Does Currys Price Match or Price Adjust?

Currys Price Match – We never stop looking for a good deal or an approach that would allow us to get the most out of our money. Price matching policies are one method that businesses use to capitalize on consumers’ desire to get the best deal possible. The major retailers, including Currys, all have some kind of price-matching or price-adjusting strategy in place.

Currys offers its customers its own unique take on price match and price adjustment programs. Curry guarantees that the prices it offers in-store and online will be the same as those offered by any other retailer in the United Kingdom. Claims can be submitted either before or within seven days following the transaction, whichever comes first.


Does Currys PC World Price Match?

Yes, Currys will match competitors’ prices. Currys guarantees that it will match the price of any product sold in-store or online at any competing retailer in the United Kingdom or Ireland. This guarantee is also known as the Currys Price Promise. Additionally, Currys gives customers the option to compare prices on discount codes.

Does Currys Price Adjust in 2022?

Yes, Currys will make adjustments to the prices of their products if they go on sale after they have been purchased. Currys does not appear to have any plans to change its approach on price increases as we get further into the year 2022.

What is the Currys Price Promise?

The internet retailer Currys offers its own take on a price match program called the Currys Price Promise. It guarantees that the pricing will be the same as that provided by any other in-store or online shop in the UK.

During this step of the procedure, you will normally fill out a brief form. After that, the company will review your form to determine whether or not you are eligible for the Price Promise based on the terms and conditions outlined in the policy.

If this is the case, the company will match the price of the item that was selected. If you have previously bought the item, but request a price adjustment within seven days of the date you made the initial purchase, they will give you a refund for the difference in price.

How Does the Currys Price Promise Work?

To be eligible for the Currys Price Promise, an item must satisfy all of the following requirements:

The product numbers for both of these goods are the same.
The item ought to be available for purchase either on the website or in the physical store, and it ought to be prepared for delivery.
You will be required to submit a receipt as evidence of purchase in addition to satisfying these criteria, as is the case with all other policies that match prices.

In the event that the aforementioned conditions are met by your purchase, you will be eligible for a refund. Within the next seven business days, the price difference will be reimbursed to you, and the money will be deposited into the account you provided.

Can you Price Match Before Making A Purchase?

Yes. Even before making a purchase, customers can contact Curry’s to see if the store will match a competitor’s price on an item.

You can access their straightforward Price Promise form through their website. Please give a link to the product and fill out this field.

Currys workers in-store will also be happy to discuss price matching with customers.

The one and only exemption to this general norm is the acquisition of mobile phone handsets. A price match claim must be submitted after the purchase in order to be valid for these items.

Can I get A Price Match After I Have Purchased A Product?

Yes, Currys will honour a price match request made within seven days of the original purchase of an item if the customer discovers that the item can be purchased elsewhere at a lower price.

If you purchased the item online, you can check to see if you are eligible for a refund of some sort by contacting a member of staff through the webchat feature available on the Currys website.

If you made the purchase in-store, all you need to do is give us a call. They will issue a refund for the difference in price once you have shown a legitimate receipt.

Exclusions & Rules

There is a list of exceptions and rules that apply to the Currys Price Promise, just like there is with any other price match promise.

The following are not covered by the Currys Price Promise:

  • Products that use ink
  • Prices for deliveries
  • Costs associated with installation
  • Plans for the preservation of products
  • Plans for mobile airtime, in addition to other services
  • Currys does not provide price matching for the following items:

Pricing that are offered as part of a paid membership or subscription;

prices that are supplied by third parties on marketplaces;

for example Amazon

Special savings are available only to members of the staff, NHS Blue Light, or students

Regarding assertions that mobile phones offer price matching:

Claims of price matching made on mobile phones.

It is not possible to make handsets before the purchase.

may only be done after the transaction has been completed.

In addition to those requirements, including

  • Products with the same product numbers are required for price matching.
  • It is necessary for Currys and the rival to have the product in stock and ready for delivery at the same time.
  • You will be needed to provide photographic documentation of the product’s model number, stock availability,
  • date/time, and price in the event that the item can only be purchased in-store and not online.
  • If Currys has reason to suspect fraudulent conduct, they reserve the right to decline a price match request.

Does Currys Price Match Include Amazon?

I’m sorry to say that the answer is not yes. Curry’s price match does state that they will match the prices of other online shops in the UK; however, Amazon is not one of such stores.

Amazon is considered to be a third-party seller. It functions as a marketplace in which other, smaller businesses are given the opportunity to sell the things they produce.

Currys makes it quite clear in their terms and conditions that they do not price match the pricing of third-party sellers on their online marketplace.


This concludes our comprehensive overview of the price match services offered by Currys PC World.

Keep in mind that you should always have evidence to back up your claim when you are trying to price match. Check that the product numbers are the same and that your claim meets the requirements of Currys. If you fail to do so, you will end up frustrated, stressed out, and out of money.

If you follow these useful guidelines, there is no way you will ever miss out on a great offer again.


Does Currys price match itself?

The Currys Price Match Promise states that if you find the same product sold at a major competitor’s store at a lower price, Currys will match that competitor’s price. Even better, this guarantee is valid for the full week after you have made your purchase!

Can I price match after purchase?

Only the customer who made the original purchase at the business can submit a price match request for items that will be shipped to the consumer after making a purchase (the person who was listed in the “Bill To” section of the order).

How does price Match work?

The practise of matching a competitor’s lower price on an identical product in today’s highly competitive market is known as “price matching.” Take, for instance, a retail establishment that offers the exact same goods to customers but at a lesser price. This tactic helps businesses save time and money since it enables customers to purchase goods at the lowest possible price without requiring them to visit any more stores or shops.

Does Currys price match on bundles?

Currys assures that you will not be able to purchase your item at a lower price elsewhere and offers price matching across its whole product line. The Price Promise programme made by the store makes the service of price matching available to customers.

Does Currys price match student discount?

Currys will not match the prices of exclusive discounts, such as those granted to members of the NHS or students, even though they will match the prices of other UK retail outlets or websites, even those that include offer-code discounts. In the same vein, they will not match prices offered by trade or third parties, as well as prices that are paid as part of a subscription service.

Does Currys do NHS discount?

Do you get a discount if you work for the NHS at Currys? If you are a member of Health Service Discounts, then you are eligible to receive a discount on your purchases made at Currys. You can save money on your online purchases by making use of one of the NHS discounts that you have access to, or you can save money in-store or online by making use of one of our Currys vouchers or gift cards.

How do you ask for a price match?

Ask to speak to a manager, then show him the lower price that the competitor is offering, explain that you understand that the store could not match the price, but ask whether he can offer a manager’s discount so that you can buy the item there instead of from the competitor, and then explain that you would prefer to buy the item there rather than from the competitor.

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