Costco King Crab Legs – Complete Guide

Costco King Crab Legs – Budget-Friendly?

Costco King Crab Legs- Do you love devouring Costco king crab legs? Do you want to know more about the best places to purchase crab legs and how to prepare delicious meals with them? Are you interested in knowing the price they are available at Costco? Find out more here.

Costco King crab legs are the best choice on special occasions, such as Thanksgiving or birthday celebrations. It’s the most delicious and simple dish to prepare for those who want to show off their cooking abilities in no time.

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It is less time-consuming in cooking than most seafood recipes, if the quality is high. So, make sure you purchase the highest-quality King crab. Costco King crab legs can be a bit costly however the quality makes up for the cost.

You can also purchase them at a low cost during sales. If you’re still thinking about whether you should buy Costco crab legs you should stop and get the crab legs. I guarantee you that you’ll be in love with them.

What are king crab legs?

The legs of King crabs are typically large and thick, with spikes running throughout the legs. They’re more substantial than the snow crab’s legs. The crab legs are larger (6 lbs.) when compared with snow crabs (2-4 lbs. ).

As opposed to snow crab legs which have legs that are elongated the King crab legs have long legs. Therefore, they require a cutting instrument to cut the legs. The meat is tender and soft and gives a great taste when cooked.

King crab legs from Alaska typically are red. They are therefore distinct from other kinds of crab legs. The red King crab legs are beneficial for health.

They are rich in trace minerals, such as Zn and P, as well as cobalamin (Vit B12). Similar to other meats, they don’t contain many saturated fats.

Does Costco have king crab legs?

There are always crab legs at the neighborhood Costco in any size and kind. Whatever time of the season it is you can find tiny as well as massive king crab legs at Costco. These tasty crab legs are an excellent delight that can make your gatherings more memorable.

How much do Costco crab legs cost?

Costco King crab legs prices differ based on the legs’ size and the pieces. Prices can also differ depending on what brand is used. Different brands available at Costco offer King crab legs that are sold at different price points. Defrosted, frozen, as well as cooked crab legs all are offered at Costco at different prices.

Wild-cooked white king crabs from Kirkland cost about $289.90. If you’re planning to buy the legs of a king crab along with claws, it will cost you around $28.99 for a pound. While the cost for a frozen 10 lb container of King crab leg from Costco is $290.

Where to Find Costco king crab legs?

When it is time for holidays or special events such as Christmas, they are located near the section for meat. Apart from that, there are also these Alaskan King crab legs in Costco in the form of the setting-up in the section for seafood.

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You’ll be able to locate the Alaskan King crabs at Costco each season. The only challenge you’ll need to overcome is finding the crabs at various locations within the Costco store. This is due to the fact the location of their display changes according to the season.

Costco crab legs are available in various boxes in different sizes. Smaller boxes of 3-4 lbs are available in the section of fresh meat. It is possible to purchase frozen and frozen legs of crab at Costco.

On days when demand is very high, they’re offered in small, tin-sized boxes. They’ve been frozen and frozen, and they can be purchased in the fresh seafood section.

In addition to celebrations, The need for the crab leg isn’t high. Therefore, they can be found at the seafood department that is frozen in huge box sizes of up to 10 pounds.

These huge boxes have not been yet frozen. Therefore, after purchasing the box, you must keep the 10-pound box of King crab legs Costco at the room temperature until they’ve removed from the freezer.

Why Alaskan king crab legs Costco are Unique?

They’re superior to snow crab legs due to their delicious texture and taste. Because the fishing experience within Alaska is only feasible for a short time span the crabs are caught wild legs. Fishing is possible in Alaska only during the fall and winter.

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Apart from that, the meat of King crab legs is more delicate and succulent compared to snow crabs which are found on the east coast. King crab legs will immediately boost your mood and appetite unless you’re vegetarian. Smirk!

King crab legs for sale Costco

Similar to everything else, Costco king crab legs cost has also increased because of the rising cost of living. In the off-season, the rates fluctuate based on the demand for crab legs of the king.

Internet purchasing could reduce the cost of King Crab legs when you use the coupon or other coupons online.

In-store you can save as much as 70% during the clearance sale times at Costco. This is the ideal moment to purchase and store your small and super huge king crab legs from Costco at a reduced price.

Are king crab legs pre-cooked?

The Costco King crab legs are pre-cooked prior to their delivery to retail stores and supermarkets. Following the harvest, the crabs are towed into the shipping vessels.

Then, the crab legs are prepared. The pre-cooking process preserves the original taste and texture. Costco King crab legs are cooked prior to cooking to stop them from degrading.

There is a good chance of them spoiling If they’re not cooked following thawing. Before freezing the legs of a king crab the crabs should be cooked prior to freezing before being kept inside the freezer. Remember that excessive cooking can make them dry and tough.

How to cook king crab legs from Costco?

They are fairly easy to cook as they are already cooked. All you have to do is cook them. It will improve their flavor and will make them more succulent.

It’s entirely your choice how you like to serve or eat King crab legs. They can be cooked by various methods like boiling, steaming or grilling. They can also be enjoyed cold. Make sure you defrost the legs of the king crab prior to eating them.

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If you like hot food and hot, you can warm your food items by steaming them at 350F. This can take between 10 and 15 minutes to bake in an oven.

They can also be cooked on a grilling skillet or on a Weber grill. Also, be sure to remove the meat and knuckles. Make sure to cook them properly as it may take minutes.

Try breaking your crab’s legs into various pieces with knives or scissors. You can isolate them around the joints and then cut them into pieces. This will make it easier to equally heat all of the pieces. The larger pieces will require longer to heat than the smaller ones to heat.

Make sure to cover all pieces of butter at least every two minutes. Butter will help moisten them and keep drying out. This can also improve the flavor and flavor of crab leg. It is also possible to use lemon slices to increase your crab leg’s flavor and flavor.

Do you heat king crab legs from Costco?

It’s all about your personal taste. Certain people like eating them straight from the shells after they’ve thawed. Some like to cook them by slapping them with lemon and butter. It increases their richness and enhances their flavor.

Costco King crab legs are cooked to perfection and are frozen. It is possible to reheat them using steam in a pan that has a steaming container with sufficient water. The boiling process creates heat. The boiling process also releases salt from it.

After steaming, it’s easier to separate the meat from the shell. Take pleasure in it by dipping it in butter. I guarantee it’s delicious.

How to make use of leftover Costco king crab legs?

Properly reheating leftover cooked king crab legs can assist you to ensure that they don’t be wasted. Simply follow the methods of reheating carefully to ensure that the meat doesn’t go too dry.

There are four different methods you can try to get the delightful flavor of the reheated Costco King crab legs. They include boiling baking, steaming, baking, and microwaving.


The most simple method to enjoy the King crab leg wrapped inside shells is to boil the legs in hot water. Add salt as desired and then bring the water up to boiling by turning the heat up to high.

When the water is boiling then add the crab leg pieces to the water. Make sure that the water is soaked in the crab leg pieces. Let them boil for 4 to 5 minutes. Remove them from the water and have a taste.


Another method of heating the crab legs of king crab is to bake their legs in an oven. This is a great method for defrosted and frozen crab legs.

All you need to do is put crab legs inside the glass baking container that is partially full of water. Wrap it in aluminum foil, and then poke small holes to let steam escape.

Put the baking dish in the heated (350F) oven to bake for approximately 20-25 minutes. King crab legs frozen in the freezer require more time to heat than ones that are thawed. After about 25 minutes remove your baking pan from oven, and serving the crab leg with butter.


The most simple and simplest way to enjoy the Costco King crab legs is to heat them for just two minutes. The crab legs are wrapped in a damp, paper towel.

Then, they are wrapped in plastic to keep them sealing the crab legs. They can be heated for two minutes in the microwave. Remove the wrap and enjoy the warm crab legs.


This process will only take about 7-8 minutes to cook the legs of king crab. Steaming makes them more delicious and juicy. This is the most effective method to improve the taste of crab legs.

Set up a steamer in an oven that is filled with two inches of water. Cover the pot and allow it to heat until it reaches a boil.

Then place the legs of the king crab into the steamer and cover the steamer with a lid. Make sure there is plenty of room between the container and the boiling water inside the pot. Take the crab legs out of the steamer using pincers, and take a bite too.

FAQs – Costco King Crab Legs recipe

How do you heat up king crab legs from Costco?

Instructions: Remove the legs of the crab from the packaging and cut them into pieces between the joints. Put the crab on the grill and let it cook until it’s hot (10-15 hours). You could also utilize a steamer, or bake the crab in an oven at 350F. Make use of scissors to break open the skin on the legs take the meat out and serve with butter melted along with lemon wedges.

How long do you steam Costco king crab legs?

Recipe Steamed King Crab Legs the crab legs into the pot and place them on an ice-cold rack or in a colander on hot water. Cover the lid with a lid, and cook for 6 to ten minutes up to the point that they are cooked. If they start to emit the “cooked odor,” they are ready to eat. Serve them with garlic butter, lemon wedges, and have fun!.

Are Costco king crab legs good?

First, the first of all, the frozen Costco King Crab Legs are DELISH, and If you’re considering buying the legs, you must definitely buy these! Crab legs are a nutritious protein that is lean and simpler to prepare than you imagine! I promise! They’re keto-friendly Low carb, good quality, and reasonable price in The King Crab Legs.

How do you cook precooked king crab legs?

Steaming Frozen, pre-cooked King Crab Legs Add 2 cups of water to a large steaming pan and bring the water to a boil. Place the crab legs into the steam pot’s insert, and place it inside the pot, above the water. Close the cover and let it sit for four minutes. Take the crab legs out of the pot. Enjoy!.

How do you cook Costco Dungeness crab?

Begin by placing your crab meat in a broiler-safe pan. After that, you need to add a small amount of butter or water to the pan to ensure that the crab meat stays soft and moist. Then, put the pan under the broiler. You will be able to cook your Costco Dungeness Crab in around 3 to five minutes.

How long are Costco crab legs good for?

Storage: The legs of a crab that has been frozen can be kept in the refrigerator for up to two days, however, they must be cooked the moment they’ve been defrosted, as soon as feasible.

Where does Costco get their king crab legs?

The crabs at Costco however, are cost-cutting Russian products from the far Barents Sea, where a Soviet-era effort to transplant King crabs has resulted in an exploding harvest in the 21st century. The Russian King crabs are larger on average in comparison to those of their Alaskan counterparts.

Do you need to thaw frozen crab legs before cooking?

Fresh crab legs can be cooked equally easily but take some extra effort. Before you cook or reheat crab legs, make sure to allow them to defrost. Thawing the crabmeat will ensure that it cooks evenly. You can defrost crabs in the fridge overnight (for approximately eight hours) or by pouring cool water on them.

How long should I boil king crab legs?

Steps Fill a large stockpot or Dutch oven with half full of water. Add salt and seafood seasoning. Then heat to boiling. Then add the crabs. Cook for 3 to 5 minutes or until they are cooked. Transfer with tongs to a serving plate. Serve warm with butter melted.

How much are king crab legs at Costco?

The legs of king crabs are priced at $1 less per pound at $38.99 approximately $390 for a box. Be aware that we have not seen the 10lb containers marked for an expiration date for defrosting. In general, Costco sells them the next day after they have been defrosted. However, please talk to an employee in the meat department prior to you purchasing them! Nov 22nd, 2022.

How do you cook frozen king crab legs?

When cooking crab legs that have been frozen We recommend you put them in a steamer or colander over boiling water that is rapidly boiling. Your pot must be one-third full with water. You’ll need to be able to wrap the dish in order to steam the chilled crab leg for around 10 minutes or until fully heated.

Why are king crab legs so expensive 2022?

Different crabs have different prices. Furthermore, because King crabs are large they can be dangerous to fishermen. This, in combination with their scrumptious flavor, makes them the most costly crabs available. For example, 10 lbs of king crabs can be priced at around $500.

How do you cook frozen king crab legs without a steamer?

All you need to do is place the water into a pan and put it on a rack inside your oven. After that, you simply need to heat your oven and let the water come to a boil. After that, it is time to place the crab legs into the pan, cover them with an oiled towel, and then switch the oven to bake mode to get the most optimal outcomes.

How do you reheat king crab legs in the oven?

Instructions: Preheat the oven to 350°F. Put crab leg on a baking sheet with a rim as well as water. The baking sheet should be covered with foil, then crimp the sides to form an unbreakable seal. Bake for approximately 10 minutes or until cooked (145 °C). Transfer the dish to a serving plate and serve with butter melted to dip and lemon wedges.

How do you heat up already cooked crab legs?

If you’re ready to cook, follow these steps Begin by wrapping your crab legs with aluminum foil and then double the foil so that it covers the sharp edges that poke out of the foil’s surface. Grill the crab legs over an indirect medium-high temperature for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then, move them around the heat for 3 to 5 minutes on each side.

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