Guitar Center Price Match Guarantee & Adjustment Policy

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Guitar Center Price Match is the largest retailer of musical instruments within the United States, and many musicians trust to provide their instruments.

Guitar Center Price Match

Guitar Center has 294 locations across the nation and an impressive online presence. It is important to research the products they offer before purchasing to ensure you find the most affordable price.

We’ll look into Guitar Centre’s policies regarding matching prices and how it could assist you, the buyer.

Guitar Center Price Match Criteria

There are some things to be aware of to take advantage of this policy.

  • Guitar Center only price matches authorized dealers from the USA. That means they can’t match the cost of an item sold by an unlicensed dealer, for example, an individual seller on eBay.
  • Guitar Center has the right to decline to price match an item if they believe it is being offered at a discount. It could be due to the seller not adhering to reasonable pricing guidelines or since the item is sold at a lower price than the price.

In the end, this policy is generally good. Guitar Center’s price match policy is an excellent method to find the most affordable bargain on musical equipment.

Price Match Process

If you’re looking to purchase an item or have already purchased one, Guitar Center will match prices at a lower cost when you locate it at a different store.


  • Take the offer of your competitor to prove the offer. It could originate from a newspaper advertisement or magazine, an authorized U.S. dealer’s catalog, or online media. It is required to show at Guitar Center for the price match.
  • If the products are identical and you meet their requirements, they can offer an exchange for the cost if you’ve purchased the product. If, however, you are still waiting to make the purchase, they’ll lower the price to meet the price offered by the competitor.


If you’ve already purchased something on their site or plan to, you can contact Guitar Center via their live chat support service or by calling 1-866-498-7882.

To access their live chat service, go to their website and click on the Help icon in your browser’s lower right corner. The option is accessible:

  • Monday – Friday: 5 AM-9 PM
  • Saturday – Sunday 6 AM-7 PM (pacific)

Guitar Center Price Match Exclusions

There are a few things for which Guitar Center will not price match. They include:

  • Products that are missing product codes or identifiers
  • Exclusive models
  • Open-box items
  • Items on sale
  • Bundles
  • Everything you get in exchange for nothing
  • Materials for promotion or other items
  • Limited Quantity Items
  • Factory Second

It is also important to know that Guitar Center will not price-match an item when an authorized retailer runs a temporary offer.

  price match policy

This a good video that explains five Guitar Center hacks, including price matching. Duration: 8:41.

Guitar Center offers a 45-day price match guarantee on their merchandise and services, meaning that Guitar Center will beat the cost of any item that a competitor sells.

They offer not only an array of merchandise and accessories but also the most competitive prices. So, whether you’re searching for a brand-new guitar or new accessories, Guitar Center is the location to be.

The typical things

  • The products have to match and be identical in every way.
  • The product should be accessible to purchase at Guitar Center and the competitor.
  • Closeouts, bundles, rebates, etc., do not match prices.


  • Guitar Center will not offer price matching on demo items, hand-me-downs, or items that have been opened or used.
  • If an item is offered through Guitar Center on a different site, it is not qualified for a price match.
  • Bring the original advertisements along with the receipts; photocopies are not accepted.


Guitar Center has a generous 45-day price match policy that is only offered to authorized US dealers.

It gives the buyer plenty of time to shop around to see if they can discover a better deal than the one you can price to match.

Make note of any exclusions that are not any more restrictive than the norm.


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