Oreo Brownies Recipe for Halloween


Oreo Brownies Recipe for Halloween: If you’re searching for a simple recipe that’s fantastic for October, don’t skip the one below. Oreo Brownie recipe for Halloween.

Who couldn’t like brownies? They show that you can incorporate a lot of tasty things to make something that was so awesome.

Oreo Layered Halloween Brownies Recipe

These are the best brownies because they are gooey, moist, and have a little crunch from the Oreos.

They have layers and look very rich, but they’re actually very easy to make. This recipe for Oreo Layered Halloween Brownies will be a hit.

Oreo Brownies Recipe for Halloween

Ingredients for Oreo Brownies

  • Brownie Mix
  • eggs
  • oil
  • milk
  • Oreos with orange filling
  • Milk chocolate frosting
  • White or Vanilla frosting
  • Orange food coloring gel


This easy recipe for Oreo Brownies Recipe for Halloween is a great way to show off the flavor of this delicious root dessert.

It’s a tasty side dish that goes well with most Oreos or candy eyes, and it only takes 30 to 35 minutes to make.


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