Get Special Prices For Early Bird Show Times At Cinemark 2022

Cinemark Ticket Prices According to the official documents, Cinemark was founded in the year 1977. Many patrons will remember the cinemas’ appearance in the year 1983, or perhaps 1984. This isn’t a big deal now. What is more important to many people is the fact that Cinemark theaters are usually located in malls, making them easy to find.

The costs are quite high however the facilities and the latest technology make a visit worth it. You’ll be sure you’re having an enjoyable time once you walk into the theatres and take in their Art Deco interior design.

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Below are estimates of Cinemark ticket costs.



Morning Showtimes

Adult – Standard – Morning $4.25
Child (1-11) – Standard – Morning $4.25
Senior (62+) – Standard – Morning $4.25
Student – Standard – Morning $4.25

Noon Showtimes

Adult – Standard – Noon $4.75
Child (1-11) – Standard – Noon $4.50
Senior (62+) – Standard – Noon $4.75

Afternoon Showtimes

Adult – Standard – Afternoon $6.00
Child (1-11) – Standard – Afternoon $4.50
Senior (62+) – Standard – Afternoon $4.75
Student – Standard – Afternoon $4.75

Evening Showtimes

Adult – Standard – Evening $6.75
Child (1-11) – Standard – Evening $4.50
Senior (62+) – Standard – Evening $4.75
Student – Standard – Evening $4.75

RealD 3D

Morning Showtimes

Adult – RealD 3D – Morning $6.50
Child (1-11) – RealD 3D – Morning $6.50
Senior (62+) – RealD 3D – Morning $6.50

Noon Showtimes

Adult – RealD 3D – Noon $7.00
Child (1-11) – RealD 3D – Noon $6.75
Senior (62+) – RealD 3D – Noon $7.00

Afternoon and Evening Showtimes

Adult – RealD 3D – Afternoon and Evening $9.00
Child (1-11) – RealD 3D – Afternoon and Evening $6.75
Senior (62+) – RealD 3D – Afternoon and Evening $7.00
Student – RealD 3D – Afternoon and Evening $7.00


Afternoon Showtimes

Adult – D-Box – Afternoon $11.00
Child (1-11) – D-Box – Afternoon $9.50
Senior (62+) – D-Box – Afternoon $9.75
Student – D-Box – Afternoon $9.75

Evening Showtimes

Adult – D-Box – Evening $11.75
Child (1-11) – D-Box – Evening $9.50
Senior (62+) – D-Box – Evening $9.75
Student – D-Box – Evening $9.75

RealD 3D and D-Box

Noon Showtimes

Adult – RealD 3D andD-Box – Noon $12.00
Child (1-11) – RealD 3D andD-Box – Noon $11.75
Senior (62+) – RealD 3D andD-Box – Noon $12.00

Evening Showtimes

Adult – RealD 3D andD-Box – Evening $14.00
Child (1-11) – RealD 3D andD-Box – Evening $11.75
Senior (62+) – RealD 3D andD-Box – Evening $10.50
Student – RealD 3D andD-Box – Evening $12.00


Seat reservations online are accessible, but you’ll need to still wait in line for tickets if you’re traditional. Be aware that regardless of how you book your tickets, they’ll be the same price. You can also select your seats. Once you are in the theater, staff members will assist you in finding your seats.

The theatres are spacious enough that they are as modern-day stadiums. They have an HD screen is massive and the sound system is so clean that you’d think Cinemark has collaborated with audiophiles with particular nuances in order to achieve the audio quality.


The theaters are extremely clean with ample space even in a packed theater. The seats can recline completely and the feeling of these seats is heavenly. Cup cups and armrests are spacious for extra space. There’s plenty of legroom, as well as a footrest.

The films that are shown in Cinemark theaters tend to be popular Hollywood blockbusters. However, every now and again there are also art-house movies to expand your worldview.

To find a Cinemark near you visit Cinemark’s site on their official web page.

More about Cinemark

Although most cinemas have increased ticket prices significantly the Cinemark ticket prices have been as low as is possible in most theaters. People who go to afternoon films will pay less for Cinemark tickets that begin starting at $5.75 per ticket as well as $6.00 for adults.

In the evening, tickets for children start at priced at $6.75 and Cinemark tickets for adults are $9.25. Additional charges are applicable for movies that are in 3D and in-seat dining and premium seating provides varying costs.

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The cost of tickets to Cinemark and concessions items can be reduced by taking part in their numerous promotions. The Cinemark tickets are discounted on senior or discount days (the dates vary depending on the location) and some participating locations offer discounts for military and student members. Tickets for Cinemark are discounted for locations participating in family Mondays, which offer families with three or more members a discounted price to see family-friendly films. Coupons can also be found on the website of the company that is able to be used to obtain discounts on Cinemark tickets and concession items.

For more information, visit Cinemark the official site click here.

Cinemark Prices

Reader VoiceTicket Price Reports from Our Readers

This section is designed for our readers to discuss the price of tickets they have found in theatres.

This is not a place to discuss general issues with the theater (for such comments, see our reader comments webpage). If you have experienced a problem with the theater, we suggest you reach out to the theater by using the contact information listed that is on their Contact Info page. Theaters are generally eager to hear from their patrons.

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Reader Voice Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is AMC same as Cinemark?

AMC is the market leader in screens both in The United States and Europe. For Europe and the United States, Cinemark has 331 theaters for movies and 4,517 screens spread across 42 states. Cinemark is the largest cinema within Latin America, with 202 screens and 1,457 theaters across 15 countries within the region.

Is Cinemark account free?

Movie Fan offers a free membership tier within the Cinemark Movie Rewards loyalty program. Members of the Movie Fan program get one point for every dollar which they can redeem within the Rewards Center, online and through the app, for concessions, movie ticket credits, discounts (certain restrictions apply) and movie-related merchandise.

How do I cancel Cinemark?

Contact us at 1-800-Cinemark, or sign in to your Cinemark account online and visit Click on to the “Manage Your Membership” section toward the bottom and then click “Cancel Membership” to cancel. Any credits that are not used Movie Club credits expire six months after your cancellation date.

Is Cinemark the same as Regal?

The two largest companies in this industry comprise Regal Entertainment Group (NYSE: RGC) and Cinemark Holdings ( CNK -1.91 percent ). Regal Entertainment Group operates motion picture theaters throughout the United States, including Regal Cinemas, United Artists theaters as well as Edwards cinemas.

What day is the cheapest to go to the movies?


Cheap movie tickets!

Tuesday is the only day in the week you can purchase matinee tickets on evenings. In fact, the majority of discount or “dollar”, theatres have lower prices than. This page offers (almost) all tickets for the movie chains on Tuesdays.

How do I save money on Cinemark?

  1. Join Cinemark Movie Club To Receive Special Discounts and More. Join Movie Club for 20 percent off concessions, no online charges and one 2-D ticket per month and much more.
  2. Supersavers. Fantastic for saving on concessions and tickets. …
  3. Early Bird. …
  4. Discount Tuesdays. …
  5. Senior Day. …
  6. Student Discount. …
  7. Military Discount. …
  8. Reel Family Time.

What does matinee mean for movie tickets?

matinee Add to the list matinee Add to list. A performance that takes place in the afternoon is known as an afternoon matinee, similar to an matinee performance of a play which begins at 2 at two. … In many cities, going to a matinee movie is an option to save some money as it’s less expensive than the cost of a ticket for a nighttime show.

What is XD movie?

The XD is the abbreviation in for Extreme Digital cinema. The XD is different from any other local cinema. The silver screen in the XD runs from floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall.