Harga Menu Pepper Lunch Terbaru (Terupdate 2022)

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Harga Menu Pepper Lunch Terbaru – Steak is the main course of Pepper Lunch, a Japanese ramen restaurant. The concept of this restaurant is “Do It Yourself,” which means that you can specify the level of doneness for the steak you want to eat, ranging from rare to well done.

Harga Menu Pepper Lunch Terbaru

Daftar Menu Pepper Lunch 2022 Beserta Harganya

In addition to its well-known pepper rice menu, which is prepared using a hot plate, Pepper Lunch also offers other dishes like steak, pasta, and dessert. Check out the most recent Pepper Lunch menu here!

Menu Premium Steak

  • The Giant (230g): Rp213.636
  • Prime Tender (160g): Rp166.364
  • Pepper Steak (130g): Rp139.091
  • Diced Cut Steak: Rp139.091 (150g) dan Rp179.091 (200g)

Menu Japanese Classics

  • Teriyaki Chicken with Egg: Rp83.636
  • Teriyaki Double Salmon: Rp123.636
  • Salmon Teriyaki: Rp127.272
  • Beef Sukiyaki: Rp86.364

Menu Combo Specials

  • BBQ Premium Beef & Hamburg: Rp99.091
  • BBQ Premium Beef & Chicken Steak: Rp86.364
  • Salmon & Chicken: RP114.545
  • Double Hamburg Steak with Egg: Rp100.000
  • Diced Cut Steak with Hamburg: Rp111.818
  • Beef Trio Deluxe: Rp133.636
  • Meet Trio Deluxe: RP117.272
  • Ultimate Meat Deluxe: Rp149.091

Menu Teppan Pasta

  • Beef Aglio Olio: Rp74.545
  • Salmon & Chicken Carbonara: Rp79.091
  • Salmon Cream Pasta: Rp81.818

Menu Pepper Rice

  • Jumbo Beef Pepper Rice: Rp91.818
  • Beef Pepper Rice: Rp69.091
  • Chicken Pepper Rice: Rp53.636
  • Salmon Pepper Rice: Rp86.364
  • Beef & Salmon Pepper Rice: Rp83.636
  • Veggie Pepper Rice: Rp42.727

Menu Cheesy Omelette

  • Cheesy Omelette with Chicken: Rp95.454
  • Cheese Omelette with Beef: Rp95.454
  • Cheese Omelette with Hamburg: Rp100.000

Menu Cheese Sizzling Rice

  • Beef & Hamburg: Rp96.364
  • Beef & Chicken: Rp96.364

Menu Side Dish dan Dessert

  • Miso Soup: Rp10.909
  • Steamed Rice: Rp10.909
  • Mashed Potato: Rp10.909
  • Edamame: Rp10.909
  • Chicken Skin: Rp20.000
  • French Fries: Rp20.000
  • Ice Cream (Cream Cheese/Matcha/Black Sesame/Red Bean): Rp18.182
  • Mouse Dessert (Red Velvet/Oreo Cheese/Avo-Choco/Choco Yuzu): Rp18.182
  • Shake Salad (Seaweed/Sesame Chicken/Spicy Tuna): Rp22.727

Menu Minuman

  • Nestea Lemon Tea: Rp13.636
  • Nestea Lemonade: Rp13.636
  • Nestea Blackcurrant: Rp13.636
  • Fanta: Rp13.636
  • Sprite: Rp13.636
  • Coca-cola: Rp13.636
  • Milo: Rp13.636
  • My Tea: Rp13.636
  • Good Mood: Rp13.636
  • Iced Green Tea: Rp10.000
  • Hot Green Tea: Rp10.000
  • Mineral Water: Rp10.000


So this was all about the Harga Menu Pepper Lunch Terbaru and we have also mentioned many other things related to this restaurant.

If you have visited there before or you are going to visit after knowing the Harga Menu Pepper Lunch Terbaru, then don’t forget to give your reviews in the comment section below. Happy Eating…!!!

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