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Seafood | Don’s Seafood Restaurant – Have your family members or friends members show unexpectedly at your house and you’re looking to have food that is affordable and also tasty? Then you can look up the most recent Don’s Dock menu price list and then order your food according to it. You can also access Don’s Dock’s hidden menu prices here.

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Here is Don’s Dock’s current menu price updated list. If you’re looking to learn what the Don’s Dock menu price list is prior to going to the restaurant or ordering food on the internet, you can simply browse and look over Don’s Dock’s menu price list here. Don’s Dock menu price list below of your most-loved foods.

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It is important to be aware of the current prices of food items like burgers and salad, soup and chicken, drinks, and many more.

In this portal, we provide all restaurants’ updated menu prices, as well as changes, as you can see in the list below. Don’s Dock menu prices for 2022.

We have included Don’s Dock breakfast menu price, Don’s Dock meal menu cost, Don’s Dock catering menu prices below in the chart that you should consider prior to making a reservation at the restaurant or ordering online.

However. You should check on the Don’s Dock official site for the menu to determine the exact cost.

Take a look at the current and most recent Don’s Dock menu price and check it against the menu prices since restaurants could change their prices at any moment therefore there might be slight variations in prices which are shown here. The actual price is also listed.

Don’s Dock menu prices for 2022


Popular Items

2. 2 Fillet Fish $6.99
 28. Popcorn Shrimp $6.99
25. 10 Pc Fish Nugget $6.49
32. Popcorn Chicken $6.99
27. Whole Catfish $8.99
37. Shrimp Fried Rice $7.99
57. 6 Pc Wings $6.99

Fried Fillet Fish

With French fries and bread
1. 1 Fillet Fish $4.99
2. 2 Fillet Fish (Fried Fillet Fish) $6.99
3. 3 Fillet Fish $9.59
4. 4 Fillet Fish $12.99
5. 5 Fillet Fish $14.99

Butterfly Shrimp

With French fries and bread
6. 6 Large Shrimp $7.99
7. 9 Large Shrimp $10.99
8. 12 Large Shrimp $12.99
9. 15 Large Shrimp $15.99

Fried Oysters

With French fries and bread
10. 6 Oysters $10.99
11. 9 Oysters $14.99
12. 12 Oysters $18.99
13. 15 Oysters $21.99

Mixed Platters

With French fries and bread
14. 1 Fillet & 6 Shrimp $10.99
15. 2 Fillet & 6 Shrimp $13.99
16. 1 Filet & 6 Oysters $10.99
17. 2 Fillet & 6 Oysters $17.99
18. 6 Oysters & 6 Shrimp $18.99
19. 9 Shrimp & 6 Oysters $21.99
20. 6 Shrimp & 9 Oysters $21.99

Combo Platters

Served with french fries and bread.
21. 1 Fillet, 3 Shrimp and 3 Fried Oysters $14.99
22. 2 Fillet, 3 Shrimp and 3 Fried Oysters $17.99
23. 3 Fillet, 3 Shrimp and 3 Fried Oysters $20.99
24. 1 Fillet, 6 Shrimp and 3 Fried Oysters $17.99


25. 10 Pc Fish Nugget (Specialties) $6.49
27. Whole Catfish (Specialties) $8.99
28. Popcorn Shrimp (Specialties) $6.99
29. Popcorn Fish $6.59
31. 6 Pc Chicken Tender $6.99
32. Popcorn Chicken (Specialties) $6.99
50. 2 Pc Chicken Leg & Thigh $2.59
50A. 2 Pc Special $2.99
51. 10 Pc Chicken Leg & Thigh $8.99
52. 24 Pc Chicken Leg & Thigh $19.99
2 Pc Pork Chops $6.99
Fish Po Boy $5.99
Shrimp Po Boy $6.99
Fish Wrap $5.99
Chicken Wrap $5.99
Shrimp Wrap $5.99
Fish Taco $2.99

Fried Rice

35. Combination Fried Rice $9.99
36. Chicken Fried Rice $7.99
37. Shrimp Fried Rice (Fried Rice) $7.99
37A. Beef Fried Rice $7.99

Side Orders

26. 8 Pc Hush Puppies $2.99
30. 2 Eggrolls $2.79
33. Fried Okra $2.99
34. 9 Sweet Corn Nugget $2.99
38. Onion Rings $2.99
. 6 Pc Breaded Mushroom $2.99
3 Pc. Jalapeno Cheese Poppers $2.99
. 3 Pc Cheese Sticks $2.99
. French Fries $2.99
. Cole Slaw $2.99
2 Pc Crab Sticks $2.99
Mash Potato $2.99
Garden Salad $2.99
Chicken Salad $6.99
Shrimp Salad $7.99
NY Cheesecake $3.99
Apple Pie $2.39
Lemon Pie $2.39

Chicken Nuggets

With French fries
60. 6 Pc Nuggets $3.69
61. 12 Pc Nuggets $5.59
62. 20 Pc Nuggets $8.99


8 Pc Steak Finger $6.99
2 Pc Chicken Fried Steak $6.99
Gizzard $6.99
Liver $6.99

Hot Wings

With french fries
57. 6 Pc Wings (Hot Wings) $6.99
58. 12 Pc Wings $12.99
59. 20 Pc Wings $20.99

Family Orders

With family French fries
6 Fish $17.00
7 Fish $19.00
8 Fish $21.00
9 Fish $24.00
10 Fish $26.00
11 Fish $28.00
12 Fish $30.00
13 Fish $32.00
14 Fish $35.00
15 Fish $37.00
16 Fish $39.00
17 Fish $41.00
18 Fish $43.00
19 Fish $45.00
20 Fish $47.00
18 Shrimp $18.00
21 Shrimp $20.00
24 Shrimp $23.00
27 Shrimp $25.00
30 Shrimp $27.00
33 Shrimp $29.00
36 Shrimp $31.00
39 Shrimp $34.00
42 Shrimp $36.00
45 Shrimp $38.00
48 Shrimp $40.00
51 Shrimp $42.00
54 Shrimp $44.00
57 Shrimp $46.00
60 Shrimp $48.00


Hamburger $3.99
Cheeseburger $4.59
Double Cheese $5.99
Bacon Cheese $5.99

Bottle Drink

Bottle Drink $1.99

Fountain Drink

Fountain Drink $1.49

About Us

If you’re in search of an informal, friendly restaurant serving the best local seafood…this is the place for you! Since its beginning in 1973, Don’s has delighted folks throughout the year with its iconic specialties such as Crab Cakes, Flounder, Oysters, and Clams on the Half Shell. Don’s is the ideal location for your meetings and celebrations. We are able to divide private spaces to accommodate groups of 35 to 75 and up or downstairs.

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Wednesday 10:30 AM–10 PM
Thursday 10:30 AM–10 PM
Friday 10:30 AM–10 PM
Saturday 10:30 AM–10 PM
Sunda 10:30 AM–10 PM
Monday 10:30 AM–10 PM
Tuesday 10:30 AM–10 PM

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Don’s Seafood Restaurant  It’s true that you can’t be a Louisiana popular just by writing the words “authentic” on your sign. If you’ve served Cajun dishes in the same way as we have and you’ve learned the distinction between authentic food and dull fake, and your customers are aware of it too.

In the grill, in the fryer, or on ice- there’s time baked into every dish, as well as time put into every home-cooked recipe, to ensure that each aroma of every bite, every sip, and every meal is unforgettable. We’ve spent over 80 years developing recipes for something that is beyond just an evening meal or lunch out.

It’s a space to be able to share (or take the entire platter to yourself) and a place where you’re always guaranteed seating at the table and an environment where you’re always part of the same family.

A family-friendly spot to eat fish, steaks, and Cajun food in a casual location.

Services Options Dining-in Curbside delivery * pickup

health and safety: Staff wear masks * Staff are required to clean surfaces after visits

Address and Contact Information

Address: 4801 Veterans Memorial Blvd, Metairie, LA 70006
Phone: (504) 889-1550

Chincoteague, VA 23336

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Don’s seafood FAQs

Who owns Don’s seafood?

The group is comprised of entrepreneurs Ryan Pecot, Gus Rezende, BJ Crist, and John Peterson. The building is dated in the 30s is set to be renovated to become “a vibrant touchstone in the heart of the downtown district,” officials stated.

Who owns Don’s seafood Hut?

DDA states that Hub City Holdings has bought this property and is planning to renovate it to house food and beverage, retail as well as residential and common space. Hub City Holdings Hub City Holdings consists of team members Ryan Pecot, Gus Rezende, BJ Crist, and John Petersen.
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Where was the first Don’s seafood?

Downtown Lafayette, Louisiana
A Rich History
Just 24 years old at the time, he borrowed $400,000 from his uncle in order to start an establishment that would serve as a restaurant and bar located in the city of Lafayette, Louisiana, featuring a classic menu of local, fresh seafood, and of course, alcohol. This was how was the very first time Don’s Seafood opened its doors.

What city has the freshest seafood?

Seattle, Washington. The first stop on every trip to Seattle is the famous Pike Place Market, where every single catch from the region’s best fish including shimmering whole salmon, too fat crabs that eat Dungeness, is available to be purchased.

What state has the cheapest lobster?

A shortage has pushed lower lobster prices in Maine which has brought cheer to consumers who love lobster in the midst of Maine’s tourism season, however, there is a sense of gloom for lobstermen.