Costco Cakes Menu with Prices & Sizes 2023 Updated

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If you need a delicious cake for your next event, Costco is the best place for cakes. And there are many different cakes to choose from.This post gives you lots of information about Costco cake menu with prices and best designs for birthdays, baby showers, graduation parties and other events.

This guide tells you everything you need to know about the Costco Cakes Menu with Prices, along.

Costco Cakes Menu with Prices

Costco Cakes Prices and Sizes

Prices and sizes of Costco cakes vary, but most of the time, Costco cakes are cheaper than cakes from most other places. Costco cakes are also usually a lot bigger than most shop cakes.

This is a good choice if you have a big party or want to save cash on your cake. Since the Costco cakes are just so big, you often need to order them further in advance. So if you want a Costco cake, be sure to prepare ahead!

The shop has a wide range of cakes, some of which are surprisingly cheap. And Costco is the best place to go if you want a big cake. Check the prices and sizes below to determine what will work for your event.

Amazing Costco Cakes Flavors

People often buy Costco cakes for birthday celebrations and other festivities. There are many flavours to choose from in the store, such as chocolate, vanilla, etc.

For an 8-inch cake, prices start at $19.99. Costco also sells personalised cakes that are made unique by adding pictures and words.

The primary flavours of Costco cakes

  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate

Costco Cakes Menu with Prices

Costco Round Cheesecakes Menu

Costco Round Cheesecakes Menu

Round Cake (Eg: Key Lime Cake) 68 o.z $11.99
Costco Round Cheese Cake 72 o.z $12.99
Costco Specialty Round Cake (E.G Topped With Strawberries) 76 o.z $16.99
Costco Cinnamon Butter Pound Cake 44 o.z $6.99

Costco Bar Cakes Menu

Costco Bar Cakes Menu

Costco Bar Cake (E.G: Tuxedo Chocolate Mousse, Fruit Toppped Vanilla Mousse) 42 o.z $15.99

Special Occasion Sheet Cake

Special Occasion Sheet Cake

Full Sheet Double Layered $18.99

Costco Cakes FAQs

Q. How to order a cake from Costco?

➡ Since they don’t offer online ordering, they ask that you purchase your cake from the Costco warehouse bakery near you.

Please remember that you must fill out an order and give them two days’ notice before delivery or delivery. This is so that they can figure out which flavour combinations work best.

Q. Do you order a Costco cake online? 

➡ Most people want to know if they can purchase a Costco cake online. You can’t order Costco cakes online, so the answer is no.

We at the Costco bakery need you to understand that there is no way to order a cake online. This is because they need a strict two-day notice and order forms for bakers’ needs. All of this is to make sure you are happy!

Q. What size cake can you get at Costco?

➡ Sheet cakes at Costco only come in one size, 12″ x 16″. (which is a half-sheet cake).

In Conclusion

In this blog, I’ve done my best to provide complete details regarding the Costco Cakes Menu and Prices. Please leave a comment if you have any queries about this article.

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