Dunkin’ Donuts Happy Hour | Dunkin’ Donuts Times & Menus

Dunkin Donuts happy hour offers the opportunity to purchase one of their warm or cold teas and coffees for reduced prices. Happy hour is available all week long which makes Dunkin Donuts a popular happy hour spot.

The American fast food cafe and restaurants are not just famous for their coffee, but also for their huge variety of bagels, donuts breakfast sandwiches, and baked items. The bakery items are all freshly prepared every day.

dunkin donut happy hour

Get their famous baked good that is known as Munchkins. The delicious treat comes from the donut hole in the donut. Its size makes it ideal to share. A lot of customers pick them up while they are on their journey to work to give them to treat their colleagues.

Dunkin Donuts keeps its establishments neat and modern. The staff are extremely welcoming and helpful, and always provide great service, as well as excellent coffee. No matter if you choose to go through the drive-thru, or stop in to get your breakfast, coffee, or snack, the service will always be quick and efficient.

What Does Dunkin Donuts Offer During Happy Hour

Happy Hour Drinks:

Medium Hot or Iced Coffee $0.99

Medium Hot or Iced Tea $0.99


Bar Louie Happy Hour Times & Deals


Happy Hour:

3 pm–6 pm: Medium hot or iced coffee or tea

Open Hours:

5 am–10 pm

Most Popular Food & Drinks at Dunkin Donuts During Happy Hour

The most sought-after drinks include coffee with mocha or caramel swirl syrups or Iced Coffee. People love the donuts that are Donuts with chocolate frosting or glaze.

While the chocolate or glazed donuts with frosting may be popular with customers, Munchkins are one of Dunkin Donuts’ signature treats. The delicious little donuts are freshly baked daily and come in various flavors and colors. A delicious snack to share with family and your friends.

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When is Happy Hour Most Crowded at Dunkin Donuts

The morning is the busiest time in Dunkin Donuts when most people are looking for a cup of coffee before they begin their day.

The happy hour in the middle of the afternoon is a great option for customers who want to grab a quick boost during the afternoon.

Enjoy the Dunkin Donuts Happy Hour

Dunkin Donuts is the best place to go if you want to save money on teas and coffees. There are few places where you can get coffee for only $0.99. A medium latte at $0.99? It only happens sometimes.

If you go to Dunkin Donuts to buy coffee or tea, you can’t help but buy one of their delicious baked goods. You should get a doughnut or a Munchkin from its 52 choices. Dunkin Donuts is the most well-known bakery and coffee shop because it has done well.

Dunkin’ Doughnuts is excellent for your money if you want a cheap cup of coffee or cheap food and snacks. Stop by and give yourself one today.

dunkin happy hour

Dunkin Donuts Other Specials

DD Perks members can get more deals and discounts than just the happy hour deal from Dunkin’.

Mobile Mondays: As part of the Member September campaign, DD Perks members can get 100 bonus points if they use Mobile Mondays to buy something ahead of time. It’s important to remember that you only need 200 points to get a drink without alcohol.

Drinking on Thursdays – This month, order your hot, cold, or frozen drink to earn four times as many DD Perks points. Signature drinks like the Oatmilk Latte and Pumpkin Spice Latte are part of the deal.

Foods like Snackin’ Saturdays: Visit Dunkin’ on Saturdays in September and get 3X the DD Perks points when you buy snacks like Stuffed Mini Bagels, the Wake-Up Wrap(r) Sandwich, and donuts.

For the rest of 2020, you can drink Dunkin’ Donuts at Shell and save money on coffee and gas when you fill up your tank there. You can save 10 cents per gallon at Shell for every five Dunkin’ Donuts drinks you buy. At ddperks.com/shell, you can link your Shell Fuel Rewards(r) account to your DD Perks account.

Dunkin Donuts Happy Hour Menu 2022| Most Rewarding

Do not forget to visit your preferred Dunkin Donuts location between 2 pm and 6 PM to enjoy your coffee for less, as the Dunkin Donuts Happy Hour menu will allow you to purchase drinks at a price that is less expensive than normal.

  1. 1.99 Hot/ Iced Latte (Medium)

Select among: French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Mocha, and Caramel.

  1. $1.99 Hot/ Iced Macchiato & Americano
  2. Iced Tea and Iced Coffee in size medium are on sale at $1.99

Dunkin Donuts Menu Specials For DD Perks Members

Specials on the Dunkin’ Donuts menu for DD Perks Members in 2022 have yet to be made public. But here’s everything you need to know about the 2022 Dunkin Donuts specials for DD Perks members.

Mobile Mondays In January 2022, members could use the Mobile Mondays app to place orders ahead of time and earn 100 points. With the 200 points you make, you might be able to get a free drink.

Members of Sippin’ Thursdays can earn four times as many reward points on their hot, iced, or frozen drink.

Snackin Saturdays In September, DD Rewards members got three times as many points for snacks like donuts, sandwiches, bagels, wraps, and bagels.

Sip Dunkin’ Donuts at Shell: For the rest of 2022, fans could save a lot of money on gas and coffee when they refilled their tanks at Shell. Shell gives you 10 cents for every 5 Dunkin’ Donuts drinks you buy.

Dunkin Free Beverage Promo Code 2022 | Most Popular

Find a drink made from fresh ingredients that will help you feel better all day. You can save money with the Dunkin Free Beverage Coupon if you ask for one of your drinks to be served hot or with ice and then sit back and enjoy the view.

  • Dunkin Donut Free Item Code
  • Order your order through the Dunkin Donuts app.
  • Some things you can get for free are:
  • Free hot or cold coffee in a medium size.

You must use the coupon code “DONUT4YOU” when you check out for this deal.

2. Redeem Free Beverages With Dunkin Donuts Bonus Points

  • Spend a dollar at Dunkin’ Donuts and get one point.
  • You can get a free drink for every 200 points you earn.
  • Sign up for the DD rewards program to be a part of this program. You can sign up for Dunkin
  • Donuts through their website or app.

3. Grab Coffee And Espresso for Under $4

  • Add this deal to another Dunkin’ Donuts coupon 2021 to save even more.
  • Each person can use a deal more than once.
  • This deal is suitable for both new and old users.

Get Dunkin Donuts Menu Deals FAQs

1. Does Dunkin Donuts offer any code to avail of free delivery?

Unfortunately, the free delivery promo code from Dunkin Donut is currently unavailable. Dunkin Donuts free curbside pickup service is available so you can use it instead.

Be sure to keep an eye out regularly for Dunkin Donuts’ free delivery coupon on Zouton.com because Zouton’s coupon and promo code section is regular updates with the latest specials and discounts.

2. What is Dunkin Donuts’ happy hour duration?

All-day long Dunkin Donuts offers a Happy hour between 2 p.m and 6 p.m where customers can enjoy two dollars of cappuccino or latte. These hours are during which various other discounts can be claimed by placing an order online or by visiting any Dunkin Donut outlet.

3. How can I contact Dunkin Donut?

Contact Dunkin Donuts via their active customer service if you’re not happy with the product they sent to you. You can call their toll-free phone number at (855) 727-7877 (855) 727-7877 or visit the website customer support website.

What is $2 at Dunkin Donuts?

Dunkin Dunkin medium-sized hot and iced Sunrise Batch Coffee for $2.

Can you get free refills at Dunkin?

Free Refills
As a Rewards participant, You can redeem an additional refill of the coffee you’ve brewed (hot or iced or cold brew) or tea (hot or iced)

dunkin donuts coupon

Does Dunkin sell breakfast all day?

“The Maple Cheddar Sandwich continues Dunkin’ Donuts’ popular tradition of serving breakfast all day. … whenever they crave a tasty, satisfying sandwich and when it is convenient for them,” said Robert Rodriguez, Dunkin’ Donuts brand president.

Is the Dunkin Donuts lobby open?

Eliminating all dine-in dining options This is currently limited to the drive-thru, takeaway, delivery, and curbside pickup in select areas. All restaurants have shut down their dining areas and outside patios to avoid the crowd of patrons


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