Harga Menu Dan Cara Order di Cheese Cake Factory 2022

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The one thing that sets McD apart is their commitment to offering a variety of menu options that are appropriate for a formal setting. In Indonesia, McDonald’s currently offers a Panas menu option that includes nasi putih alongside ayam goreng.

Harga Menu Dan Cheese Cake

Harga Paket Rocket

MenuDetail MenuHarga
Rocket 1(Nasi, Sayap, Es Teh)Rp. 8.625
Rocket 2(Nasi, Chicken Steak, Es Teh)Rp. 12.650
Rocket 3(Chicken Burger, Es Teh)Rp. 9.775
Rocket 4(Nasi, Paha Bawah, Es Teh)Rp. 9.775
Rocket 5(Nasi Goreng, Telor Ceplok, Es Teh)Rp. 12.650
Rocket 6(Nasi, 3 pcs Chicken Strips, Nestea)Rp. 13.800
Rocket 7(Nasi, Dada / Paha Atas, Es Teh)Rp. 13.225
Rocket 8(Nasi, Paha Bawah, Milo)Rp. 12.650
Rocket 9(Nasi, Chicken Steak, Nestea)Rp. 13.800
Rocket 10Rocket 10 (Nasi, Dada / Paha Atas, Nestle Orange)Rp. 14.375

Paket Rocket Kids

MenuDetail MenuHarga
Paket 1(Chicken Cheesy Level, Sayap, Nasi, Es Teh) Level 1 : Pedas

Level 2 : Sangat Pedas

Rp. 11.500
Paket 2(Chicken Cheesy Level, Paha Bawah, Nasi, Es Teh)  Level 1 : PedasLevel 2 : Sangat PedasRp. 12.650
Paket 3(Chicken Cheesy Level, Dada / Paha Atas, Nasi, Es Teh) Level 1 : PedasLevel 2 : Sangat PedasRp. 14.950
Snack Bucket 1Rp. 6.000
Snack Bucket 2Rp. 8.000

Harga Paket Cheesy

MenuDetail MenuHarga
Cheesy 1Chicken Cheesy Level, Nasi, Sayap, Es TehRp. 13.920
Cheesy 2Chicken Cheesy Level, Paha Bawah, Nasi, Es TehRp. 15.080
Cheesy 3Chicken Cheesy Level, Dada/Paha Atas, Nasi, Es TehRp. 17.400

Harga Paket Sehat

MenuDetail MenuHarga
Sehat 1(Nasi, Sayap, Milo)Rp. 10.350
Sehat 2(Chicken Burger, Milo)Rp. 12.650
Sehat 3(Nasi, Dada / Paha Atas, Milo)Rp. 15.525
Sehat 4(Nasi, 3 pcs Chicken Strip, Milo)Rp. 15.525

Harga Paket Roma

MenuDetail MenuHarga
Roma 1(Nasi Goreng, Teh Botol)Rp. 13.800
Roma 2(Nasi, Paha Bawah, Teh Botol)Rp. 12.650
Roma 3(Nasi, Chicken Steak, Teh Botol)Rp. 13.800
Roma 4(Nasi, Dada / Paha Atas, Teh Botol)Rp. 14.375
Roma 5(Nasi, 3 pcs Chicken Strips, Teh Botol)Rp. 14.375

Harga Paket Geprek

MenuDetail MenuHarga
Geprek 1(Sayap Geprek, Nasi, Es Teh)Rp. 12.650
Geprek 2(Paha Bawah Geprek, Nasi, Es Teh)Rp. 13.800
Geprek 3(Dada / Paha Atas Geprek, Nasi, Es Teh)Rp. 16.100

Harga Menu Dan Conculsion

Perhaps this is the only comprehensive information that hargaalat.id can provide for you regarding the prices of the Rocket Chicken menu, ranging from the Rocket Chicken menu to the Cheesy Rocket Chicken menu and everything in between.

Considering that there is a good deal of information about our prices here, I hope the article above is helpful.

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