Chicken Treat Menu Prices 2022

Chicken Treat is a national fast-food restaurant located in Australia that is currently in operation across two states, Western Australia and Queensland. But, the majority of their locations are located in WA currently.

So the prices on their menus shown below are a more precise illustration of their locations in WA. Contact the local Chicken Treat if you reside in Queensland and want to know the prices.

Chicken Treat

Are you a lover of Bbq Chicken and are you living in Perth, Australia, and you are in search of Bbq Chicken but don’t know where to find it? It was a miracle that you discover a renowned Chicken eatery in Australia. The restaurant’s name is Chicken Treat and prior to your visit, I would like you to learn all the details about the restaurant using the links below.

In this blog, I’ll give you information about chicken treat menu items, Chicken Treat menu prices, details about contact numbers, franchise information, and a nutritional breakdown of the items on the Chicken Treat menu. Let me begin by introducing the history of the franchise.

Chicken Treat’s menu includes an array of mouthwatering chicken-related items. The menu is comprised of Fried chicken, rotisserie Chicken and burgers and rolls, wraps, desserts, side dishes, and drinks.

Frank Romano founded an Australian located Bbq chicken chain called Chicken Treat 1976. Chicken Treats has more than 60 locations across the Western areas of Australia as well as a few outlets in Queensland. The corporate headquarters of the chain is located in Perth, Western Australia, and the amount of revenue they earn is worth $50 million.

To conclude Here are Chicken Treat’s menu prices:



Footy Feast $55.00
Boom Burger $12.49
Double Boom Burger $16.49
Boom Burger Box $24.49
Double Boom Burger Box $28.99
Crunchified Boom Box $19.99
Cheezy Jalapeño Bites $9.99

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Box Meals

Box Meals Price
Crunchified Box $14.00
Quarter Rotisserie Box $17.00
Tempta Burger Box $17.00
ChiCow Fried Chicken Box $19.00
Tempta Boneless Burger Box $20.19

Group Meals

Group Meals Price
Variety Feast $29.49
Chicken Favourite $32.49
9 Piece Feast $35.49
Crunchified Mates Pack $38.50
Big Family Treat $40.89
Family Feed $42.50
Snack Attack Bundle $55.00
Grand Fried Feast $79.00
Boneless Buddy Bundle $79.00
Burger Pack $79.00
Legendary Rotisserie Pack $89.00
Chicken Heroes Feast $99.00
Crunchified Cook Out $99.00

Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken Price
1 Piece Crunchified $3.79
Tempta Boneless Chicken $5.19
Tempta Boneless Pack $13.99
3 Piece Treat $13.69
9 Piece Crunchified $24.49
18 Piece Crunchified $38.49

Rotisserie Chicken

Rotisserie Chicken Price
Quarter Chicken and Chips $13.29
Half Chicken and Chips $16.29
Chicken Dinner $15.29
Hawaiian Quarter $17.29
Hawaiian Half $20.29
Whole Chicken $17.99

Burgers & Roll

Burgers & Roll Price
Cheeseburger $4.99
Chicken Bacon Cheese Burger $7.79
Tempta Burger $10.09
Tempta Deluxe Burger $11.79
Bacon Burger $11.59
Bacon Deluxe Burger $12.29
Siracha Deluxe Burger $10.09
Beef Roadhouse Burger $10.39
ChiCow Burger $11.89
Chicken Roll $9.49

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Wraps Price
Classic Wrap $10.49
Sriracha Wrap $10.4
Bacon Wrap $12.49

Kids Meals

Kids Meals Price
Kids Cheeseburger & Chips $8.49
Kids Nuggets & Chips $8.49
Kids 1/8 Chicken & Chips $8.49
Kids Chicken Dinner $8.49


Sides Price
Mac & Cheese Balls $5.19
Onion Rings $8.49
Chips $5.89
Large Chips and 600ml Drink $7.99
Cheezy Bacon Loaded Chips $9.49
Cheezy Spicy Loaded Chips $9.49
Chicken & Gravy Loaded Chips $9.49
10 Nuggets $11.09
10 Twists $8.69
Deep-Fried Bananas $4.09
Pineapple Fritter $2.99
Garlic Bread $4.69
Slayin’ Sale $4.69
Mash and Gravy $4.49
Gravy $4.19
Peas $4.19
Corn $3.09
Sauce $0.99


Desserts Price
Chocolate Mousse $5.49
Vanilla Cheesecake $5.49
Streets Viennetta $8.79
Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough $15.00
Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie $15.00


Drinks Price
Soft Drink – 600ml $4.79
Soft Drink – 1.25 L $6.95
Water $4.29
Brown Milk $5.29
Keri Juice $4.29
Mother $5.29
Powerade $5.29

Chicken Treat’s History

Established in 1976, Chicken Treat has become a significant competitor within the fast-food market within Western Australia.

Today, they’ve got more than 60 locations across the state. In addition, as we’ve mentioned previously they’ve just added two new restaurants within Central Queensland. It’s likely that they’ll explore the possibility of an eventual national expansion.

As their name implies, the main focus of their food service is on high-quality chicken (both cooked and rotisserie) as well as a reasonable price.

But, due to the recent increase in menu items offered by other fast-food chains like McDonald’s, Dominos as well as Hungry Jacks, Chicken Treat is required to follow suit.

Like you’ll see in the above table the menu has become varied with plenty of choices to pick from. There is more than enough to please any hungry stomach who walks across their doorways.

Recently, in 2015, the company tried to boost its brand’s visibility by launching a campaign that was so original that it has never been ever done before.

chicken treat near me

Betty The Chicken assumed the Chicken Treat’s Twitter account and began posting regularly. The chicken would literally, scratch at the keyboard, and (we’re thinking) one of the team members would then tweet about the chicken.

They have gained over 8200 followers following the campaign and are now trying to be included in the Guinness World Records. However, Chicken Treat hasn’t made any statement regarding whether or not this will increase sales.

The company is currently attracting more than 27,000 users on their Facebook page They’ve certainly done something right! It’s hoped that this will result in more amazing dishes that will be released soon.

Their website says:

Chicken Treat maintains its uniqueness by using the famous animated “chicken” and is extremely proud of serving our customers ample portions of slow-cooked rotisserie chicken, Crunchified Chicken, Chicken Rolls and the recently launched collection that includes Tempta breast Fillet Burgers.

Discounts & Specials

Fast Food in Western Australia is a lucrative business to be found in right now. That’s why those living in the state regularly receive pages of coupons and offers from local restaurants.

Chicken Treat isn’t any more or less. Every now and then, if you’re within a specific kilometer distance from the location of one of their stores and you’re within a certain distance, you’ll be sent coupons from them (so that you don’t have a not junk mail’ sign).

chicken treat menu

If you’re not eager to find a tasty Chicken Treat chicken right this time, it’s worth giving away on one of these pages.

In that light In some cases, the delivery man simply forgot to make their delivery or was unable to find your address. That’s the reason why using the Internet is such a blessing.

There are websites dedicated to giving you information about the latest coupons available at your favorite fast-food restaurants. Lucky for you, a lot of them offer Chicken Treat included.

Some of the most well-known ones are:

  • Food Frugal (link)
  • Ozbargain (link)

In the end, you can avoid the rat race and go directly to Chicken Treat’s Promotions instead. Go to it on this page.

Certain deals could offer discounts on combination meals (the usual chicken roll is usually discounted) and also the quarter chicken and chips – two of their most-requested meals. Why shouldn’t they be? They’re bloody delicious!

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information

To find out the nutritional content of the products within the Chicken Treat menu, click on the link that I’ve listed in the previous paragraph.

Chicken Treat Franchise Details

Chicken Treat has more than 62 franchise restaurants that are located within Australia and if you’re thinking of opening the first Chicken Treat restaurant, then this is the amount it will cost.

Initial Investment $350,000 and $900,00
Franchise Fee $40,000

Important Links

Official Website
The Flock

Chicken Treat Contact Information

Chicken Treat Corporate Office Address: 1 Whipple Street, Balcatta WA 6021

Chicken Treat Corporate Office Phone Number: (08) 9240 9777

To start a conversation with the team of Chicken Treat, you can also use the contact form on their website.

Social Media Handles



A local Chicken Treat can make your life easier by providing good, cheap food at a reasonable price.

Fast food is not a sustainable business model. Their menu prices will show you that you don’t have to worry about your wallet.

This is their official website.

Chicken Treat FAQs

Is Chicken Treat chicken healthy?

In every bite, hens are given a mixture of grains and vitamins with minerals and amino acids. These tasty chicken treats make an excellent addition to any complete feed.

Is Chicken Treat Australian?

We are proud to be West Australian and have been serving fun times and tasty food since 1976. The idea to offer lovingly hand-seasoned Rotisserie Chicken to Aussies with a unique mix of Mediterranean spices was the inspiration for our brand.

Does Chicken Treat sell whole chickens?

Chicken Treat
Whole Rotisserie Chicken is hand-seasoned using our heritage mix of herbs and spices. It’s slow-cooked in our specialty Rotisserie. You will enjoy a unique flavor and succulence.

Is Chicken Treat only in WA?

Chicken Treat is an Australian chain of fast-food restaurants that offers barbecue chicken. It is located primarily in Western Australia.

How many chicken treats are there in Perth?

A juicy chicken treat is available anywhere. Chicken Treat is growing rapidly and has 33 restaurants around the greater Perth area. We are looking for franchise partners.

Is Oporto in America?

In 2013, all Oporto stores across the United States were transformed to Feasty Chicken Grill. Australia and New Zealand now have over 100 stores. Oporto sells three types: Drive-Thru, Shopping Centre, and Strip stores.

Is there a chicken treat app?

Download the door dash app for mobile
Delivery and pickup are available from participating Chicken Treat locations throughout the United States, Canada.


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