The Fish Bowl Menu & Price List (Update 2022)

Fishbowl Poke Co began with two friends who shared a passion for sushi. Going to various sushi places every week was a common thing for us. When we began to see Poke establishments popping up everywhere, We decided to try them try – and the rest is history.

Sushi can be costly to frequent and we quickly realized Poke could be a viable alternative for only a fraction of the cost. We were enthralled by Poke and quickly realized that we wanted to share this experience with as many people as we could. Thus, Fishbowl Poke Co was created – a sushi option for everyone.

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Do you remember the time The Fish Bowl was established in 2016 and the throngs of customers believed that it would be a Japan-fusion saga? Yes, we do. This blunder confirms The Fish Bowl as being the first profitable poke restaurant in Klang Valley since the idea of poke bowls drew the attention of numerous Malaysians at the time.

They started the popularity of the poke bowl that isn’t yet gone after four years, and other restaurants quickly followed in their footsteps.

In the same way, The Fish Bowl’s menu has changed from its beginning offering more diverse options, colors,s, and dietary preferences to the menu. Let’s look at the menu, do we?

Choose A Base
(Pick 1)
White Rice
White Rice (No Greens)  
Brown Rice
Brown Rice (No Greens)  
Baby Greens  
Quinoa (No Greens)  
Pesto Rice
Pesto Rice (No Greens)  
Cauliflower Rice  
Truffle Mushroom Rice
Choose Your Protein
Shoyu Salmon (Raw)
Avocado Miso Salmon (Raw)
Spicy Sriracha Salmon (Raw)
Cooked Miso Salmon
Extra Scoop +8.00
Tuna Shoyu Tuna (Raw)
Spicy Shoyu Tuna (Raw)
Extra Scoop +8.00
Chicken (Honey Herbs) 15.90  
Extra Scoop +5.00
Chicken Preeka 15.90  
Extra Scoop +5.00
Shrimp (Garlic) 20.90  
Extra Scoop +8.00
Green Chili Shrimp 20.90
Crustaceans (Soft Shell Crab) 28.90
Tofu (Vegan) 13.90  
Extra Scoop +5.00
Unagi (Teriyaki) 35.90
Chickpea Broccoli Fritters (Vegetarian) 15.90  
Extra Scoop +5.00
Tempeh (Vegan) 15.90  
Extra Scoop +5.00
Grilled Chicken Breast 15.90  
Extra Scoop +5.00
Choose Sauce
(Pick 1 to 2)
No Sauce  
Lime Aioli    
Gar-Gar (Garlic Sauce)  
Herby Lime (Vegan)  
Sesame Miso (Vegan)
Choose 4 Sides
Japanese Cucumber  
Cherry Tomatoes  
Pickled Beetroot  
Pickled Radish  
Pickled Cucumber
Add-On Side Extra sides 1.00
Choose Your Unlimited Toppings
Sesame Seeds  
Fried Shallots  
Fried Garlic Chips  
Seaweed Flakes  
Green Onions  
Chili Flakes  
Fish Roe  
Sunflower Seeds  
Pumpkin Seeds  
Flax Seeds  
Chia Seeds
Premium Add-On
Poached Egg  
Parmesan Crisps(Contains Milk)  
Salmon Skin  
Button Mushroom

Classic Poké

Tantalising Tuna Spicy tuna, white rice/brown rice/greens, cucumber,
pineapple, corns, onions, furikake, green onions, seaweed flakes,
fish roe & baby-Racha sauce.
Donsocrabby Softshell crab, white rice/brown rice/greens, shallots,
mangoes, cucumber, carrots, furikake, seaweed flakes,
fish roe and gar-gar sauce.
Amazing Teriyaki unagi, white rice/brown rice/greens, cucumber,
carrots, pineapple, almonds, pumpkin seeds, furikake, seaweed flakes,
fish roe, teriyaki, and gar-gar sauce.
Miso hungry White rice/brown rice/greens, miso salmon, shallots, corns,
seaweed salad, mangoes, seaweed flakes, furikake, fish roe,
sesame seeds and lime aioli sauce.
Aloha Salmon White rice/brown rice/greens, Shoyu salmon, cucumber,
pineapples, corns, onions, furikake, green onions, seaweed flakes,
fish roe and gar-gar sauce.
Hawaiian Tofu White rice/brown rice/greens, tofu, corns, cucumber,
cherry tomatoes, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds,
flax seeds and herby lime sauce.
Curvy Beauty White rice/brown rice/greens, garlic shrimp, shallots, mangoes,
edamame, carrots, garlic chips, green onions, furikake,
sesame seeds and gar-gar sauce.
One Herbs Chic White rice/brown rice/greens, honey herbs chicken, pineapples,
edamame, carrots, pickled cucumber, seaweed flakes,
furikake, fish roe, and gar-gar sauce.


Beet It
Beetroot kombucha.
Markisa Breeze
Passion fruit kombucha.
Lite Green
Green tea kombucha.
Kale, spinach, apple, and passion fruit.
Carrot, apple, and passion fruit.
Beetroot, carrot, apple, lemon, and ginger.
Drinking-Water 2.50


For the month of October (2020), The Fish Bowl is providing full-hearted support to Breast Cancer awareness with a brand new drink that is limited in its run: the Health Tonic, consisting of turmeric as well as black pepper, ginger, honey, lemon as well as coconut water. With every bottle you purchase, The Fish Bowl will donate RM2 towards The Pink Ribbon Wellness (L) Foundation.

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History of The Fish Bowl

As we mentioned earlier, The Fish Bowl was founded by its The Fish Bowl’s founder Aaron Lim in 2016 as Malaysia’s first-ever premium poke restaurant. The first outlet was just outside of Sunway University and was a success among students at university within a short time. Nowadays, The Fish Bowl has 10 other outlets spread throughout Klang Valley. Klang Valley serves fresh healthy, nutritious, and delicious poke bowls that are a hit with the tastes of the locals.

Aaron an undergraduate in hospitality told us that he was finding it difficult to find healthy food for a healthy person in Malaysia. We’re with you, Aaron. 2016 was not a very healthy time. He decided to introduce Hawaiian poke bowls into the United States after he stumbled upon that the salad-based option was popular in other countries. Since the time, The Fish Bowl has been encouraging healthy eating among younger people and the older generation and has proven that healthy food isn’t all that bad. can be a cause for sleep.


Monday 11:00am9:30pm
Tuesday 11:00am9:30pm
Wednesday 11:00am9:30pm
Thursday 11:00am9:30pm
Friday 11:00am9:30pm
Saturday 11:00am9:30pm
Sunday 11:00am9:30pm


(818) 527-1034

 Hours 12:00PM – 10:00PM (Due to Covid-19)

18427 Nordhoff St – Ste B Northridge, CA 91325

About Fishbowl

Fishbowl is a fast-food restaurant with a Japanese theme. salad bar situated in the west in Collin Street in Melbourne’s CBD. It serves traditional Japanese food and Australian seafood with a relaxed setup. Nathan Dalah and his two companions Nic Pestalozzi, and Casper Ettelson founded Fishbowl in the year 2016 when they were still students at the University of Melbourne. The chain began in a tiny 30-square-meter location within Bondi and has expanded to 14 locations throughout Melbourne in Australia and Sydney Australia in the present.

The idea of creating the salad bar was born after Dalah was introduced to a different method to serve poke (Hawaiian raw fish) during one of his visits across America. The United States. He spent a great deal of time studying and testing with various combinations of salads as well as other Japanese dishes that incorporate the tastes that people enjoy and are able to prepare in fast-food restaurants. The idea is to offer custom-made salads similar to those served in fast-food restaurants, but healthier than fast food.

The Fishbowl menu includes bowls with Australian fish and tuna, as well as beef chicken, as well as vegetarian options to select. It is a Japanese salad bar that has the well-known poke fish as the main feature of its menu.

They offer the finest poké bowls in Sydney featuring the best and freshest salads, as well as fish sushi. Fishbowls serve the finest poke bowl that has the added benefit of a Japanese twist. Their method of making the food bowls is their advantage over other eateries. You can select from konbu rice, brown rice cabbage, or glass noodles for the basis. To get protein, choose from tuna, salmon, kingfish, and tofu. Add vegetables that include wasabi, toasted coconut, and macadamia nuts for a complete set.

The O.G. salmon sashimi, shallots sesame dressing, kale and Edamame, and seaweed are just a few of the dishes you must try from the restaurant. The whole Fishbowl menu was designed in order to cook and serve food that is quick and easy. Fishbowl is the type of restaurant that will leave you feeling healthy, satisfied, and full for a low cost.

Fishbowl Menu and Prices

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Fishbowl FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions 🙋

What is the fishbowl concept? 🙋

👉 Fishbowl is an approach to organize large- and medium-sized-group discussions. Students are divided between an outer and inner circle. Within the circle also known as a fishbowl participate in an open discussion. Students within the circle on the other side attend to the conversation and write notes.

Is fishbowl healthy? 🙋

👉 Is Fishbowl Healthy? Yes, absolutely. The ingredients are all fresh and the fish is an excellent source of healthy fats that we don’t consume enough of, and salads are loaded with veggies. The only thing you need to be conscious of is the amount of sodium when you’re eating food made with a soy sauce/shoyu basis because it is extremely high in sodium.

Is it Fishbowl or a fishbowl? 🙋

👉 Word is a form of fishbowls
The fishbowl can be described as a glass vessel that you can use to have fish for pets. … it was around one where Samson the goldfish was able to spend his time. The term fishbowl is used to refer to a location or an event that is open for scrutiny.

Where did Fishbowl come from? 🙋

👉 The history of the fishbowl begins in the Romans before 1300 AD within China. In the past, the Chinese were still developing the Goldfish that we have to this day. They kept the ponds filled with Goldfish in their homes. They would have huge ceramic bowls that had beautiful fish designs inside and outside.

Is the fishbowl app legit? 🙋

👉 From sharing your thoughts and experiences to seeking professional guidance, Fishbowl is truly one of the only safe spots within the legal profession. You can really be connected to others in the field, at times when connections are especially difficult to be found.

Who owns the fishbowl? 🙋

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👉 The San Francisco-based Fishbowl was established in the year 2016 with the help of Matt Sunbulli as well as Loren Appin It has just $8 million in funding according to PitchBook data. The investors include an impressive array of investors, which includes Binary Capital, GGV, Lerer Hippeau Ventures, and Scott Belsky.

Are tuna poke bowls healthy? 🙋

👉 Tuna that is raw is generally safe if properly managed and stored to remove parasites. Tuna is extremely nutritious, however, due to the high levels of mercury in some species, it is recommended to consume tuna raw in moderation.


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