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You can compare the Fasta Pasta prices with ours to see the most current price. Prices may change at any moment so it is possible for some variations to be listed.


Garlic Bread A$2.4
Cheesy Garlic Bread A$2.9
Pizza Bianca A$7.3
Four Cheese Pizza A$11.5
Trio Of Dips A$12.9
Olive Pizza Bread A$13.9
Bowl of Chips A$6.5
Potato Wedges A$9.9
Italian Loaded Fries A$11.9
Minestrone Soup A$6.9


Garden Salad A$7.2
Chicken Caesar A$21.5
Honey Mustard Chicken Salad A$21.9
Greek Salad A$15.5


Margherita A$14.9
Contadina (Supreme) A$16.9
Rimini (Hawaiian) A$14.9
Al Salame A$14.9
Meat Lovers A$16.9
BBQ Chicken & Bacon A$16.9
Verdura A$16.9


Spaghetti Bolognese A$17.5
Ravioli Fantasia A$18.5
Fettucine Carbonara A$17.5
Lasagne Bolognese A$17.9
Spirali Calabrese A$18.5
Penne Monte Carlo A$19.5
Ravioli Milanese A$18.5
Penne Peppino A$19.5
Fettuccine Puttanesca A$17.5
Ravioli Fiorentina A$20.5
Gnocchi Alla Rosetta A$18.5
Tortellini Alla Panna A$18.5
Spaghetti & Meatballs A$18.5

Vegetarian & Vegan Pasta

Ravioli Tre Colori A$19.5
Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni A$19.5
Linguine Verdure A$20.5
Penne Primavera A$20.5
Penne Con Ceci A$20.5


Risotto Pollo A$22.9
Salmon with Risotto A$28.5
Fettucine Mona Lisa A$19.9
Gnocchi Ragu A$19.9
Tortellini Zucca A$19.9

Contemporary Pasta

Fettucini Tutto Mare A$25.5
Linguine Turismo A$25.5
Linguine Marinara A$25.5

Main Meal

Chicken Parmigiana A$24.9
Pollo Delizia A$27.5
Salmon A$26.9
Beef Boscaiola A$26.9
Fish & Chips A$24

Coffee & Tea

Flat White A$3.5
Mochaccino A$4
Cappuccino A$3.5
Caffe Latte A$3.5
Vanilla Latte A$4.5
Caramel Latte A$4.5
Chai Latte Spice A$4.5
Chai Latte Vanilla A$4.5
Hot Chocolate A$4
Macchiato A$3
Long Macchiato A$4
Espresso A$3
Long Black A$3.5
Tea A$4
Iced Coffee A$6.7
Iced Chocolate A$6.7
Iced Latte A$6.7
Affogato A$6.5

About the Fasta Pasta restaurants

Fasta Pasta, as the name suggests, is Australia’s most famous Pasta Restaurant chain. This restaurant is Australia’s largest independent fresh pasta Italian restaurant. It has been serving authentic Italian Pasta for 35 years. Frank Taddeo (left), Nino Pollina (right), Jim Rinaldi (right), Walter Ventura, Walter Ventura, and Jane Hanna started the resto back in 1984. It now operates 38 restaurants across the United States.

Fasta Pasta won Roy Morgan’s Quick Service Restaurant of the Years’ 2018 award for its innovative, constantly changing menu. It also offers healthy options and exceptional service. Fasta Pasta is a local Italian restaurant chain whose management mission is to be Australia’s best. Fasta Pasta’s goal is to provide delicious, healthy, and delicious meals to all of its customers. Imagine you would like to become a franchisee for Fasta Pasta. You will need to go through extensive training for 12 weeks in order to get familiar with the operations, bookwork, and management of the restaurant.

Fasta Pasta is known for its Italian-style pizzas and pasta. They strive to make sure customers are satisfied with delicious pasta, fully-loaded pizzas, and creamy lasagna. The Fettuccine Carbonara is a must-try. It is creamy and hot; you can still taste the fresh ingredients. You can also get gluten-free pasta using the Milanese sauce.

The roasted vegetable, which is also available for vegetarians, is well worth the money. It’s a great place to have a few friends over and enjoy delicious meatballs, spaghetti, and pizza. You can also order the beef burger, which is made with a 100% beef patty, and the calamari stuffed with well-seasoned crumbs. Fasta Pasta has linguine with marinara which is full of perfectly cooked seafood.

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Nearby Pizza & Pasta restaurants

Name Cuisines
Pizza Works Pizza & Pasta
Gawler Pizza House Italian, Pizza & Pasta
Gawler Slice Pizza American, Pizza & Pasta
Fasta Pasta Italian, Pizza & Pasta

Restaurant Details

Location Gawler
Type Service Restaurant Table Service
Price $10-$20
Phone 0885232266
Fax Email Address Lyndoch Rd (Cnr High St), Gawler, SA, 5118, Australia
Features Dine-in, Takeaway, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard
Cuisine Italian, Pizza & Pasta

Fasta Pasta Location

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Fasta Pasta FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Does Fasta Pasta still exist?


What happened to Fasta Pasta?

Fasta Pasta, an Italian food franchise has designed a new logo, hired a new chief finance officer and franchising expert, and will move its headquarters.

Does Fasta Pasta make their own pasta?

The secret behind Fasta Pasta’s popularity can be due to its distinctive fresh, fresh pasta. Most of the competitors utilize frozen or dry pasta, while Fasta Pasta’s pasta is made using the best top-quality Australian durum wheat, and it is delivered chilled and directly to our eateries.

Is Fasta Pasta Australia-wide?

Fasta Pasta’s aim is to establish itself as the most valuable Local Italian food chain across Australia. … with the establishment of 19 Fasta Pasta restaurants Australia-wide there are numerous possibilities for growth, especially within South Australia and the regional regions that include Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland.

Do you have to book Fasta Pasta?

We sure do! You can place your order online or contact your local restaurant to make an order for takeaway.