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Goldilocks Cake Menu Philippines 2022

Established in 1966, Goldilocks operates a baker’s chain in the Philippines that offers cakes and other pastries.

However, it’s not easy to locate Goldilocks Cakes Menu and prices easily on their site.

Today I’m going to present to you with a complete Goldilocks cake menu, including prices, based on their official website.

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Goldilocks Cakes Menu Goldilocks Cakes Prices

Top Picks For You

Princess Birthday Choco 9″ Round ₱495
Avengers Birthday Choco 9″ Round ₱495
Princess Birthday Marble 9″ Round ₱495
Minnie Birthday Choco 9″ Round ₱495
Avengers Birthday Marble 9″ Round ₱495
Spiderman Birthday Marble 9″ Round ₱495
Minnie Birthday Marble 9″ Round ₱495
Spiderman Birthday Choco 9″ Round ₱495

Happy Summer Bundles

HSB1: Greeting Cake (8×12) and Butter Puto ₱659
HSB2: Greeting Cake (8×12) and Fluffy Mamon Bitbit 6s ₱659
HSB3: Whole Roll and Ube Cheese Puto ₱439

Premium Cake 8×12

Chocolate Mousse 8×12 ₱825

Disney Birthday Cake

Mickey Birthday Choco 9″ Round ₱495
Mickey Birthday Marble 9″ Round ₱495
Minnie Birthday Choco 9″ Round ₱495
Minnie Birthday Marble 9″ Round ₱495
Princess Birthday Choco 9″ Round ₱495
Princess Birthday Marble 9″ Round ₱495
Avengers Birthday Choco 9″ Round ₱495
Avengers Birthday Marble 9″ Round ₱495
Spiderman Birthday Choco 9″ Round ₱495
Spiderman Birthday Marble 9″ Round ₱495

Premium Cakes 8 Round

Black Forest Cake ₱638
Chocolate Caramel Decadence Cake ₱616
Chocolate Cherry Torte ₱638
Chocolate Mousse Cake ₱594
Double Dutch Cake ₱572
Classic Sansrival ₱792
Royal Fudge Cake with Toblerone ₱638
All About Chocolate Cake ₱726
Blushing Hearts Cake ₱638

Premium Cake Petite

Chocolate Mousse Petite ₱385

Top Picks For You

Pastel Blooms Mocha 8×12 with Filling ₱572
Pastel Blooms Marble 8×12 with Filling ₱572
Pastel Blooms Choco 8×12 with Filling ₱572
Celebrate Mocha 8×12 with Filling ₱572
Celebrate Marble 8×12 with Filling ₱572
Celebrate Choco 8×12 with Filling ₱572
Balloons Mocha 8×12 with Filling ₱594
Balloons Marble 8×12 with Filling ₱594
Balloons Choco 8×12 with Filling ₱594
Unicorn Mocha 8×12 with Filling ₱594
Unicorn Marble 8×12 with Filling ₱594
Unicorn Choco 8×12 with Filling ₱594

Greeting Cakes – Dual/Triple 8×12

Triple Delight 8×12 ₱770
Luscious Caramel 8×12 ₱770

Greeting Cakes – Classic 9 Round

Pastel Blooms Mocha 9″ Round ₱396
Pastel Blooms Marble 9″ Round with Filling ₱396
Pastel Blooms Choco 9″ Round with Filling ₱396

Greetings Cake – Dual/Triple 9 Round

Luscious Caramel 9″ Round ₱550

Whole Rolls

Chocolate Whole Roll ₱330
Chocolate Overload Whole Roll ₱341
Classic Mocha Whole Roll ₱330
Dulce De Leche Whole Roll ₱330

Half Rolls

Dulce De Leche Half Roll ₱220


Vanilla Taisan Loaf ₱182
Crema De Fruta Small ₱297
Crema De Fruta Big ₱534

Native Cakes

Cathedral Window ₱237
Cathedral Window Singles ₱77
Leche Flan ₱297
Classic Puto ₱88
Butter Puto ₱88
Ube Puto ₱99
Eggpie ₱275
Butter Macaroons 12s ₱61
Butter Macaroons 28s ₱121
Ube Cheese Puto ₱109

Loaf Bread

Egg & Milk Bread ₱77
Sandwich Bread ₱71
Wheaten Bread ₱82
Dinner Roll ₱60

Sweet Bread

Monay ₱71
Mongo Loaf ₱61
Ube Loaf ₱61

Meat Filled

Chicken Pie ₱54

Polvoron – Box

Assorted Polvoron Box ₱220
Classic Polvoron Box ₱176
Cashew Polvoron Box ₱143
Cookies n Cream Polvoron Box ₱143
Peanut Polvoron Box ₱143
Pinipig Polvoron Box ₱143
Ube Polvoron Box ₱143

Polvoron Pouch

Assorted Polvoron 12s ₱72
Classic Polvoron 10s ₱99
Cashew Polvoron 10s ₱62
Cookies n Cream Polvoron 10s ₱62
Peanut Polvoron 10s ₱62
Pinipig Polvoron 10s ₱62
Ube Polvoron ₱62


Cheesy Taisan ₱94
Classic Brownies Box ₱253
Classic Brownies Big ₱50
Classic Brownies Small ₱28
Chiffon Cake Slice ₱29
Double Dutch Cake Slice ₱29
Butter Cake Slice ₱29
Chocolate Cake Slice ₱29
Marble Cake Slice ₱29
Mocha Marble Cake Slice ₱29
Fluffy Mamon ₱24
Special Fluffy Mamon ₱29
Sugar-Free Mamon ₱32
Mocha Mamon ₱26
Ube Mamon ₱26
Banana Muffin ₱40
Blueberry Muffin ₱40
Cinnamon Roll ₱33
Cheesy Ensaymada ₱30
Ube Ensaymada ₱40
Chocolate Chip Cookies ₱50
Raisin Oatmeal Cookies ₱50
Mongo Hopia ₱72
Pork Hopia ₱72
Ube Ensaymada Hugs ₱132
Cheese Ensaymada Hugs ₱109

Bitbit – 3s

Cheesy Ensaymada Bitbit 3s ₱86
Fluffy Mamon Bitbit 6s ₱66

Bitbit – 6s

Cheesy Ensaymada Bitbit 6s ₱171
Fluffy Mamon Bitbit 6s ₱132


Caramel Popcorn Big ₱33
Nutty Caramel Popcorn ₱22

Pinoy Deli – Food Selections

FS Beef Caldereta with Rice ₱109
FS Korean Beef with Rice ₱109
FS Pork Dinuguan with Garlic Rice ₱109
FS BL Chicken BBQ & Liang with Rice ₱109
FS Kare Kare with Rice ₱109
FS Chicken Teriyaki with Rice ₱109

Goldilocks Cake Menu Updated In July 2022

In addition to their Greeting Cakes, which are now available as Ube as well as Strawberry flavor, Goldilocks has got you covered with their Greeting Cakes, which are now available as Ube as well as Strawberry varieties. These brand new Greeting Cake flavors will be available in the form of Pastel Blooms Cakes

 goldilocks cake slice pack price

Its Ube pastel Blooms Cake (P495/9-inch round cake and P759/8×12 inches) includes 2 layers of Ube chiffon, with lavender and ube buttercream icing between the layers, and the icing is applied across the cake. The cake is decorated using a look of rope-like vanilla buttercream borders and vivid floral icings on top.

 goldilocks cake 2 layers price

The Strawberry Pastel Blooms Cake (P495/9-inch round cake and P759/8×12 inches) includes two cakes of strawberry chiffon that have strawberry cream icing sandwiched between, and across the exterior of the cake. Similar to its predecessor, the Ube Pastel Blooms cake, it’s further decorated with vanilla and bright icing flowers.

 goldilocks dedication cake price

Berry best with new Goldilocks Strawberry Greeting Cake

Spread love and affection with the brand new Strawberry Greeting Cake by Goldilocks the nation’s most popular bakery.

Two delicious layers of strawberry chiffon, bonded with dazzling strawberry buttercream and finished with more pastel blooms than ever before. This new greeting cake comes with a nine” round cake as well as an 8X12 rectangular size, which gives you the space you require to write your messages directly from your heart.

Goldilocks Strawberry

The designs of cakes have changed throughout the years, as well from intricate fondant designs to plain cakes (yes it’s a word). However, Goldilocks is the only company that has maintained the same look of the classic cake in their premium Cakes line.

It’s true that the Tres Leches (P580) appear lighter but don’t interpret that as a signal to drink it down as you would for a standard vanilla Chiffon cake. If you’re a fan of fruits and mangoes, you can pick one of the cakes: Choco Mango (P680) or a choco cake made of fudge with mango balls for toppings, coated with mango glaze, or Strawberry Cream Cake (P580),

Which is more delicious? Goldilocks as well as red ribbon?

Red Ribbon has the most delicious cheddar topping, and Goldilocks bread base is the best. … Ribbons made of red are less heavy and sweet. They are all focussed on cheese. Goldilocks is more substantial and richer and offers a greater balance between salty and sweet.

About Goldilocks cakes

Goldilocks’ roots can be traced back to 1966, when two sisters from the Philippines, Clarita Leelin Go, and Milagros Leelin Yee, opened their first Goldilocks shop on the ground floor of a three-story building.
Building along Pasong Tamo Street, Makati. Goldilocks opened its first store in America a decade later.
Los Angeles. In 1991, Goldilocks started a franchising program that resulted in the opening of hundreds of franchises.
Goldilocks’ stores in Metro Manila, Philippines. This brings us back to the collaborative talents and complementary talents of these women, whose love for good food has fuelled the transformation into today’s global enterprise.

Goldilocks Opening Times

Monday 7 AM – 9 PM
Tuesday 7 AM – 9 PM
Wednesday 7 AM – 9 PM
Thursday 7 AM – 9 PM
Friday 7 AM – 9 PM
Saturday 7 AM – 9 PM
Sunday 7 AM – 9 PM

Goldilocks Delivery Information

Use own website to order online.

Is Goldilocks delivery free?

Fixed delivery charge of P50. All transactions are subject to a 00.

Order Goldilocks Delivery Online from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM daily Orders above Php 2000.00 must be placed at least 2 hours in advance,

Goldilocks Contact Information

Contact Number: 8888-1-999




Goldilocks Locations Near Me


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FAQs – Goldilocks Cakes Prices

What is the size of the Goldilocks round cake?

A Goldilocks Greeting Cake is perfect for any occasion. Our Luscious Caramel Greeting Cake will make your celebrations even bigger. You now have the option to purchase our Mocha 12×12″ or Chocolate 12×12″, which offer more options and sizes. Delivery costs may vary.

Can I pay Goldilocks online?

Cash payment will be made upon receipt of the order. Cashless payment (credit card or debit card) is possible on-site. However, credit card payments may not be made within 24 hours. A redirection to a third-party payment gateway will be required for cashless payments on-site.

Which cake is better Red Ribbon or Goldilocks?

Red Ribbon’s cheese is lighter and sweeter than Red Ribbon’s. It is all about the cheese. Goldilocks is richer, heftier, and has a better balance of sweet and salty. This makes it difficult to choose the winner.

Does Goldilocks make custom cakes?

We can customize a cake. The price of your cake will vary depending on the size, flavor, and design you choose. We recommend ordering customized cakes at least 5-7 days prior to your event.

How big is a petite cake?

300gm Cake Size 11cm in Width and 7cm High Packaged in a white box 15cm long, 15cm wide and 12.5cm high tied with a ribbon

How do you send Goldilocks?

You are ordering from Goldilocks Delivery Hotline – 8888-1999, and you will be sure to get the best Pinoy products. Go Delivery is a great way to set the mood, no matter the time of day. Send your love back home.

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