Complete Costco Party Platters Menu


Are you Looking for a delicious and affordable way to feed a large group of people? Costco party platters Menu is the perfect solution! Featuring a variety of tasty options, you’re sure to find something to everyone’s liking.

Complete Costco Party Platters Menu 2023

Costco Party Platters Menu Prices

Costco Party Trays And Party PlattersCostco Platters Trays Serve withServesPrices
Prawn PlatterIt Comes With Cocktail Sauce.Serves 8 People49.98
Sushi PlatterSalmon, Spicy Tuna, Crispy Chicken And Vegetable TempuraServes 24 People36.99
Buffalo Wings Platter (Chilled)Comes With Blue Cheese Drip.Serves 15 People41.97
Costco Vegetable TrayCarrots, Broccoli, Grape Tomatoes, Snow Peas4 Lbs10.79
Assorted Hye Roller PlatterBeef & Cheese, Turkey & Cheese, Tomato & Cheese, Ham & Cheese40 Pieces39.99
Turkey & Swiss Roller WrapsTurkey & Swiss Wraps40 Pieces29.99
Decorated Sponge CakeChoose From White Or Chocolate Cake, With Raspberry Or Chocolate Filling And White Or Chocolate Whipping Cream Icing. Members Can Include A Customized Special Message Or Inscription.Serves 48 (2×2 Inches)27.98
Costco Fruit PlatterIncludes Seasonal FruitServes 2410.99
Costco Sandwich PlatterChicken Mayo, Egg Mayo, Roast Beef & Cheese, Ham & CheeseServes 10 People29.99
Costco Croissant Sandwich PlatterTurkey Breast, Ham, Roast BeefServes 10 People29.99

Costco Catering Platters

Platters from Costco Catering are the best way to feed a big group of people. Costco has many different kinds of platters, like the ones with fruit, cheese, meat, and vegetables.

There are also a variety of sandwiches, wraps, and sushi to choose from. The prices for the Costco Catering platters are fair, and they come in different sizes.

Different Types of Costco Catering Platters

A few types of Costco catering Platters are given below,

  • Costco Chicken Wing Platter
  • Costco Croissant Sandwich Platter
  • Costco Chicken & Swiss Rollers
  • Costco Shrimp Platter
  • Costco Meat & Cheese Platter
  • Costco Sushi Platter

Costco Party Platters Menu FAQs

Q. How do I order party platters from Costco?

If you’ve never ordered a platter, look for the “Order Party Platters Here” kiosk near the bakery or meat department. Just fill out the form and drop it through the hole. Or, you can call your local store and use the phone menu to find the deli.

Q. How many people does a Costco croissant sandwich tray feed?

$32.99 for a Croissant Sandwich Platter that serves 16–20 people. $32.99 gets you 20–24 Chicken & Swiss Rollers. Shrimp platter (for 20–24 people): $39.99.

Q. How many sandwiches do I need for 50 people?

As a general rule, you should order 1.5 sandwiches for each person. If you order a salad or a platter to go with it, the best amount is one sandwich per person.

In Conclusion

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this article and learning all about the Costco Party Platters Menu. It really is a good place for those of you that want to order a platter for a party. Have a fantastic day and we will see you later.


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