Crust Pizza Menu Prices & Locations in Australia

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Crust Pizza Menu Prices & Locations in Australia

The current Crust Pizza price and menu include breakfasts, meals, and a kid’s meal. Enjoy your meal at your favorite restaurant.!!

Crust Pizza is obsessed with making fresh, delicious pizzas from the finest ingredients. Their passion for pizza drives them to make delicious, homemade pizzas that bring people together.

They are known for making great pizzas but believe food is the best way to connect with people. They offer a variety of side dishes, desserts, and beverages to complement their pizzas.

Crust Pizza Menu Prices & Locations in Australia

Because they are also locals, they belong to their communities. They are passionate about every order they receive. They have built a reputation for providing high-quality fast food at different prices.

Crust Pizza Menu Prices

Classic Pizza

Menu Price
Hawaiian 11″ (Large) A$11
Capricciosa 13″ (XLarge) A$14
Peri-Peri Beef 13″ (XLarge) A$14
Peri-Peri Beef 11″ (Large) A$11
Hawaiian 13″ (XLarge) A$14
Classic Margherita 11″ (Large) A$11
Prosciutto & Rocket 13″ (XLarge) A$14
Roast Chicken & Bacon 11″ (Large) A$11
Prosciutto & Rocket 11″ (Large) A$11
Roast Chicken & Bacon 13″ (XLarge) A$14
Capricciosa 11″ (Large) A$11
Classic Pepperoni 11″ (Large) A$11
Classic Margherita 13″ (XLarge) A$14
Classic Pepperoni 13″ (XLarge) A$14
Spinach & Feta 11″ (Large) A$11
Spinach & Feta 13″ (XLarge) A$14

Signature Pizza

Meat Deluxe 11″ (Large) A$18
Truffle Beef Rossini 13″ (XLarge) A$23
Moroccan Lamb 13″ (XLarge) A$23
Pulled Pork & Slaw 13″ (XLarge) A$23
Crust Supreme 11″ (Large) A$18
Pepperoni 13″ (XLarge) A$21
Mediterranean Lamb 11″ (Large) A$18
Pepperoni 13″ (XLarge) A$21
Pepperoni 11″ (Large) A$18
Meat Deluxe 13″ (XLarge) A$21
Mediterranean Lamb 13″ (XLarge) A$21
Moroccan Lamb 11″ (Large) A$20
Truffle Beef Rossini 11″ (Large) A$20
Pulled Pork & Slaw 11″ (Large) A$20

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 FAQ – Crust Pizza Menu Prices & Locations in Australia

What is the most popular pizza crust?

Thick Crust

This statistic displays the top-rated pizza crusts in America as of January 2016. Respondents to the survey indicated that thin dough was their favorite pizza crust.

What is the different crust of pizza?

05/5 It’s also about the Crust

Pan pizza is also called deep-dish because it has thicker, fluffier dough. On the other hand, hand-tossed pizzerias have a thinner, crispier crust.

What size are crust pizzas?

Large-sized pizzas from Crust are more substantial than similar large pizzas from other chains. Six of the top ten giant caloric large pizzas are made from Crust.

What is the vegan crusXXt?

The Herb Crusted Al Funghi contains no animal products or dairy. It also does not contain any meat, eggs, or other animal products. The base is vegan bechamel, and it has a wild mushroom medley, a thyme rosemary crumb mixture, and a wild mushroom medley. The garnish is completed with fresh shallots, truffle oil, and rosemary.

What’s a Sicilian-style pizza?

Sicilian Pizza refers to a type of Pizza made in Sicily (Italy). The Sicilian traditional pie is rectangular and has a thick crust. You can also find it in round shapes similar to Neapolitan. It is often topped with tomatoes, anchovies, herbs, and strong cheeses such as toma and caciocavallo.

What day is the most pizza ordered?

These days are the busiest for pizza sales throughout the year.

  • #1 Halloween is no longer the busiest day for pizza orders. 
  • #2 Thanksgiving Eve – Thanksgiving Eve is the holiday when pizza sales peak right after Halloween.

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