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Costco Wholesale Corporation has built a solid reputation as a high-quality wholesaler with warehouses that stock a wide range of different products.

It has been known for its outlet stores, which sell top brands at lower prices than retail shops and wholesalers. Costco is a fierce competitor in wholesale and retail since 1983 when its founders Jeffrey Brotman (James Sinegal) opened the Seattle branch.

Since opening its first store, Costco has grown to several countries around the globe and is currently the second-largest global wholesale and retail company in 2015. Costco eventually expanded its catering service to include a variety of menu options.

Costco Catering Menu 2022costco catering menu prices

Item price
Pizza By the Slice $1.99
18″ Pizza Fully Cooked $9.95
Hot Dog-Comes with 20oz drink-Free Refills $1.50
Polish Sausage-Comes with 20oz drink-Free Refills $1.50
Italian Sausage $2.79
Chicken Bake $2.99
BBQ Brisket Sandwich $4.99
Hot Turkey & Provolone Sandwich $3.99
Chicken Caesar Salad $3.99
Berry Smoothie $1.50
Latte Mocha Freeze $1.50
Berry Sundae $1.65
Chocolate Vanilla Yogurt Swirl $1.35
Churro $1
20 oz Soda Free Refills $0.59

costco menu price

Pros of Costco Catering

Costco offers limited selections, but customers appreciate the high-quality food and affordable price.

Many of their products are available at the Costco Food Court inside the warehouse. The warehouse offers convenience to shoppers, as they don’t need to eat out at expensive restaurants when they’re nearby.

This menu is available to cater to orders, but it’s also available to shoppers who just want to relax after shopping for long hours.

How to Order from Costco Catering

Costco doesn’t just sell office and household products. Costco is known for offering many different food options to suit everyone’s needs.

Costco Deli Platter – This Costco Deli Platter includes an Assorted Hye Roller Platter, Prawn Platter, Sandwich Platter, and Chicken Wings Platter.

The ordering process is also simple. Visit Costco’s official site for deli departments and look under the “Order” tab. The platter options will appear. Customers need to click on the desired platter and provide the quantity.

The delivery details should also be included. After the information sheet is complete, placing the order can be made. Orders can be placed via telephone call or personal visit at any Costco Food Court.

Customers are advised to place an order at least 48 hours before the event. The company will provide fresh, delicious food to customers. Customers should allow plenty of time for preparations. Customer must contact their preferred store as soon as possible to cancel orders.

Costco Catering Reviews

Costco catering offers a range of delicious and affordable options that allow hosts to make elegant choices for their guests at any occasion or party. Costco caterers offer a wide range of tasty and healthy options that are sure be a hit with guests.

The Prawn Platter averages $50 and can be enjoyed by eight people. It includes a delicious sauce and fresh lemon cut. You can also enjoy bite-sized sandwiches of cheese or ham sandwiches for $30.

Costco offers two popular platters that are great for those who don’t like sandwiches: the Chicken Wings plate and the Hye Roller plate. The Chicken Wings Platter is 3kg of chicken wings that can be served to at least 15 people. On average, it will cost $12 per kilo

Hye Rolling Platter is ideal for large parties and events. The platter is less than $40 and contains 40 rolled pieces made with different cheese combos.

Costco’s bestseller platters aside, the company’s appetizers never disappoint. Costco also offers fruit trays and pastry that are available for an average of $15

Costco Catering Delivery and Hours, and Company Information

Costco Catering hours and delivery options: Costco currently offers catering delivery within Australia. Costco customers in the United States do not have delivery options. Customers should visit a Costco location, preferably during Costco deli opening hours. Costco deli hours run Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 9 pm, with a slightly shorter time on Sunday.

Costco Company Info: Costco, which is headquartered in the USA, has hundreds of members-only warehouses across the globe. Costco is the number one seller of organic foods, prime beef, rotisserie chicken, wine, and other products. The company currently operates approximately 750 warehouses with over 500 based in the United States. Additional locations are also available in Canada and Mexico, Mexico, Australia, Japan, and South Korea. Taiwan, Australia, Australia, and many other parts of Europe.

Costco was started in 1983. A large company called Price Club created the model. It was then that Costco was bought out. They charged a fee annually to members for large goods that were heavily discounted (warehouse price). Sam’s club is owned by Walmart.

If you aren’t sure if you want to buy a membership or not, Costco can let you enter their stores without you needing one.


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