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Ulta Price Match – The strategy of price matching is the one that is most commonly used by all brands in order to acquire more customers and remain at the top. Ulta is also among the most formidable rivals in the beauty and cosmetics industry. But the question that arises in this scenario is whether or not Ulta price matches.

This article will clarify all you need to know about Ulta’s price matching policy for all of the customers who are really puzzled about whether or not the retailer offers this service or not. Just keep on reading.

Ulta Price Match

Does Ulta Price Match?

Unfortunately, Ulta doesn’t offer price matching with any of its competitors. Customers have come to expect the store to honour the Ulta price match policy because it is one of the largest beauty retailers. Ulta does, however, provide a wide variety of additional opportunities to save money on each purchase.

What is the Ulta Return Policy?

According to the return policy of Ulta, if you are not totally pleased with your purchase within sixty days of receiving it, you are eligible to receive a full refund of the amount you paid for it. If you placed your order online, you will need to bring either the packing slip or the receipt to the shop in order to begin the process of returning your item(s).

Even if you miss the return window by more than 60 days, you will still be repaid with an Ulta Beauty in-store credit. However, it is important to keep in mind that there is a sixty-day window for making changes.

Additionally, there is an exchange policy available at Ulta Beauty. You also have the option of exchanging the merchandise for another instance of the identical item. An exchange can be made for a different color, size, or scent without incurring any additional costs; all you need to do is bring the item in question into the store.

You are going to be responsible for paying the price difference that exists between the two things that you exchange, or you are going to get a refund if the price of the exchange is lower than the price of the new purchase.

Does Ulta Accept Returns Without a Receipt?

Yes, returns are accepted without a receipt at any of Ulta’s retail locations. In the event that you have signed up to become an Ultimate Rewards Member, a member of the staff will be able to locate and retrieve any missing receipts. In addition, if you make a purchase with the same credit card that was used for the initial transaction, Ulta is able to search your account.

The Ultamate Rewards program is a free program that offers benefits and rewards on purchases. Every time you purchase at Ulta Beauty, you will earn points that can be used for discounts on a variety of items and services.

In addition, if the order was placed on, you can substitute the packing slip for a lost receipt in the event that you misplace your receipt. However, the store will still be able to search up your Ulta transaction as long as you have either your Ultamate Rewards number or the credit card that was used for online purchases.

Why Ulta Does Not Price Match?

They are under the impression that the prices they charge for things are the most competitive in the market. In addition, they do not price match because there are convenience fees, along with many other issues.

In general, the speed of service differs from store to store as well as depending on the individual’s level of experience. Therefore, it is difficult to match prices.

Does Ulta Price Match with

Unfortunately, Ulta doesn’t even price match Whether you purchase on the web or in-store, you need to follow through on the respective cost.

However, in most cases, you may place your order online and then pick it up at the store down the street. This service is uncomplicated, quick, and completely free. Using the Ulta store finder will make it simple for you to find the location of the shop that is most convenient for you.

Does Ulta do Price Adjustments?

If you shop at Ulta on a regular basis, you should be aware that the store’s price adjustment policy is currently unavailable to customers. You are not permitted to seek a price match or price adjustment after you have already purchased the product.

Despite the fact that they do not offer price matching or adjustments, they do have a return policy that will be of assistance to you. In the event that you are unhappy with your purchase, you can send it back to Ulta and place your order at another retailer.

Other Ways to Save on Ulta Purchases

Ulta does not offer a price match or price adjustment policy, thus customers cannot take use of those services. Instead, Ulta provides a number of additional options to save a significant amount of money on any purchase made from either their physical shop or their internet.

Join Ulta Rewards Program

At Ulta, you may save more money on any purchase by enrolling in the store’s rewards program and using your points. At Ulta, you have the opportunity to earn one point for every dollar that you spend there. These points can be redeemed for a discount on the subsequent transaction that is made.

If you are a member of a reward program, you may also be eligible to get a free gift on your birthday. Spending a significant amount of money at Ulta is required to make joining the platinum or diamond level worthwhile.

Buy more Save more

There are times when Ulta may offer promotions such as buy one and get another product for a fifty percent discount. This deal is subject to ongoing modifications. Before you go shopping, you may quickly find out about all of the deals that Ulta is now offering. In this manner, you will be able to save some money on your purchase.


When customers spend more than a particular amount at an Ulta location, they are eligible to receive free presents. These gifts might be substantial, like a free evening bag or something else entirely. Additionally, on your birthday, you are eligible to receive free presents.

Sales and offers

The majority of the time, Ulta will have some sort of sale or discount on a selection of different products. Therefore, it is beneficial to look for the item that is on sale. On some items, you can save up to 50% or more with this discount.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often does Ulta do 20 off?

Coupons for 20% off can be found on the Ulta website every three to four months; however, Ultamate Rewards members have access to these coupons more regularly.

Does Ulta do a price match?

No, Ulta does not price match rival prices.

Which has better prices Sephora or Ulta?

When it comes to the cost of their products, high-end brands sold at Ulta are priced in the same range as similar items sold at Sephora. However, customers shopping on a limited budget may find the coupons offered by Ulta to be helpful, as well as the retailer’s assortment of more affordable drugstore beauty essentials.

Does Ulta offer a student discount?

Ulta does not provide a student discount; nevertheless, there are many other methods to save money there. Below, you will find a list of all of the different methods by which you can receive a discount at Ulta.

Does Ulta still do 20 off prestige?

On the other hand, twice a year, ULTA does send out coupons for 20% off that do not exclude prestige brands. These coupons are typically sent out once around the holidays and once in the spring.

Do Ulta workers get free makeup?

They do not in fact do so. When you first get hired on at Ulta, they will typically give you six complimentary full-sized Ulta goods as a welcome gift. This applies to certain professions, but not Beauty Advisors in general. Yes, Ulta provides a great number—even a greater number—of free gifts than Sephora does.

Does Macy’s price match Ulta?

As long as you can provide evidence that a comparable item is being sold at a lower price, Macy’s will match the prices of any permitted competitors in order to beat their pricing.

If a customer purchases an item from one Macy’s department shop and then within a few days later discovers that the same item is being sold at a cheaper price at another Macy’s department store, they have the option to ask for a price difference refund.

Can I return the used product to Ulta?

Can I Return an Expired or Used Item to Ulta? Yes, you are able to bring used items back to Ulta. According to the return policy, you are free to send the item back at any time if you are dissatisfied with the purchase you made. If you find that you are still unhappy with the item after you have used it, then you should send it back.

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