GameStop Price Match & Price Adjustment Policy 2022 ❤️

The recent surge in both Gamestop’s offline and online sales has propelled the company to the forefront of recent news stories.

As a result of the surge of new customers, a great number of people have been conducting internet searches to determine whether or not the GameStop price match policy is still in effect. If that’s the kind of information you’re looking for, you’re about to get a crash course in their policies.

Does Gamestop Price Match?

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Customers of Gamestop have lately reported that the company has begun matching the prices of its rivals in-store. GameStop will adjust the prices of its titles if a competitor sells the same video game product at a lower price. The only exceptions to this rule are flash deals and bundles, which will continue to function exactly as they have in the past.

About GameStop Price Match Policy

GameStop’s freshly established management team together with their newly appointed chairman, Ryan Cohen, who is also the founder of Chewy, have been making strides in the business with the help of GameStop’s new chairman.

It has been many years since the corporation has changed its ways, and the common belief is that this is due to the fact that the company has been handled by individuals who are unfamiliar with the gaming sector.’s original creator, Ryan Cohen, has been promoted to the position of chairman of the board, where he will hopefully usher in a new era for the firm that will prevent it from going bankrupt due to its own mismanagement. Price matching is certainly a good start, and maybe it will lead to more business for the brand as a whole.

Regarding the Price Match Policy of GameStop, it should be noted that GameStop does not compete in any way with the prices offered by other retailers. But if you bought it from and it wasn’t part of online exclusive promotion, you can ask for a price adjustment on the item you bought there.

Additionally, if you attempt to compare the price of the new goods to the price of the previously possessed product. A claim for a prorated refund is not something that can be made under the GameStop Price Adjustment Policy in such a scenario. Do you still not understand? No need to worry, just read the following example to better understand the policy.

It is possible to find a product for a lesser price in physical stores than it is to purchase it online on occasion. Customers in the stores can take advantage of this limited-time offer for a special discount on purchases because it is only made available on rare occasions.

As a result of this, we draw the conclusion that it is not possible to alter the price of a product that was bought in-store when some special offers are given at the time of the purchase of the product that was bought online.

What Is Price Matching? 

Matching a competitor’s price on an identical product and compensating the customer for the difference in price by offering cash refunds or vouchers is an example of price matching. This is a tried-and-true method that a great number of businesses rely on to provide clients with the most bang for their buck.

If a consumer finds an identical product at a lower price at a competitor like Target, for example, GameStop will offer them a partial refund. Customers will subsequently be able to acquire these reduced prices without having to visit an additional website, shop, or store.

Does GameStop Price Match Online? 

At this time, GameStop will not match any of the pricing seen on the internet. This also includes matching the prices of other gaming online stores on GameStop’s website so customers could find the best deal possible. They are beginning with traditional brick-and-mortar stores before maybe expanding their operations online in the near future.

Does GameStop Price Match Amazon? 

GameStop does not match the prices of products sold on Amazon, mostly due to the fact that the resell market often causes Amazon’s prices to be artificially inflated. Having said that, GameStop’s price matching is still in its infancy, and there is a possibility that it will be expanded in the near future to include Amazon.

Does GameStop Price Match Target? 

When it comes to products that are identical to those sold at Walmart, GameStop will match Walmart’s prices. However, GameStop does sell a wide variety of gaming and electrical products, including special edition pre-owned items, which are most likely not going to be accessible in your local Walmart. As a result, the possibility of GameStop and Walmart matching prices is extremely low.

Pricing Of The Product

Pricing policies at GameStop are as follows:

  • Prices are listed in U.S. dollars regardless of where you are.
  • It’s possible that at first, the price of some pre-orders will be an estimate.
  • Store Prices may be different from what is listed online.
  • You make a purchase, and in the event that the cost of that item goes up, you will be notified of the change. You will then be given the option to either cancel the order or pay the price difference before it is processed.
  • In the event that the price of pre-purchase drops between the time you place your order and the point at which it is shipped to you, we will refund the difference. You will find that the price that you are paying is far cheaper than before.

GameStop Pre-ordered Product

When a product is pre-ordered, it generally indicates that the item has not yet been made available to the general public. But if you pre-order a thing, it means that you are guaranteed to receive it whenever it is eventually made available for purchase. You should not worry about not getting it.

The date that is provided in a list for a Pre-ordered product is often the date that the product will be picked up from the vendor and shipped to you. The GameStop Price Adjustment Policy is implemented during this phase of the process. If there are any price changes between the time you place your order and the time your goods is delivered to you, one of two things will happen: either you will receive a discount or you will be charged extra.

Shipping in 24 hrs (Available now)

Whenever you place an order for the product, provided that it is readily available for instant shipment. Your order will be handled within twenty-four hours at the earliest, though it may be done sooner than that depending on the circumstances.

Once your transaction has been finalized, the shipping option that you choose will be the primary factor in determining how long it will take for you to get your merchandise.

Backordered Product

When you see the phrase “back ordered product,” it signifies that the item you wish to buy is now out of stock and will be shipped to you as soon as it becomes available. On the other hand, GameStop has already submitted an order to the provider. It is difficult to estimate when these goods will be shipped out.

Your order and payment will be processed after GameStop has received more stock of an identical product and has verified its availability. Once more, the time it takes for the product to arrive at your location is going to be decided by the mode of shipping that you select.

Out of stock

The item that you are interested in purchasing is from however it is not currently sold there. However, you can get the same thing at the store, and there is a possibility that you will be able to place an order for the same product via the internet in the not-too-distant future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does GameStop price match now?

On the Gamestop website, there is no indication that the company does any sort of price-matching or price adjustment. Despite this, a number of websites on the internet, such as Screenrant and Fantavision, report that Gamestop matches prices in their physical stores, despite the fact that they do not practice this policy online.

Can you price match Walmart with GameStop?

It’s possible that you’re looking at a number of various stores to find the greatest pricing on video games, and as a result, you’re curious about whether or not Walmart will price match Gamestop. We regret to inform you that Walmart does not currently match the prices offered by Gamestop.

Does GameStop have buy 2 get 1 free?

Here is the information that you require. It was at GameStop. The Buy 2, Get 1 promotion is just as simple as it sounds. If you purchase two games, you will be able to select one free title with a value that is equal to or lower than the cheapest of the two games you have already paid for.

How do you price match?

The following are some general pointers for successfully matching prices:

  • Check to see that all of the things are the same…
  • Maintain a local focus…
  • Always be ready to provide evidence…
  • You should anticipate that certain sales won’t be included…
  • Check the in-stock status. …
  • Be aware that the operations of stores that sell exclusively online varies…
  • Extra hint: If you watch the screen at checkout, you might be able to acquire something for free.

What is the return policy for GameStop?

You have thirty days from the date of your purchase in-store or the arrival of your shipment to return or exchange an item unless one of the exclusions is listed below. You are able to return the majority of things in our stores, on our website, or by phoning our customer care at 1-800-883-8895. Please submit either your in-store receipt or the order number from in order for us to process your return.

What is Walmart’s price match policy?

The policy of Walmart to match competitors’ prices not only gives customers the opportunity to save money but also strengthens their commitment to the Walmart brand. In a nutshell, according to Walmart’s price match policy, the company will meet or beat the price of competing offers from select online retailers or if the online retailer or is selling identical products at a lower price.

Who owns GameStop?

Barnes & Noble maintained its control over the newly public firm by maintaining a 67% stake in the outstanding shares and a 95% stake in the voting shares. Up until October 2004, Barnes & Noble maintained control of GameStop. However, in that month, it handed up its 59% investment in GameStop to the shareholders of Barnes & Noble, so allowing GameStop to become an independent corporation.

Gamestop Price Match


At this time, products sold at GameStop can only have their prices matched in-store; they cannot be matched online. They will match the lowest price if the product is being sold at its basic price without any additional sales or discounts linked to it. However, they will only match prices against a reputable competitor or game retailer and not against a third party or a local retailer.

It is just a matter of time until GameStop extends its price matching policy to include online businesses, given that the company has evolved on a path that places a greater emphasis on online purchasing since the hiring of new management.

Get in touch with the GameStop location closest to you and inquire about the price-matching policy they have in place. Who could say? You have the opportunity to find a satisfying bargain for yourself!