Costco Chicken Prices 2023 with Calories Guide

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Rotisserie chickens from Costco have become famous. The whole chickens, which are offered under the franchise’s brand Kirkland Signature, are incredibly good, wildly popular, and quite affordable. In fact, at just $5, they can be more affordable than a whole, uncooked fowl.

costco chicken

Does Costco Have the best Chicken Prices?

You’ll find that Costco isn’t always going to be the lowest when you price shop. Costco is frequently undercut by grocery stores, and if a certain chicken cut is a weekly special, it may be far less expensive.

Breast Tenderloins$2.99/lb
Boneless Skinless Thighs$2.79/lb
Bone-In Skin On Thighs$.99/lb
Boneless Skinless Breasts (Air Chilled)$2.99/lb


Boneless Skinless Thighs$5.49/lb
Boneless Skinless Breasts$5.99/lb

Costco Quality

The chicken from my neighbourhood grocery store didn’t look or taste as delicious. The chicken was not butchered as neatly as it was at Costco, and the parts were smaller and more unkempt appearing.


It differs significantly from what you would typically find in a grocery shop. Costco distributes its fresh chicken in distinctive and adaptable packaging as opposed to most supermarkets, who sell it in foam trays that are plastic-wrapped.

Costco’s chicken packaging is unique and convenient

They split all of their fresh chicken parts into six separate pouches for each shipment. The chicken will be sliced into 6 pouches regardless of weight or cut (breast, drumstick, bone-in chicken thighs, wings, or tenderloins). When purchased, these pouches are all attached to one another but are easily ripped or severed from one another.

What is Air Chilled Chicken?

Chickens must be cooled to refrigerator temperatures after being slaughtered. The air-chilled nature of Costco’s fresh chicken is what makes it so exceptional. Many other supermarkets and shops cool their chicken parts by immersing them in chlorinated water to lower their internal temperature.


In our home, dark meat is preferred. It tastes better, in our opinion. You can choose to get the thighs with the skin and bone intact or skinless and boneless. Purchasing thighs without the skin or bones costs significantly more. Given how simple it is to remove the skin and bones, I generally don’t believe it’s worth it.

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