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Chili’s Happy Hour Times – Chili’s American restaurant and bar is a great place to enjoy American-style food with great drinks. They offer grilled food and many drinks, including cocktails and mojitos.
Chili’s Grill and Bar is one of the most well-known and frequented American chain restaurants. Chili’s restaurants offer the best deals available to customers during Chili’s Happy Hours. For dinner, lunch, or just a craving for snacks, Chili’s is the spot to be.

This article will explain all you need to know regarding Chili’s Happy Hour time slots, menu, and costs. If you’re a frequent patron at Chili’s, you are able to visit the restaurant during happy hours and get the same menu, however at a lower price.

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Chili’s restaurants are well-known for their beautiful interiors.

However, they can be quite expensive like many multi-cuisine restaurants. This should not discourage you from checking out their food menu. You’ll find delicious food and many promotions to get you back. Chili’s Happy hour is one such. Like every restaurant, Happy Hour offers food and drink at half price.

How will Chili’s Happy Hour begin? What is the menu item during Happy Hour? What are the costs of drinks and food during Happy Hour? Let’s look at more.

What time is Chili’s Happy Hour?

The best aspect of Chili’s happy hour policy is that it runs for around 4 hours every day, which isn’t typically the case in other eateries. The hours begin at 3 p.m. in the afternoon and last until 7 pm at night. However, this schedule of happy hours is only available on weekdays, which is Monday through Friday.

Chili’s Happy Hour

Week of the Day

Opening Time

Closing Time

Monday 3 P.M 7 P.M and 9 P.M
Tuesday 3 P.M 7 P.M and 9 P.M
Wednesday 3 P.M 7 P.M and 9 P.M
Thursday 3 P.M 7 P.M and 9 P.M
Friday 3 P.M 7 P.M

But, you can also take advantage of drinks at the Bar as well as enjoy discounts on food and snacks during this time.

If you are unable to take advantage of the discount due to working hours, don’t be concerned. There is another happy hour that is often referred to in the form of “Late Night Happy Hour”.

Does Chili’s offer late-night Happy hour?

Chili’s late-night happy hour starts at 9 PM at night and lasts until the closing of the outlet. If you live located in one of the states that have a prohibition on alcohol at specific times during the day, be sure to check for the hours of happy hour in your state, since the stores do not offer any alcohol at all.

 Chili’s Late Night Happy Hour

Days Of The Week

Late Night Happy Hours

Monday to Thursday

09:00 PM to close

There aren’t any Happy Hour times on Saturdays, however with any of Chili’s American Bar restaurants.

chili’s happy hour menu

Cheesecake Factory Menu

Food Items

Regular Price

Sweet Potato Fries
Skillet Queso
Fried Chips & Salsa
Texas Cheese Fries
Crispy Cheddar Bites
Awesome Blossom Petals
Jumbo Soft Pretzels
Fresh Guacamole
White Spinach Queso
Southwest Egg rolls
Buffalo Wings



Regular Price

Small Domestic Draft Beer
Well Drinks
Large Domestic Draft Beer
House Wines
Small Premium Draft Beer
Long Island tea
Large Premium Draft Beer
Presidente Margarita
Margarita of the month

Margarita for the month is a special option from Chili’s, where you can purchase any of the many traditional flavors of Margarita for only $5. 5.00 during Happy Hour.

A few of the most popular flavors of Margarita are :

  • Crown Apple Crisp
  • The Lucky Jameson
  • The 1800- Stay Clay ‘Rita
  • Tequila Trifecta
  • The Straw-Eddy ‘Rita
  • Grand Sunset ‘Rita
  • The Fangtastic Rita
  • Jack Apple ‘Rita
  • The Spider Bite ‘Rita
  • Black Cherry Blitz ‘Rita
  • The Blackberry Tito-Rita

The Margarita that is currently featured this month is the Jack Apple Rita which is an amalgamation of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Apple, Lunazul Blanco Tequila, Fresh Sour, and Triple Sec.

Chili’s Restaurant store locator:

chili’s near me

It’s easy to find the closest store by following the link above. Simply type in the Zip code and you’ll get an inventory of shops that are nearby.

They also offer information such as store hours, Happy hour timings, information on drinks specials, as well as directions to the location.

Chili’s Happy Hour ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Why is it called chilis?

Chili’s was in the spirit of an annual chili cookoff at Terlingua, Texas, in 1967. The event included a young entrepreneur called Larry Lavine, who was motivated to create a chili recipe of his own. He is 1975, he opened the initial Chili’s located in Dallas.

What’s the plural of chili? 

In the case of chili or the popular food that’s typically made from beans and meat, it’s called chili. The plural of chili is chilies. As an example: “Some cooks like to use extra-hot chilies in their chili.”

Do they have baked potatoes at Chili’s?

Chili’s Baked Potato Soups are averaging between 237 and 471 calories, based on the type of soup you select. Select from the choices below to view the complete information on nutrition, ingredients as well as allergen information.

Is chilis a franchise?

The Chili’s franchise network has around 1,600 franchises across the globe with around 60 percent of which are corporation-owned, and 40% have franchises. The majority of Chili’s franchises are U.S.-based However, the company has been expanding into markets outside of the U.S.

Is chili’s International?

  Chili’s Grill & Bar is the most popular brand of Dallas-based Brinker International, known as a leader for casual eating. Chili’s is a great place to dine with an active atmosphere as well as a distinctively fresh and exciting mix of grilled American dishes at over 1,400 locations across 26 countries.

What is the English of Mirchi?

  /mica/ mn. chili countable noun. Chilies are tiny red or green seed pods with an intense, spicy flavor.

What is British chili?

The word “chili” is used in American English, “chili” is the most popular spelling for hot peppers, as well as the hotdog and stew topping. For British English, the preferred spelling is “chili.” In Spanish-spoken regions and countries of the US, “chile” is the most commonly used spelling.


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