Costco Party Platters Menu Prices 2023 with Reviews

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Updated Costco Party Food Platters Menu

Costco Catering Platters Test: Are you Looking for an affordable and tasty method to feed a huge number of people? Costco platters for your party Menu are the best solution!

Offering a variety of delicious choices, you’ll discover something to please everyone.

Costco Party Food Platters Menu

In addition, Costco platters menu prices are unbeatable. It’s affordable to throw a lavish party that your guests will enjoy. Take a look at Costco’s menu for a party platter now!

You can pick from a variety of options, including veggie platters and chicken wings, cheese boards, and other options. Additionally, Costco party platter’s prices are unbeatable and you’ll get plenty of food value for your money.

Types of Costco Party Platters Menu with Prices

We’ve got the latest Costco platters for party menu items for 2023 listed here. If you’re looking for something basic or that’s a bit larger, we’ve got it covered.

Costco offers a variety of party platters that are ideal for any event. You can select from a variety of options for menus, including seafood, vegetarian, or meat-based platters.

Pricing starts at $22.99 The price starts at $22.99, which means you can quickly find the ideal option within your budget. So, what are you still Begin exploring the Costco menu for the party platter now!

  • Croissant Sandwich Platter (serves 16-20): $32.99
  • Chicken & Swiss Rollers (serves 20-24): $32.99
  • Shrimp Platter (serves 20-24): $39.99
  • Meat & Cheese Platter (serves 16-20): $26.99

Unbeatable Costco Platters Menu

Looking for an innovative and cost-effective way to provide catering at your next party? Consider looking no more to Costco Menu! Costco’s buffet menu offers everything for everyone and the cost-effective prices are unbelievably low.

Costco Platters Menu

If it’s a birthday celebration or wedding reception or luncheon for your business, Costco has the perfect platter for you. Find out more about their menus.

The wide variety of food available served on the plates is certain to satisfy anyone’s preferences and they can get a better deal by buying them at Costco.

You can select from a variety of platters, which include fish, Italian as well as international food. Whatever platter you pick is sure to be the talk of your next gathering!

Costco Party Platters Trays Menu Prices

Have you ever thrown a party and been required to cater for guests? If yes you may have thought about purchasing a platter for your party at Costco.

We will have a look at the prices on the menu for Costco’s platters for parties. We will give you some suggestions on how to select a good platter for your event.

So regardless of whether you are organizing your own small gathering or planning an important occasion, keep reading for details about Costco’s platters for parties!

Costco Party Trays And Party PlattersCostco Platters Trays Serve withServesPrices
Prawn PlatterIt Comes With Cocktail Sauce.Serves 8 People$49.98
Sushi PlatterSalmon, Spicy Tuna, Crispy Chicken, And Vegetable TempuraServes 24 People$36.99
Buffalo Wings Platter (Chilled)Comes With Blue Cheese Drip.Serves 15 People$41.97
Costco Vegetable TrayCarrots, Broccoli, Grape Tomatoes, Snow Peas4 Lbs$10.7

Costco Deli Platters Menu with Price 2023

Do you want to know what’s going available on Costco platters for 2023? Check no further! In this blog, we’ll give a thorough review of all the tasty meals that will be served in the coming year.

From desserts to appetizers There’s something for all! Make a note of your schedule and prepare to enjoy the best food available at Costco. You’ll be glad you did!

Are you curious about what’s available on the Costco platters menu in 2023? Check no further! In this blog, we’ll give a thorough outline of the many delicious meals that will be served in the coming year.

From snacks to desserts There’s something for all! Make a note of your schedule and prepare to indulge in delicious food at Costco. You’ll be glad you did!

Costco Deli Platters And Deli TraysCostco Deli Platters And Deli Trays Serve withSizesPrices
Assorted Hye Roller PlatterBeef & Cheese, Turkey & Cheese, Tomato & Cheese, Ham & Cheese40 Pieces$39.99
Turkey & Swiss Roller WrapsTurkey & Swiss Wraps40 Pieces$29.99

Costco Platters Menu Prices – Desserts Trays

For massive quantities of party and food supplies for a fraction of the price you’d spend elsewhere, Costco is a very well-known store. Check out the buffet options at Costco if you’re looking for a less expensive option for your upcoming event.

You can pick from a range of sizes and styles of platters, all at reduced prices. Therefore, whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering or a large-scale event, Costco has you covered.

Are you interested in knowing what the Costco platter menu costs? You’ve found precisely the best place. We’ll provide you with an overview of what meals are available, as well as what they cost.

So, whether you’re planning a celebration or simply looking for delicious food options, Costco has got you covered! Check out the information.

Costco Dessert Trays And Fruit PlattersCostco Dessert Trays And Fruit Platters serveServesPrices
Decorated Sponge CakeChoose From White Or Chocolate Cake, With Raspberry Or Chocolate Filling And White Or Chocolate Whipping Cream Icing. Members Can Include A Customized Special Message Or Inscription.Serves 48 (2×2 Inches)27.98
Costco Fruit PlatterIncludes Seasonal FruitServes 2410.99

Complete Costco Party Platters Menu 2023 USA with Prices & Serves

Costco is an excellent place to buy your party decorations! There is a wide selection of party platters you can pick from. The most impressive thing is the menu that changes each year.

Look out for our menus for the year 2023 to discover the variety of delicious choices that are available! No matter if you’re looking to find something traditional or something fresh, Costco has you covered.

Why not make use of the benefits of Costco catering services to throw a spectacular event? The guests will amaze!

Costco Party Platters MenuPlatters ServesCost per PersonPrices
Croissant Sandwich Platter16-20 People$2.00 – $2.50$39.99
Chicken and Swiss Platter20-24 People$1.67 – $ 2.00$39.99
Shrimp Platter20 – 24 People$1.67 – $2.00$39.99
Costco meat and cheese platter
16 – 20 People$1.35 – $1.69$26.99
Sushi Platter24 people$1.54$36.99
Chicken Wing Platter24 people$2.80$41.97

Costco Party Platters Menu 2023 Canada

Are you looking for a tasty and cost-effective method to provide food for a large group? Take a look out at Costco’s platters for parties menu! You can select from a wide range of choices, such as chicken wings, pizza, and sandwiches.

The prices start at just $10 for a platter. If you’re planning an event for a birthday or baby shower, or simply want an easy option for snacks, Costco has the perfect solution for you. Check out the entire menu and place your order now!

There’s no fact that Costco is an excellent place to buy platters to serve your guests at any time. However, with such a vast choice of food items to pick from it can be difficult to determine which is the most appropriate option for your next event.

This is why we’ve created an inventory of the top five Costco buffets for a party in 2023 Canada.

If you’re in the market for something traditional or slightly different, you’re bound to find it here!

What Platters does Costco have?

They always have great discounts on food and the environment is simply a blast. It is possible to can literally find everything at Costco and even dishes for your upcoming event!

We’ll review some of Costco’s most well-loved platters that Costco offers to offer. We’ll also give you some tips on how you can maximize Costco. Costco experience. Let’s get started!

Do Costco do Sandwich Platters?

Are you searching for an easy method for feeding a huge amount of people? Costco may be the best option! Costco Food Court offers sandwiches that are ideal for parties and gatherings.

You can select from a wide range of toppings and they’ll supply everything you’ll need to start your celebration. Find out how Costco’s sandwich plates and how can assist in making your next gathering an absolute success!

They offer everything from sandwiches to pizza and all are reasonably priced. In addition, the meals are consistently fresh and delicious.

Costco Food Court menu is the best choice to consider if you’re looking for an efficient method to feed a large number of people. Go to Costco today and go through and check out their menu! You’ll not be disappointed.

Costco Sandwich Platters And Sandwich TraysCostco Sandwich Platters Serve withServesPrices
Costco Sandwich PlatterChicken Mayo, Egg Mayo, Roast Beef & Cheese, Ham & CheeseServes 10 People29.99
Costco Croissant Sandwich PlatterTurkey Breast, Ham, Roast BeefServes 10 People29.99

 Review Costco Sandwiches 2023

Costco Sandwiches Trays Types

  1. Ham and cheese sandwiches served with mustard, mayo lettuce, tomato, and mayo served with a salad or a cup of fruit.
  2. Costco Roast Beef and Cheddar Sandwich platters featuring melted cheese, mayonnaise mustard, lettuce tomato, and pickles served on toasty bread.
Hot Turkey & Provolone SandwichOven-browned turkey, provolone, red onions, tomatoes, basil garlic, and mayo on a toasted torta roll
BBQ Beef Brisket SandwichUSDA Choice Beef Brisket, BBQ Sauce, Coleslaw
Italian Sausage SandwichRoasted peppers & onions

Variety of Costco Sandwiches Trays Prices with Serves

Costco Sandwiches Platters & Sandwich Trays MenuSandwich Platters ContainNo.of ServesPrices
Costco Sandwich PlatterChicken Mayo, Egg Mayo, Roast Beef & Cheese, Ham & CheeseServes 10 People$29.99
Costco Croissant Sandwich PlatterTurkey Breast, Ham, Roast BeefServes 10 People$29.99

Costco Breakfast Sandwiches in 2023

They are some of the Costco Breakfast sandwiches,

  1. egg and cheese English Muffin: This breakfast sandwich is made up of scrambled egg patties and slices of American cheese on a toasted English muffin.
  2. Sausage, egg cheese croissant: The sandwich consists of the sausage patty, scrambled egg patty, as well as an ounce of American cheese on a croissant that is buttery.
  3. Turkey Sausage, Egg White, and The Cheese English Muffin: The English muffin is an alternative that is healthier and contains the turkey sausage patty egg white, and slices of white cheddar cheese, all on a toasted English muffin.
  4. Bacon Gouda Egg Sandwich: This sandwich consists of crisp bacon, scrambled eggs patty, and a slice of Smoked Gouda cheese served on a ciabatta roll.
  5. Costco Keto Breakfast Sandwich Reds: This sandwich is a low-carb choice and comes with eggs, sausage patty, and cheese sandwiched between two buns made of almond flour.

Keep in your mind that availability and costs may be different by location.

Costco Sandwiches Calories Menu

Costco Catering Sandwiches TypesSandwich CaloriesTotal Carbs (g)Net Carbs (g)Protein (g)Fat (g)
Costco chicken sandwich and Swiss Roller290 cal25241713
Roasted Chicken Sandwich w/Caesar Salad880 cal40383864
Asian Wrap210 cal52492423
Costco Croissant Sandwiches Tray850 cal43414256

How much are Costco Platters?

Everybody knows everyone knows that Costco is one of the best places to go for large-scale purchases. There, you can get almost anything you need for just a fraction of the cost you’d get at other stores.

Did you have the knowledge that Costco also has tasty food options? Particularly, their platters are an absolute crowd-pleaser.

This is an issue that has been a constant concern for Costco customers everywhere since the popular bulk retailer began offering platters by the pound. How much are these platters likely to cost you? The answer may be a surprise to you.

According to recent research according to a recent study, the cost of the Costco platter is only $4.99 per pound. This is an incredible price when you take into account all the alternatives offered.

If you’re in the market for something sweet or savory There’s bound to be a dish to meet your requirements. If you’re at Costco ensure you buy a few pounds from their amazing platters! It’s a good idea.

Does Costco do Catering?

Costco Catering is a great alternative for those looking to have a great dinner without worrying about the cooking process or cleaning up.

For those looking to reduce their catering costs, Costco Catering is a fantastic choice. Costco provides significant discounts on catering purchases, making it an affordable option for individuals on tight budgets.

Additionally, Costco Catering is convenient for those who wish to skip the hassle of preparing and planning the dinner. Costco manages everything, so all you need to do is relax and relax while enjoying the food.

What about Costco Catering?

A well-known supermarket with a wide selection of inexpensive goods is Costco. In addition, Costco provides catering for occasions including weddings, celebrations, and business gatherings.

Costco Catering menu is an excellent option to save money on food while providing an array of choices to your visitors. Costco’s Costco catering menu has various hot and cold dishes and a large assortment of desserts.

Catering Costco also offers the largest variety of beverages, such as water, soda, and tea. You can also purchase customized cakes and cupcakes from Costco to cater your event.

Costco Catering Platters

Using Costco Catering platters is the best option for serving a sizable crowd. Costco provides a variety of platters, including cheese, fruit, meat, and vegetable platters.

They also offer different sandwiches as well as wraps, sushi, and wraps. They also have sushi and wraps. Costco Catering platters are reasonably priced and are available in various sizes.

Different Types of Costco Catering Platters

A few types of Costco catering Platters are given below,

  1. Costco Chicken Wing Platter
  2. Costco Croissant Sandwich Platter
  3. Costco Chicken & Swiss Rollers
  4. Costco Shrimp Platter
  5. Costco Meat & Cheese Platter
  6. Costco Sushi Platter

how to order Costco party platters Catering?

You can make an online order or by calling the phone and Costco Catering will deliver the food items to the desired location. Costco Catering is also very inexpensive, which makes it an excellent choice for those who are budget-conscious when planning their parties.

To purchase Costco Catering, simply visit their website and choose the menu items you want. You will also require to provide your contact details and the delivery address.

Costco Party Platter Reviews

Reviews of Costco platters for parties are extremely positive. The customers praise the quality of the food they serve and the ample portions available on every platter.

Many customers report that using Costco platters for catering their gatherings makes hosting simpler and less expensive.

People not only rave about the food being tasty and delicious, but they also appreciate how easy it is to have the ability to order in advance and pick it up at a nearby retailer.

If you’re seeking a quick and affordable way to offer delicious snacks at your next gathering then the Costco Buffet menu is the obvious choice!

Conclusion – Costco Party Platters

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this article and learning all about the Costco Party Platters Menu. It really is a good place for those of you that want to order a platter for a party. Have a fantastic day and we will see you later.

Costco Party Platters Menu FAQs

How do I order party platters from Costco?

If you’ve never ordered a platter, look for the “Order Party Platters Here” kiosk near the bakery or meat department. Just fill out the form and drop it through the hole. Or, you can call your local store and use the phone menu to find the deli.

How many people does a Costco croissant sandwich tray feed?

$32.99 for a Croissant Sandwich Platter that serves 16–20 people. $32.99 gets you 20–24 Chicken & Swiss Rollers. Shrimp platter (for 20–24 people): $39.99.

How many sandwiches do I need for 50 people?

As a general rule, you should order 1.5 sandwiches for each person. If you order a salad or a platter to go with it, the best amount is one sandwich per person.

What is in the Costco Sandwich platter?

Costco Sandwich Platter contains Chicken Mayo, Egg Mayo, Roast Beef and Cheese, and Ham & Cheese.

What is in the Costco croissant sandwich platter?

Costco Croissant Sandwich Platter contains Turkey Breast, Ham, and Roast Beef.

What comes in at the Costco Thanksgiving dinner?

Order a wonderful Costco Thanksgiving Dinner 2023 for 8-10 people today.
The frozen complete meal package contains pre-seasoned Costco Thanksgiving turkey breast, mashed potatoes, stuffing, two veggies, and cranberry sauce or gravy—all in one box!

Does Costco have cheese trays?

Costco provides the ultimate party variety bundle! A delicious 2-pound Cello Cracker Cut Cheese Tray will impress all your guests.

Do you have to preorder Costco platters?

Costco party plates aren’t available online. Visit the shop and find the kiosk that reads “Order Party Platters Here” or “Deli Order Selection.” It’s near the bakery or deli. Ask a kind employee if you can’t find it.


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