Daniels Donuts Menu and Prices in Australia

Daniels Donuts Menu The person who is a donut connoisseur is a fan of the classical genre like donuts in the Fresh and Jam style of NZ and the Nutella doughnut and he’s not stopping. Just look at the wide selection of more than 40 types of donuts on the internet or at your store! It’s likely that you’ll hear about Daniel’s Donuts when you hear whispers of an incredibly successful doughnut company located in the southeast.

The Springvale flagship store began operations at the end of the year in 2016. Three years later 10, 10 shops, including Mornington as well as The Bellarine Peninsula, are now located in Melbourne. When they opened in Cranbourne and Daniel’s first Drive-Thru shop in Belmont The most recent shops were launched.

Daniels Donuts Menu and Price

Daniels Donuts has menu items in Donuts in Australia.


Single – NZ Style Fresh Cream and Jam donut A$3.5
Single – Apple Custard donut A$3.5
Single – Nutella Caramel Popcorn donut A$3.5
Single – Nutella Filled donut A$3.5
Assorted (ambient) donuts x6 A$15
Assorted (refrigerated) donuts x6 A$15
NZ Style Fresh Cream & Jam donuts x6 A$11.9
Gluten-Free donuts x6 A$15
Vegan donuts x6 A$15

All about Daniel’s Donuts

Donut connoisseurs have gained a following of cult classics, like NZ donuts like the NZ Fresh Cream & Jam and Nutella donuts but it doesn’t stop there. All you have to do is go to a store or go online to browse through the huge selection of over 40 varieties of donuts!

If you’ve heard about a huge donut shop in the southeast most likely, they’re talking of Daniel’s Donuts. The store’s flagship location located in Springvale began operations in late 2016.

Three years later There are currently 10 stores across Melbourne which includes Mornington along with Bellarine Peninsula. The latest store was opened in Cranbourne as well as Daniel’s very first Drive-Thru store is located in Belmont (Geelong). Additionally, Daniel’s is now offering home delivery of donuts – yes, you read that right, fresh light and fluffy donuts delivered right to your door!

Daniel’s Donuts locations

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No-contact delivery

Address: 819 Princes Hwy, Springvale VIC 3171

Daniels Donuts – Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Daniel donuts?

Daniel’s Donuts, a renowned Melbourne company has been satisfying sweet taste buds since.

With more than 50 donut flavors available There is something for every person.

Vegan, as well as Gluten Free alternatives, are also available.

With six locations in Melbourne as well as the Peninsulas it’s easy to find a location close to where you live!.

How did Daniel’s Donuts start?

As a youngster, I was watching and helping her in the kitchen, to being a teenager and helping dad at the baker’s counter. In the morning, Daniel’s task was to cook up croissants and danish that he had prepared the night before as well as sugar coating and icing donuts. He was excited for the weekend to create the donuts on his own.

Who is the owner of Daniels donuts?

Daniel Bartolotta
Daniel Bartalotta, 23 bought his parents Brumby’s Bakery in September of last year. He changed its name to Daniel’s Bakery and in one year, has transformed it into possibly the busiest baker in Wyndham.

Is Daniels donuts a franchise?

Business. Question: Does Daniel’s Donuts have a franchise? Unfortunately, we do not license Daniel’s Donuts.


How did Daniels donuts start?

As a youngster, I was watching and helping her in the kitchen, to being a teenager and helping dad at the baker’s counter. Prior to school, Daniel’s work consisted of cooking croissants and danish he’d made the night prior to coating and icing donuts. He was looking forward to the weekend to create the donuts on his own.

Do Daniels donuts have eggs?

There are no egg or milk inside the dough toppings or fillings Daniel’s Vegan donuts are great for Vegans as well as those who suffer from food sensitivities. … Are there any other vegan-friendly flavors could we include in our menu?

How much do Daniels donuts cost?

Lots of fillings and a delicious soft donut at a bargain price of $6 or $3 per donut. The pies are great too big chunky meats and thick layers of cheddar.

The Backstory: Who Is Daniel?

Daniel had a desire to bake. When he was a kid, he would be watching his mother cook and help her in the kitchen, he would become a teenager working with his dad on the baking.

Prior to school, Daniel’s work was to cook up croissants and danish he’d trayed in the previous night together with sugar coating and icing the donuts. Daniel was eagerly awaiting the weekend to create the donuts on their own.

He loved decorating donuts with different kinds of icings and lollies other things. The thrill for him was knowing that they were all gone out at the time the event was over.

At just 12 years old, he was working as a server at the bakery of his family located at Hogans Corner. And, when he was standing on top of a milk crate, waiting to operate the cash register and not only did he enjoy this job, but he’d be able to serve his delicious donuts. Many customers would sit patiently waiting for a meal to arrive from Daniel himself.

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