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Carmike Ticket Precio – Carmike was first introduced in 1982. Carmike cinemas are typically situated in rural towns and suburban areas, and seldom in cities that contain more than 25% of a million residents. Since these cinemas were able to serve people that were outside of the major urban center Carmike theaters are often referred to by many as America’s Hometown Theater.

In 2016, it was ranked as the 4th largest theatre chain across the US. It had 276 cinemas that had around 3,000 screens, located across 41 states.

Carmike Cinemas technically aren’t in existence anymore. They’re no longer in existence. The Carmike brand was bought through AMC Theaters in 2016, and the name was changed also. These theaters still provide amazing entertainment no matter where they might be located.

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Below are approximate Carmike ticket prices.



Children (2-12) $7.90 – $8.30
Adult (13+) $9.30 – $9.90
Senior (60+) $7.50 – $8.60


Children (2-12) $6.50 – $7.60
Adult (13+) $5.80 – $6.75
Senior (60+) $6.50 – $$7.60


Children (2-12) $5.00
Adult (13+) $5.00
Senior (60+) $5.00



Children (2-12) $9.50 – $10.40
Adult (13+) $11.90 – $14.80
Senior (60+) $9.10 – $12.10


Children (2-12) $9.10 – $10.50
Adult (13+) $9.30 – $10.20
Senior (60+) $9.10 – $10.70


Children (2-12) $8.30 – $10.15
Adult (13+) $8.30 – $10.15
Senior (60+) $8.30 – $10.15


Children (2-12) $10.50 – $10.70
Adult (13+) $10.75 – $13.50
Senior (60+) $10.50 – $11.05


Children (2-12) $9.05 – $10.70
Adult (13+) $10.75 – $13.50
Senior (60+) $10.80 – $10.95


Children (2-12) $7.50 – $10.50
Adult (13+) $7.50 – $10.50
Senior (60+) $7.50 – $10.50


Children (2-12) $12.60 – $15.45
Adult (13+) $14.85 – $17.55
Senior (60+) $12.85 – $16.50


Children (2-12) $11.36 – $14.65
Adult (13+) $11.35 – $13.35
Senior (60+) $11.35 – $15.55


Children (2-12) $10.15 – $13.65
Adult (13+) $10.65 – $13.85
Senior (60+) $10.15 – $13.85


Children (2-12) $13.80 – $15.80
Adult (13+) $16.50 – $19.10
Senior (60+) $13.50 – $16.00


Children (2-12) $12.90 – $15.30
Adult (13+) $14.00 – $17.40
Senior (60+) $13.50 – $15.50


Children (2-12) $10.60 – $13.60
Adult (13+) $10.60 – $13.60
Senior (60+) $10.60 – $13.60



History of Carmike Theatres

Carmike was officially established in 1982 and was created 1982 by Carl L. Patrick Sr. just after he bought Martin Theatres. The name Carmike comes from his twin sons, Carl Patrick Jr., and Michael Patrick.

For a long time, the chain of theaters remained just a local cinema However, it rapidly grew to include over 400 theaters because of its exceptional business methods.

Carmike purchased new screens and set up new theaters in as many locations as they could, which was a strategy that its major competitors were not able to resist. Cinemas such as Cineplex or United Artists were focusing on fewer theaters that had larger screen sizes (multiplexes) and amenities, but Carmike was able to keep pace with its rapid expansion.

In the late 1990s, Carmike had achieved the nearly perfect experience of watching it was searching for. In the 1990s, many critics praised Carmike as the top cinema to watch films.

Unfortunately, misfortune struck Carmike Cinemas as they filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection by the year 2000. It was in the midst of a debt load in excess of $650 million and was unable to collect $9 million to pay back the interest credit to bondholders.

It was forced to auction the majority theatres it operated, especially ones with smaller screens. Many of the remaining theaters contain ten or more screens. In the fight against bankruptcy, theatres down from around 440 to just under 300.

Carmike was able to emerge after bankruptcy, in the year 2002, and began buying new theaters and screens. Today there are more than 250 Carmike theaters, with more than 2500 screens. It is one of the biggest theater chains across the United States.

The year 2009 saw CEO Michael Patrick, leave the company when he was dismissed from the company’s board, and succeeded by David Passman III. In the course of this change, Carmike began plans for expansion. The majority of these were to be completed from the year 2011 until 2013.

In the year 2011, Carmike began its journey into IMAX. It bought IMAX screens as part of its purchase of various theaters called Rave. The initial agreement gave Carmike seven IMAX screens to use. Another arrangement together with Rave Cinemas in 2013 gave Carmike its eighth IMAX screen.

in 2014 Carmike is among the very first cinemas to stop showing a version of The Interview (2014) following the release of terrorist threats to attack any cinema showing the film. In order to safeguard the public as well as the image of Carmike Cinemas, the movie was not displayed in their theaters.

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Carmike Theatres Innovations

Carmike is among the first theatre chains to transition toward digital projection. While other theaters were discussing the advantages of film over digital, Carmike made the transition from 2005 until 2007 and was one of the first to adopt digital projection.

In 2013, 2,418 screens had digital technology. 954 of them were equipped with Real-D 3D films and making them one of the biggest chains of screens in the nation to offer 3D movie watching.

How Much Do Carmike Theatre Tickets Cost?

Carmike is known as one of the cheapest cinemas in the United States. You’ll not have to pay more than $20 for one ticket, and without concessions such as popcorn or soft drinks. If you’re unsure of what their costs are in your region you could always look and buy on the internet.

You can find the Carmike tickets in the table above and then go to their website to buy. You can also purchase tickets on your phone, and then present the ticket when you enter. This is a method that many theater chains are adapting to take advantage of moving to paperless.

carmike cinemas gift card balance

Ticket Discounts

Discounts on the price of the tickets could be made possible through Carmike’s loyalty rewards system. With every purchase, you make particularly for tickets to movies you accumulate points that can be used later to avail discounts or other promotions that are offered by Carmike Cinemas.

With every purchase, you make particularly for tickets to movies you earn points that can be used in the future to avail discounts or other promotions that are offered by Carmike Cinemas. In particular, for every dollar that you pay for tickets or concessions, you’ll get 1 point.

Here are a few rewards that are available:

Points Required


80 1 Small Popcorn
160 1 Small Drink
240 1 Medium Popcorn
320 1 Free Ticket
400 1 Small Popcorn
480 1 Small Drink
560 1 Large Popcorn or 2 Medium Drinks
640 1 Free Ticket

Carmike Locations

There are a variety of Carmike cinemas throughout the United States that are spread across the country. The most well-known ones are:

  • Carmike 12 – Pottsgrove, PA
  • Carmike 15 – Columbus, GA
  • Carmike 16 – Center Valley, PA
  • Carmike 8 – Ardmore, OK
  • Carmike 20 – Fort Wayne, IN
  • Carmike 13 – Champaign, IL

Hundreds of thousands of movie-goers go to the cinemas every month. That’s a lot of popcorn consumed!


Carmike Cinemas is a family welcoming establishment that focuses on offering excellent movie experiences for all. Contrary to other chains that aim to raise prices for tickets Carmike’s prices are affordable, allowing many people to take pleasure in going to the cinema.

With more than 250 theaters as well as more than 2,400 screens to choose from You can be sure of the Carmike Cinema to be close to. They not only offer cheap prices on the new blockbusters but Carmike is well-known for its small independent films. So these cinemas could be the only place you can see limited-release films.

For more details about Carmike, check out Carmike’s site on their official web page.

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Is Carmike same as AMC?

Through the agreement, AMC beat out Regal Entertainment Group as the United States’ largest movie theater chain. In February of 2017, AMC announced it will end its Carmike name and rebrand all of its theaters under AMC, the AMC, AMC Classic, or AMC Dine-in banner.

Does AMC give free refills?

Insider and Premiere and A-List members receive refills for free every when they purchase a large popcorn or reusable bucket! Just show your virtual debit card, or your account’s number as well as your purchase receipt to the concession counter to receive the refill.

Can I still use my Carmike gift card?

It is true that you are able to exchange legitimate Carmike gift cards as well as discounts tickets in every AMC, AMC CLASSIC, or AMC DINE-IN restaurant.

How much is the cinema ticket price in the Philippines?

Prices for tickets range from 200 pesos to up to 700 pesos subject to the theater’s location and time, and whether premium features are offered. The price will be higher in the case of a blockbuster show.

How do I pay in SM Cinema?

To make use of this service Globe and TM customers must download the GMovies application to your Android or iOS device to download for free and reserve a movie’s schedule. A GCash option for payment options will be displayed. Simply click GCash and then enter your 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) in order to make the purchase.


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