Harga Donat Jco Delivery Terbaru Januari 2023

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Harga Donat Jco Delivery –The most popular cereal for most people is probably donat. Donat is typically a leaner variety of ringan food that is also mengenyangkan and bergizi.

Donat can be purchased anywhere, from the nearby warung to the many restaurants that offer this particular food.

who have been loyal customers since J.co Donuts began, the name is already well-known on the street and in stores, aside from the more well-known Dunkin’ Donuts that we are all familiar with.

Donut Jco is a restaurant with a specialty in donuts that can serve up aneka flavours of donuts that are manis, nikmat, and lezat in addition to creating ketagihan.

They have launched the J.co Delivery online service in an effort to reach every JCO donor in Indonesia.

Daftar Harga JCO Donuts Delivery

Delivery Jco Donuts You can call 7996060 if you live in Jakarta, Bekasi, or Tangerang This number is now available throughout Indonesia from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

JCO Donuts has many sweet flavours. Alcapone, Tira Miss U Cheese, Cheese Me Up Oreology, Tira Miss U, Coco Leco, Glazzy, Oreology.

Coco Leco, Crunchy Crunchy Monapisa Monapisa, Glam Forest, Glam Heaven Berry, Heaven Berry Alpukat, Alpukat Why Kacang? What if you’re a JCO customer looking for something new? Favorite JCO?

Donat JCO customers who buy ten lusins for Rp. 47,000 will pay Rp. 15,000 for each shipment. Delivery takes 45 minutes.

But for donut lovers, Jco Donuts is a household name, along with Indonesia’s Dunkin Donuts. Jco Donuts is a specialty donut shop that serves tasty, fast donuts. For all JCO fans in Indonesia and the surrounding area, JCO Delivery is now available.

Harga Donat Jco Delivery

Latest Jco Delivery Donut Price Table 2023

Jco DonatHARGA
1 Box is 2Rp. 16.000
1 Box Isi 3Rp. 24.000
Jco Donuts Setengah lusinRp. 48.000
Jco Donut 1 lusinRp. 86.000
Jco Donut 2 lusinRp. 135.000


Jpops DonatHARGA
JPops (2 lusin)Rp. 49.000
Paket JPOPS + Donat ½ lusinRp. 91.000
Paket JPOPS + Donat 1 lusinRp. 129.000


Minuman JcoffeeHARGA (HOT)HARGA (ICED)
Chocolate Uno (12oz)Rp. 30.000Rp. 30.000
Chocolate Due (16oz)Rp. 34.000Rp. 34.000
Chocolate Tre (20oz)Rp. 38.000Rp. 38.000
Jcoccino Uno (12oz)Rp. 26.000
Jcoccino Due (16oz)Rp. 31.000
Jcoccino Tre (20oz)Rp. 35.000
Caramel Jcoccino Uno (12oz)Rp. 35.000Rp. 35.000
Caramel Jcoccino Due (16oz)Rp. 39.000Rp. 39.000
Caramel Jcoccino Tre (20oz)Rp. 43.000Rp. 43.000
Thai Tea Uno (12oz)Rp. 24.000
Thai Tea Uno (12oz)Rp. 28.000
Thai Tea Uno (12oz)Rp. 32.000

Pembelian dalam jumlah besar (Pesanan Massal) minimal 100 box yang berisi 2 item. Harga per kontainer adalah Rp. 14.700

Pembelian dalam jumlah besar (Pesanan Massal) minimal 100 box donat box isi 3 isi. Biaya per kontainer adalah Rp. 21.000

Ongkos kirim JCOOL untuk pengiriman adalah Rp. 55.000 dan dilengkapi dengan berbagai topping lezat dengan biaya tap topping Rp. 6000. Berikut adalah pilihan teratas: Strawberry Mixed, Oreo, Lychee Jelly, Longan, Mochi, Almond, Choco Caviar, Crunchy, and Nata de Coco.

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Katalog Promo JCO Januari 2023

Jadi, untuk teman-teman yang ingin menikmati donat JCO yang enak dan sedang mempertimbangkan untuk membeli donat JCO, pastikan untuk melihat promosi JCO terbaru di bawah ini (lihat detailnya di gambar):

Silakan cek masa berlaku Promo, syarat dan ketentuan Promo JCO ini DI SINI: https://www.go-jek.com/blog/promo-jco/

Unduh Linkaja.dll. Instal aplikasi Linkaja untuk mendapatkan cashback 50% pada pembelian awal JCO 30000 dan cashback maksimum adalah 30000. Pastikan Anda memeriksa tanggal kedaluwarsa untuk promosi dan membaca syarat dan ketentuan aplikasi ini.

FAQs Harga Donat Jco

Berapa harga donat J.CO sekarang?

Donuts are priced starting at Rp 55.000 for a 1/2 dozen (setengah lusin). Donuts cost as much as Rp 93.000 for a dozen (1 lusin). Prices for two dozen donuts (2 lusin) start at Rp 143,000. The cost of a JPops 2 Dozen (2 lusin Mini Donuts) starts at Rp 55.000.

Berapa harga donat J.CO isi 6?

Harga Donat J.CO Paket Box

1 lusin donat J.CO isi berapa?

Buy 1 lusin isi 12 j co doughnuts on Shopee Indonesia.

Jpop 2 Dzn isi berapa?

In one J.PoPs or Jpops store, two tiny donat-sized lusins with a variety of flavours are available, including heaven berry, meisisipi, avocado, berry spears, blue berrymore, copa banana, oreology, choco loco, alcapone, why nut, tiramisu, glazzy, and others.

Apakah donat J.CO bisa delivery?

In a single container, the J.PoPs or Jpops brand consists of two miniature donats (24 biji) with a variety of flavours, including heaven berry, meisisipi, avocado, berry spears, blue berrymore, copa banana, oreology, choco loco, alcapone, why nut, tiramisu, glazzy, and others as well.

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