Graveyard Halloween Brownies Recipes

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These easy Graveyard Halloween Brownies are the ideal fun and spooky dessert for your next event! All you need are Milano cookies, chocolate brownies candy pumpkins, and some frosting.

I’m a huge lover of desserts for Halloween, but they must be easy and simple enough for my children to assist with! Our top Halloween recipes with only a few items are the Chocolate Chip Spider Cookies, Witches Hat Halloween Cupcakes along with Pizzas for Halloween.

Do you agree with us that the Graveyard Halloween Brownies are about as adorable and as easy as they come? They’re evidence that you don’t have to be a professional baker or own any equipment that is special to make an amazing scary Halloween-themed dessert!

I love a dessert for Halloween that is as delicious as it looks, and it doesn’t require me to spend all day in the kitchen! My children especially enjoy these tasty Halloween brownies and they get lots of praise at Halloween celebrations.

You’ll need:

  • A pan of brownies baked
  • Milano Cookies – based on the thickness of your brownies it is possible to cut one of the ends so that”the “headstone” is less long.
  • Black decorating gel
  • Candy pumpkins
  • Green buttercream frosting

Bake the brownies first. You can prepare the batter using scratch or choose a pre-made mix (the Ghirardelli brand is great). I’ve used the following chocolate brownie recipe however I divided the batter in half so that I can bake the brownies within eightx8″ pan. Line the cake pan using parchment, so that you can take the brownies from the pan after baking for easier cutting.

Then, you can make use of the gel pen in black to write the word R-IP at the bottom of the Milano cookie. (You will be able to purchase the gel pens at your local grocery store within the bakery aisle). It is possible to try it out using a scrap sheet of paper prior to starting.

The cookie should be pressed into the brownie near the edge of the top. You can cut a half” off the lower part of the cookies prior to pressing the cookies into brownies to avoid having to allow the “headstones” to stand up to the height of your choice.

Spread a small amount of green frosting on the sides of candy pumpkins. put them in the vicinity of the headstone of the cookie.

That’s it! You’ve baked a gorgeous Halloween brownie that tastes just as delicious as it appears!

Why This Recipe Works

  • They’re simple and quick to prepare.
  • Brownie Mix brownies smell like homemade brownies and are especially delicious with a chewy texture.
  • You can make use of the pre-made decorative icing or create your own icing using whatever works best for you.
  • This is an excellent chance to bring your children into cooking and let them assist decorate the kitchen too.

Ingredient Notes

There are only a few ingredients to make Halloween graveyard brownies…

  • Brownies Are sure to select the brownie mixture which will yield brownies that are simple to cut and remove from the pan. Nothing too messy, or gooey. I suggest using brownies that resemble cake or are chewy (preferably chewy) which won’t be as gooey, and can effortlessly pop out from the pan.
  • Decorating Icing You’ll require to purchase black in addition to green. It is usually available in the baking section or in the cake decorating aisle of the supermarket. If you decide to buy pre-made cakes, make sure that it is made with a fine enough tip. Or, you could attach a tip to make letters to the “gravestone.” For those who don’t wish to purchase frosting, you can make cookies at home and then divide the frosting into two bowls and then mix with green and black food coloring. I utilized Wilton Kelly’s green and Black coloring for the icing.
  • Oreo Cookies Cookies made of HTML0 -These require crushing.
  • Milano Cookies Milano Cookies HTML0 They’ll have to be cut or even broken into half to make graves for cookies. I like the curvature and shape of Milano Cookies however, you could make other types of cookies such as Oreo Cookies, Graham crackers, chocolate-covered graham, vanilla wafers, and shortbread biscuits.
  • Candy pumpkins The Brach’s Mellowcreme pumpkins are my absolute favorite.

What is Graveyard? Brownies

The first step is mixing into the mix in accordance with the instructions on the package, then bake the brownies and let them cool completely. Cut them into small squares, or as close to the shape of square brownies as possible.

Then to decorate each brownie graveyard, follow these steps:

  • With either pre-made icing or homemade icing made with The Wilton Round Tip (or an equivalent cake tip-off of the brand) along with a tiny pastry bag and add the pumpkin vines (or Squiggles) on the cake’s top by using green frosting.
  • Crush crushed Oreos and sprinkle them on the green frosting.
  • Cut or break the Milano Cookie in half. Use either a pre-made icing recipe or homemade icing made with the Wilton Round Tip 5 (or an equivalent cake tip-off of the brand) along with a smaller pastry bag and apply in the letter R.I.P. using black icing.
  • Pipe black icing over the cut side of Milano Cookie.

  • The “gravestone” to the center of the brownie. sprinkle a smudge of green icing on the bottom of a candy-filled pumpkin and place it upon the “grave.”

Make sure to remember that perfection is not a priority and enjoy the process! While there are additional steps involved in making this brownie, it’s extremely simple to prepare and is a great method to spend a good time together with your children at the table.

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Expert Tips and Recipe FAQ’s

What if I don’t own cake tips or pastry bags?

Don’t worry about it! If you’d like to make homemade icing, cut off the corner of a sandwich bag and fill it with icing, then make a swirl. Works like a charm! You can also make an easy pastry bag from parchment and wax paper.

Can I prepare these in advance?

It is possible to make brownies in advance. However, I’d recommend putting off decorating them until right before the event or party. So that everything is fresh and clean. Due to the substances employed and the way they’re decorated they may be difficult to store properly.

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