burger King Secret Menu (2022 Update)

Explore the Burger King menu and you will find a variety of your favorite and excellent burgers that come in vegetarian and meat-based shapes such as Burger King’s Whopper, Big King, and BK Stackers, the BK Chicken Fries, Chicken Tenders as well as The Spicy Bean Burger, and other items like breakfast sandwiches, Yumbo or sausage. It is true when you’re feeling confident, you can request one of the options in Burger King’s Secret Menu.

A note for the well-being aware If you’re going down the”mystery menu street,” make it a “treat the day” and totally take pleasure in the dangerous flavor of BK’s tender and delicious meat, as well as the generous garnishes!

Suicide Burger

Don’t be concerned about the $3.99 price tag. Instead, enjoy the fact that it’s called Suicide Burger all things considered it’s basically conferring the virtue of hara-kiri, which is healthful and a healthy lifestyle with this mix of four hamburger patties, four cheddar slices, generous helpings of bacon, as well as Burger King’s unique sauce and all served on sesame seed bun. Delicious, but don’t make plans to speed up your pace for several hours following having a blast!

In the event that the title “Suicide Burger” is threatening you, but you’re still in the process of seeking something substantial, you can request you the Quad Stacker. Burger King will be just too upbeat, which makes it difficult to satisfy the desire for a four-layer stack of quality goodness.

Mustard Whopper

Burger King is known for the generous spread of mayonnaise over sesame seed buns. This is a perfect match for the tender and juicy taste of the patty, as well as the freshness that comes from veggie toppings. Some people don’t like the creamy mayonnaise taste in their burgers.

Hence, Burger King came up with the Mustard Whopper. Its name is a reference to the fact that it’s the most loved Whopper however, it has mustard for its base instead of mayonnaise that is creamy. It is possible to request mustard and mayonnaise and both of these options are offered for absolutely free.

Burger King Club

For an additional $3.99 at the top of your bill, you can also enjoy the non-traditional chicken sandwich, unlike other fast-food restaurants’ options.

It comes with delicious sesame seed bread stuffed with a delicious combination of crispy chicken, the way it is the one and only Burger King can make it, and also tomatoes, lettuce, bacon, and cheese.

If you place an order and get an uninterested look, have no fears this BK newbie has probably not been presented to this menu item – just change it to Original Chicken Sandwich and then include the bacon, cheese, and tomato.


Based on what you like depending on your appetite, you can choose to pay $1.79 for the Whopper Junior or $3.49 for the Whopper and both are Burger King’s take on BLT.

BLT sandwich. Although it is true that the Whopper is already a great sandwich by itself but there’s always an opportunity to improve the quality of Burgers. For example, with Burger King BLT, Burger King BLT, you make the traditional Whopper with its delicious beef patties and fresh lettuce and tomatoes and add crisp bacon strips to top it off. Just thinking about the combination of bacon, beef, and veggies in sesame seeds buns is enough to make your mouth salivate.

Rodeo Burger

It’s no secret that the Rodeo Burger, or Rodeo King in some places, as they have it called, was available on and off menus for a long time. There have been multiple variations of this burger due to its popularity of it and the most recent one is that of the Rodeo Stacker King.

But, with the secret menu, it’s feasible to order it at any time, even though Fast food chains don’t advertise this on their menu. For the price of $1.49 each, you can enjoy Burger King’s twist on the traditional Western bacon cheeseburger. You can choose the Whopper or a Whopper Jr. and request the BBQ sauce as well as onion rings for the Burger. If you try your first bite, will be able to understand why it’s remaining available on Burger King’s Secret Menu.


A mouthwatering mix consisting of French fries and onions rings. you’ll no longer have to pick which of them to accompany your dinner.

There’s no need to worry as Burger King has found a solution to satisfy your desire for both crispy snacks called Frings! It’s basically one-half of French fries, and half onion rings all in one order, with prices starting at $1.69 for small to $2.29 for large.

The Burger King Ham & Cheese

For only $1.99 for a single order, customers can enjoy this Burger King Ham and Cheese sandwich for just $1.99. The thing that makes it stand out is the delicious, gooey flavor of the cheese that oozes over the Ham.

Ask the server to serve the usual cheese and ham, but place it on the sesame seed bun, and you’re done! It’s a dish that doubles as a meal option for the conscious and budget-conscious.

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