Menu Terbaru Marugame Udon dan Harga Update 2023

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Harga menu prices Marugame Udon serves Japanese food. Menus here are freshly prepared, served with large platters, and will surely fill you up. Fast and fun service, with comfortable Japanese decor that won’t leave you feeling stuffed.

Niku Udon is the most popular dish at this restaurant. Another favourite of mine is tempura, especially tasty and savoury fish tempura. Below is a list of Marugame Udon’s current menu and prices for 2023.

Harga Menu Marugame Udon 2023

Harga - Menu

Harga Menu Udon Signature

Kamaage Udon Reguler ( 1 orang)Rp. 39.000
Kamaage Udon Family ( 4 orang)Rp. 85.000
Zaru UdonRp. 39.000
Kake UdonRp. 39.000

Harga Menu Udon Sapi

Niku UdonRp. 58.000
Beef Carbonara UdonRp. 54.000
Beef Curry UdonRp. 58.000
Beef Abura Udon (Sesional)Rp. 58.000

Harga Menu Udon Ayam

Hokkaido Miso UdonRp. 54.000
Chicken Katsu Curry UdonRp. 54.000
Abura UdonRp. 48.000
Tori Baitan UdonRp. 52.000
Spicy Baitan UdonRp. 52.000

Harga Menu Udon Tanpa Daging

Ontama Udon (Hot/Cold)Rp. 45.000
Kitsune UdonRp. 45.000
Ebi Mentai Mayo UdonRp. 54.000

Harga Menu Aneka Nasi

Sukiyaki Beef RiceRp. 58.000
Beef Curry RiceRp. 58.000
Chicken Katsu Curry RiceRp. 54.000
Chicken Katsu RiceRp. 54.000
Tendon RiceRp. 54.000
Spicy Tori RiceRp. 54.000

Harga Menu Kits Udon

Kitsune UdonRp. 33.000
Tori Baitan UdonRp. 33.000
Chicken Katsu RiceRp. 33.000
Sukiyaki Beef RiceRp. 33.000

Harga Menu Udon Goreng

Yaki Udon ChickenRp. 50.000
Yaki Udon BeefRp. 55.000
Fried EggRp. 12.000

Harga Menu Aneka Tempura

Ebi TempuraRp. 17.000
Satsuma-ImoRp. 11.000
Chicken KatsuRp. 15.000
Yaki ToriRp. 15.000
Skewered Tofu RollRp. 15.000
TsukuneRp. 15.000
Beef CroquetteRp. 15.000
KakiageRp. 12.000
Nori TempuraRp. 13.000
Skewered ShumaiRp. 14.000
ChikumaRp. 14.000
Egg TempuraRp. 12.000
Taiyaki ManisRp. 14.000
InariRp. 12.000

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In addition to the dishes mentioned above, you may also enjoy Japanese cuisine at Marugame Udon, with dishes like Ebi Tempura, Chikuwa, Itoyori, Chicken Katsu, and a few other options.

Do you believe that the Udon Japan istimewa cita is accurate? It is advised that you visit the nearby Marugame Udon restaurant in your neighbourhood.

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Apa itu Marugame Udon?

The current Marugame Udon is a restaurant owned and operated by the Toridol Corporation that is based in Japan. The name of the Marugame Udon in question is Marugame Saimen, which has been in operation for the past 16 years. The most notable of these is in Indonesia, where the Kini Marugame Udon now has around 1000 uncovered gerai.

Apakah Marugame Udon cepat saji?

Full with Prices and Best Sellers! Marugame Udon is a restaurant that sells Japanese udon noodles. See the most recent menu with prices! Marugame Udon is one of the most popular fast-food restaurants in the area, serving udon from Japan.

Apa itu udon?

Mi alias Udon, which has gained popularity since the Edo period, actually exists in two different varieties: Udon with a kuah khas Kanto that is covered in wavy, asin lines, and Udon with a khas Kansai that is more bening and not quite as asin. If you want to eat here, you don’t need to discuss prices.

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