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Cineplex Ticket Prices 2022

Cineplex Ticket Prices is one of the most well-known cinema companies in Canada. It has around 160 cinemas throughout the country, and its headquarters is located in Toronto, Ontario.

The company itself has experienced many changes in ownership as well as names, including its previous titles, Cineplex Galaxy Income Fund and Galaxy Entertainment Inc.

Its Cineplex Cinemas is its primary brand. However, Cineplex Entertainment LP is the company’s operating subsidiary and has various other brands, including Cineplex Odeon Galaxy Cinemas, and Cineplex VIP Cinemas.

There are also a variety of entertainment brands that fall under its umbrella, like Player One Amusement Group and Xscape Entertainment Center, in addition to restaurant brands such as Poptopia or OutTakes.

Cineplex Ticket Prices

Below is the approximate Cineplex ticket cost.



Children (ages 3-13)$7.99 – $8.99
Adults (ages 14 & up)$10.99 – $12.99
Seniors (ages 65+)$8.50 – $10.50


Children (ages 3-13)$6.75 – 7.99
Adults (ages 14 & up)$6.75 – 7.99
Seniors (ages 65+)$6.75 – 7.99
Children (ages 3-13)$10.99 – $12.99
Adults (ages 14 & up)$14.25 – $16.50
Seniors (ages 65+)$11.50 – $13.50


Children (ages 3-13)$9.75 – $10.99
Adults (ages 14 & up)$9.75 – $10.99
Seniors (ages 65+)$9.75 – $10.99


Children (ages 3-13)$12.99
Adults (ages 14 & up)$19.99
Seniors (ages 65+)$13.50


Children (ages 3-13)$11.50
Adults (ages 14 & up)$14.99
Seniors (ages 65+)$11.50


Adults (ages 14 & up)$19.99
Seniors (ages 65+)$19.99


Adults (ages 14 & up)$14.99
Seniors (ages 65+)$14.99


Children (ages 3-13)$11.99 – $12.99
Adults (ages 14 & up)$15.99 – $16.50
Seniors (ages 65+)$12.50 – $13.50


Children (ages 3-13)$10.99
Adults (ages 14 & up)$10.99
Seniors (ages 65+)$10.99


Children (ages 3-13)$17.99 – $18.50
Adults (ages 14 & up)$13.99 – $14.99
Seniors (ages 65+)$14.50 – $15.50


Children (ages 3-13)$12.99
Adults (ages 14 & up)$12.99
Seniors (ages 65+)$12.99


Children (ages 3-13)$16.99
Adults (ages 14 & up)$20.99
Seniors (ages 65+)$17.5.0


Children (ages 3-13)$15.99
Adults (ages 14 & up)$15.99
Seniors (ages 65+)$15.99


Children (ages 3-13)$19.99 – $20.99
Adults (ages 14 & up)$23.99 – $24.50
Seniors (ages 65+)$20.50 – $21.50


Children (ages 3-13)$18.99
Adults (ages 14 & up)$18.99
Seniors (ages 65+)$18.99


Children (ages 3-13)$19.99 – $20.99
Adults (ages 14 & up)$23.99 – $24.50
Seniors (ages 65+)$20.50 – $21.50


Children (ages 3-13)$18.99
Adults (ages 14 & up)$18.99
Seniors (ages 65+)$18.99

History of Cineplex Theatres

The story of Cineplex’s origins isn’t that of a single company, but of many. One of its first connections is to Famous Players Film Corporation.

Famous Players Film Corporation officially started in 1912. Famous Players would continue to operate as one of the top theater chains while remaining an affiliate of Paramount Pictures.

Paul Nathanson, the son of the Canadian purchaser of Famous Player’s Canadian subsidies, opened the Odeon Theatres of Canada in 1941. Odeon later joined Canadian Theatres in 1979.

Through these acquisitions, Famous Players and Canadian Odeon Theatres were owned by a single-parent corporation and were known as “the Famous Players/Odeon monopoly of the Canadian film industry.

On the other hand, it was Cineplex Theatres that began operations in April of 1979. For a time, Cineplex fought the Famous Players-Canadian Odeon combination. Then, Cineplex would acquire Canadian Odeon Theatres, and form Cineplex Odeon Corporation. Cineplex Odeon Corporation.

movie cineplex

The year 2003 saw Galaxy Entertainment merge with Cineplex Odeon, creating Cineplex-Galaxy. Another major merger took place in 2005 when Viacom bought Famous Players to Cineplex-Galaxy, which brought all the major theatre chains into one: Cineplex, Odeon, Galaxy as well as Famous Players were all one major chain today.

In light of this, the Cineplex-Galaxy rebranded its name to Cineplex Entertainment and is the official name used by the company until the present. There are over 160 theatres across Canada which means that the corporation provides catering to more than 71 million people every year.

Cineplex Theatres Innovations

AMC Theatres was the first to launch the concept of a multiplex theater, but at the time they needed to purchase several buildings and join them to create one complex.

Cineplex was able to solve this issue by creating a multi-screen facility of their own and became an original multiplex within Canada.

Cineplex is also among the few venues that have VIP theaters as well as UltraAVX and UltraAVX, which are both superior options to the usual theatre experience.

UltraAVX specifically offers superior audio quality with the 7.1 Dolby Digital system and it also has seating that is larger and more comfortable with additional space.

cineplex ticket price

Although Cineplex is a vast collection of acquired theatre chains it continues to operate several locations that operate under its Galaxy Entertainment name as well as Famous Players, keeping the tradition of its predecessors.

In the last few days, Cineplex and its new CEO, Ellis Jacob, have been hailed for being an example of the most innovative innovation leaders in Canada because of their association with SCENE which is a brand new loyalty program that is akin to those of Cineplex, which is a part of the AMC theater chain.

With the latest Cineplex mobile app, you are able to purchase tickets online. All you have to show the ticket’s digital image from your smartphone, making Cineplex an eco-friendly business that is slowly shifting away from paper tickets.

How Much Do Cineplex Theatre Tickets Cost?

If you’re looking to watch an upcoming film, the first thing you consider is the cost of the ticket. It’s good news, Cineplex tickets for movies are extremely affordable. You can search for Cineplex prices online. You can as well purchase Cineplex movie tickets on the official site.

You can also make use of both traditional gift cards and electronic ones to make buying tickets simpler. Since it’s in the 21st Century, a mobile application is essential to stay ahead of the game that allows users to check the times of a movie and buy tickets using their mobile phones.

The app isn’t the only thing that’s great The app doesn’t add any additional fees for service over the cost of the ticket, offers exclusive information on the most recent trailers’ film footage and interviews, and is accessible in French! Find more information about the application here.

As we’ve mentioned, there’s a Rewards program SCENE which earns you points on every purchase including tickets, concessions, and tickets. The main benefits of joining the program include:

Learn more about the advantages and join SCENE today!.

cineplex movie times

eSports at Cineplex

Cineplex is among the first chain of cinemas worldwide to show games played by video on the large screen. It’s a clever move by the company, too.

eSports is among the fastest-growing industries worldwide and its revenue grew by 40% in the year 2016 to $463 million. It is expected to grow over the next few years and with projections of revenues reaching a staggering $1.1 billion by the year 2019… Cineplex has aspired to maximize the benefits of this market.

They regularly organize tournaments and screen them in select places. At the time of writing the event that will be next will be part will be the Canadian Championship of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare set for the 26th of March, 2017. Tickets are available at a bargain price of $9.50 for general admission and $40 for a fan experience that comes with several amazing benefits.

For more details on the past and future eSports events at Cineplex For more information, please visit this link.

Group Events

The most distinctive occasions at any cinema could be seen at Cineplex. They are able to host typical cinema events like birthday events, private screenings school excursions, corporate events as well as fundraisers. However, it’s more fun of the various types of occasions you could have.

Xscape Events are set to be a memorable event that guests will be talking about for many years to follow. Here’s an overview of what you can anticipate from Cineplex’s site:

It is packed with more than 80 of the newest interactive games! Play Card to play online bowling, or some cool sports items! Reserved Party Suite! A dedicated host for your party! Party Food! Chance to win amazing prizes and more!

It sounds pretty awesome! It’s a great way to pass your afternoon or evening.

The next event will be more amazing. We’ll bet you’ll recognize what kind of event it is based on the title Xbox Big Screen Parties. Xbox Big Screen Events.

Yes, you can take your gaming experience up a notch and play on your opponents on the largest screens the globe offers, just at Cineplex. The cinema is full with your own space for up to two minutes of playing. There’s even Live available in case you decide to play online.


Cineplex is a chain of theatres that has the benefit of a long history that spans over 100 years. Through the years of its experiences under various owners, various names, and various strategies, it has been one of the most renowned theatre companies in Canada. Being able to commemorate over 100 years in business is a feat on its own.

If you’re in search of cheap Cineplex prices for movie tickets or need to know about the latest movies this website will be always accessible.

If you’re heading off on the weekend, or you’re out with your family and friends Why not spend your time watching a movie at the closest Cineplex close to you!

For more details about Cineplex, you can visit the site on their official web page.

Cineplex Youtube Video

FAQs – Cineplex Prices

How much do movie tickets cost?

Regal Ticket Prices

Movies (matinee)
Children (<11 years)$10.00 – $13.00
Adults$10.50 – $13.50
Seniors (ages 60+)$10.00 – $13.00

How can I get cheap Cineplex tickets?

  • Here are a few ways to cut down my expenses from going to movies:
  • Purchase discounted tickets to movies or bundles through Costco or other organizations.
  • Make use of the promotions available for Hollywood Movie Money.
  • Visit on discount times (Tuesdays) or in less expensive theatres.
  • Purchase your tickets online to receive additional SCENE points.

How much are Cineplex tickets on Tuesday?

While Cineplex theaters differ in the admission costs across the nation, however, the cost of a Tuesday night ticket typically is about $7.99.

How much are movie tickets at Redbank?

Three locations are located within the heart of the city: Balmoral, Hawthorne, and South Bank. Cineplex also has several scattered throughout Victoria Point, Nerang, and Redbank.

Cineplex Ticket Prices (AUS)

Deluxe Kids/Family (Redbank)
Children (ages 2-12)$6.50

How much do movie tickets cost in 2022?


YearAvg. Price

Where can I get cheap movie tickets?

In this regard We have compiled eight ways to save on tickets to movies:

  1. Click the banner below to find local deals on local movies on our website.
  2. Purchase a dinner-and-a-movie package.
  3. Take a trip for a matinee.
  4. Look for senior discounts.
  5. Find a discount for students.
  6. Browse discount movie ticket apps like Dealflicks.

How can I get free Cineplex movie tickets?

Redeem Points

You can redeem 1,250 SCENE points to get admission to the General Admission for FREE or a 3D movie ticket*! This is how: Present your card SCENE at the theater’s box office. Get your ticket online at

How much are Cineplex tickets at Costco?

The Costco Cineplex movie tickets A Great Escape – movie offer is at $29.99 and includes 2 tickets to the general admission film two regular drinks, and.


Does Cineplex still have cheap Tuesdays?

Every Tuesday on Tuesdays, all Cineplex theaters will offer reduced admission tickets! Additionally, SCENE members save an additional 10 percent. Are you not a SCENE member? Join free at!

Can I bring food into the cineplex?

Do I have to carry my personal food to the theater? There is no outside food or drinks in our auditoriums unless you bring water bottles that can be reused.

Where does movie ticket money go?

The majority of the money the theater earns from ticket sales goes back to the studio that produced the film. The studio leases a film to your local theatre for a specific duration of duration. For the first few weeks of the movie’s showing in the theater, the theater itself will only keep around 20% to 25 percent of the total green.

Are movie tickets cheaper online?

It’s convenient to purchase tickets online and convenient, isn’t it? But you’re charged an amount for convenience. Booking sites typically charge anywhere from around $1-$2 to use their service, which makes the cost of your tickets much more costly. If you’re looking to secure tickets for an exciting movie ahead of time go straight into the theater and do not have to pay additional charges.


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