Chick-Fil-A Secret Menu Price 2022❤

Chick-Fil-A Secret Menu has been constantly evolving, but even with recent additions like Mac and Cheese and Chicken Tortilla Soups, customers remain curious about the existence secret menu . Are there hidden menu items that Chicken-Fil A lovers don’t know about?

ChickFil-A doesn’t believe there is a secret menu… But don’t panic. The secret menu is just a mix of regular menu items and new dishes. Chickfil-A may not have an “underground” menu that employees are aware of, but they may offer a number of secret dishes that can be ordered from their fast-food chain.

Some of these you can order when you place your order at the counter or drive through, but some are more DIY-friendly. Chick fil A has become a staple fast food restaurant. Chick fil A’s secret, which Sherlock Holmes discovered, is my favorite part about “the Chick”.

The super-secret menu is a great way of mixing it up and being the cool kid. You can feel the peer pressure and keep up with Chick. It doesn’t matter if you have to use “on fleek” or learn a secret handshake to order off the secret menu. Just ask. Allow me to inform you: ordering newbies – be aware, some of these items may not yet be available at all locations.

Chick-Fil-A Secret Menu Items in 2021

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Price: $3.25

Where is it Available?: All Locations

How to order: Just say the name

Chick fil A’s Buffalo Chicken sandwich is not for the weak of heart. This sandwich is for those who like a bit of spice. You should only try this if you’re a Cajun or Cajun honoree.

Enjoy this spicy chicken breast sandwich with buffalo sauce and crunchy pickles. It’s topped with a buttery, toasted bun. You might add extra dill pickles to give this sandwich a sour crunch.

Chicken Quesadilla

Price: $3.99

Where is it Available?: Select Locations

How to order: Ask for the chicken quesadilla

Some people are not able to agree on going out to the same place for dinner. Other times your “other”, wants Mexican food. You can survive only on Chick fil A.

Have no fear. This is where you can make your case for Chick fil A to order the super-secret Chicken Quesadilla.

This dish comes with grilled chicken, cheese, peppers and, if it’s lucky, all of it warm up in a tortilla. This melty goodness is accompanied by more melty goodness. Additional cheese anyone?

You can make your taste buds happy by dipping the chicken in ranch sauce.

Free IceDream For The Kiddos

Price: Free

Where is it Available?: All Locations

How to order: Ask for the substitution

Sometimes your kids have way too many toys. Weigh.

No worries. Do not worry. Simply ask your child for an IceDream and have them trade in their toy.

Now, the trick is to convince them that this is what you want. Ask them, “What’s a better way for a meal to end than with a sweet, simple dessert?” “I cannot think of one” and they will be eating from your cone.

I can still remember the moment when my most difficult decision of the day was between a dessert and a toy. I would love to be a little kid again

Fried Chicken Club

Price: $4.49

Where is it Available?: All Locations

How to order: Ask for the Fried Chicken Club

This is a very secret menu item but worth it. I have three words to say: Fried Chicken Club.

While this isn’t the best way to indulge as a treat, it is not for the health-conscious. It’s possible to make yourself feel better by knowing that the peanut oil is free of trans-fats.

Chick fil-A’s Fried Chicken Club features a crispy chicken breast with lettuce, tomato and Colby-Jack Cheese, all served in a delicious hot buttered bun.

My arteries are getting clogged up just by writing this. But that’s okay.

A La Carte Fruit Bowls

Price: starting at $2.05

Where is it Available?: Select Locations

How to order: Specify to order

Are you someone who goes to Starbucks to get a thin, soy-caramel, hazelnut macchiato and an extra shot of espresso? This is the one for you.

Create your own a la carte Chick fil A fruit bowl. You have the option to choose from strawberries, blueberries or red apples.

These bowls are made fresh every day, so you can customize them to your hearts content, Starbucks aficionado.

Arnold Palmer/Unsweet Arnold Palmer

Price: Starting at $1.55

Where is it Available?: All Locations

How to order: Ask for half lemonade/half tea – specify sweet or unsweet

I’m from South Carolina so this is not something I knew. But it’s one of the most secretive things around. Sweet tea is a favorite in my neighborhood.

Sometimes you just want lemonade… no tea… no …. This is the dilemma.

Do not choose one of your loves, mix them both.

It’s not like you are from the South. Your little heart is blessed.

For you, dear Northerner: I suggest a less sweet but equally delicious mix of diet lemonade & unsweet tea to quench that sensitive thirst.


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