Daniel’s Donuts Menu Prices (AU)

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Daniels Donuts Menu and Prices in Australia

Daniels Donuts Menu, A donut connoisseur, loves classic donuts like the Fresh and Jam donuts from NZ and the Nutella donuts. And he doesn’t stop there.

Look at the more than 40 varieties of donuts available online or in your local store. When you hear of a successful doughnut business in the southeast, you’ll likely hear about Daniels Donuts.

Daniels Donuts Menu and Prices in Australia

In 2016, the Springvale flagship store opened. Three years later, 10 10 shops, including Mornington and The Bellarine Peninsula, were opened.

They opened their first drive-thru shop in Belmont in Cranbourne. The latest shop launches in Melbourne.

Daniels Donuts Menu and Prices


Single – Nutella Caramel Popcorn donut A$3.5
Assorted (ambient) donuts x6 A$15
NZ Style Fresh Cream & Jam donuts x6 A$11.9
Assorted (refrigerated) donuts x6 A$15
Single – NZ Style Fresh Cream and Jam donut A$3.5
Gluten-Free donuts x6 A$15
Vegan donuts x6 A$15
Single – Apple Custard donut A$3.5
Single – Nutella Filled donut A$3.5


Nutella $10.00
Vanilla $10.00
Blue Heaven $10.00
Banana $10.00
Strawberry $10.00
Cookies & Cream $10.00
Caramel $10.00
Taro $12.00
Chocolate $10.00
Lime $10.00

Cold Drinks

Fanta $4.50
Diet Coke $4.50
Mt Franklin $4.50
 Coke $4.50
Coke No Sugar $4.50
Sprite $4.50
Lift $4.50

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FAQS – Daniels Donuts Menu and Prices in Australia

Who is Daniel donuts?

Daniel’s Donuts is a well-known Melbourne company that has been delighting sweet taste buds ever since.

  • There are more than 50 varieties of donuts available.
  • Vegan and Gluten-Free options are also available.
  • There are six locations in Melbourne and the Peninsulas, so it is easy to find one close to your home.

How did Daniel’s Donuts start?

From my youth, I watched and helped her cook. As a teenager, I also assisted dad at the bakery counter. Daniel was assigned the task of making croissants and danish, as well as sugar coating donuts and frosting them. He was eager to make the donuts himself over the weekend.

Who is the owner of Daniels donuts?

Daniel Bartolotta
Daniel Bartalotta (23), bought his parents’ Brumby’s Bakery on September 23, last year. It was renamed Daniel’s Bakery, and within a year it has become the busiest bakery in Wyndham.

Is Daniels donuts a franchise?

Business. Question: Do Daniel’s Donuts own a franchise? We do not license Daniel’s Donuts.

How did Daniels donuts start?

From my youth, I watched and helped her cook. As a teenager, I also assisted dad at the bakery counter. Daniel’s prior work included making croissants and danish the night before icing donuts. He was eager to make the donuts himself on the weekend.

Do Daniels donuts have eggs?

The dough toppings and fillings Daniel’s Vegan donuts contain no eggs or milk. They are suitable for Vegans as much as those with food sensitivities. Is there another vegan-friendly flavor we could include on our menu?

How much do Daniels donuts cost?

There are many fillings available and you can get a soft donut for as low as $6 or $3. These pies can be filled with large chunky meats or thick layers of cheddar.

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