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The In and Out Burger secret menu is one of the most widely recognized in the fast-food industry as it is much more extensive than the others, and offers a variety of variations to burgers, additional items beverages, and treats that you didn’t even realize existed, and menu costs that beat the major competitors. Take a look below:

The wildly popular Animal Fries aren’t available but they are well-known to the general people who eat them. This indulgence is only the menu’s secret for many people, so make sure to scroll down to see the things you’re missing!

In-N-Out is our absolute most loved fast food establishment anywhere in the world! We have a slight bias. It’s California situated and well-known for its super-friendly staff wearing white hats. There isn’t an In-Not storefront that’s not buzzing with a cool relaxed, easygoing energy. The fast-food chain is often included on all tourists’ “must-do” lists when they visit California. It is also worth noting that the establishment was the first one to be recognized for its secret menu!

The In-N’Out secret menu is probably the most well-known fast food industry because of its extensive selection of fast food options, including a variety of hamburger variations and drinks, and other snacks that you may not know about. Here are the most popular foods, snacks, as well as smoothies available on the secret menu.

If you’ve been to In-N-Out previously, you’ve likely benefited from their menu that allows you to customize your standard cheeseburger fries, hamburger, and shakes. But, the choices are more than the basic food items that can be customized.

Let’s look at the top things on the In-N-Out secret menu, so you can enjoy yourself today! and tomorrow. The day following that.

For the most hungry. Add this delicious sauce to your burger gives you pickles, a smattering of In-N’Out’s famous sauce onions grilled, and mustard added to every patty.

2-x-anything The possibilities are limitless. If you’re looking for three patties as well as a slice of cheese, one slice of each cheese and one patties, or simply a plain piece of cheese, all of it is up to you. One person suggests 12-x12 (12 pieces of cheese and 12 patties).

Flying Dutchman Cost: $2.10

Who really needs buns? All you need is cheese and beef. Potatoes and meat. For those who are trying to avoid gluten or wheat, This is the way to enjoy the delicious In-N’Out beef patties without dipping into the carbohydrate-rich sphere of burger buns.

Flying Dutchman Burger, unnoticed by many people, can be a choice that removes the traditional buns from burgers, leaving

Customer with a delicious pile of cheese and meat.

If you’re hungry to indulge, then go for a “DOUBLE” The Flying Dutchman

Beware: this dish could be messy fast. If you don’t want to look like a child eating cake on the 1st birthday of your child Make sure you grab napkins in advance before you go to enjoy this messy feast.

Toasty Buns

You can fry your buns as well, to give some crunch to each bite, and avoid the sogginess that’s bound to follow with the juicy condiments that are piled high.

Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese

cost: $2.35 The cheeseburger…minus the hamburger. Ideal for vegetarians seeking a little spice in their meal.
Protein Style

“Protein Style” (lettuce instead of buns)

All the glitz and glamour of the typical In N Out burger, however, you can’t forget buns. A lettuce-like outer layer covers these delicious patties to create delicious food.
Veggie Burger
Buns with vegetables between. It’s a bit gruesome in my opinion, however, for vegans who frequent In-N-Out this appears to be just about the only alternative.
Reduced in Half
Ideal for parents with a young one who’s not yet ready to tackle an adult-sized burger just at this point.

The Fries

Good-Done Fried Fries

Cost: $1.60

It’s a little longer but the result is a large portion of crisp fries that are usually enjoyed carefully when you come across the normal fries.

Light Fries

Not the most favorable reviews. If uncooked potatoes make you feel satiated, In-N-Out offers you a wide selection of potatoes.

cheese Fries

Anyone who needs queso that is smoky and drenched in french fries, in order to consume them.

The Drinks

Neapolitan Shake Cost: $2.10

Why should you buy only one flavor when you could purchase three? Mix three most popular In-N-Out milkshake flavors to create the well-known Neopolitan.

Root Beer Float


I definitely identify as a part of the growing crowd for this classic you can buy with an enticing hamburger. This is another reason why In-N-Out offers the same feel as an old-fashioned diner, yet meets it is a modern fast-food business.

It’s true, you can enjoy the well-known root beer float at the local In-N-Out. There’s nothing special about 50s-era diners or ice cream parlors. The mixture of the delicious, creamy In-N-Out ice cream and the sweetness of a cup of root beer is an irresistible snack.

As tempting as the extremely popular milkshakes, The root beer float is only a tiny fraction of the potential. Perhaps because it’s not on the menu, this product isn’t the most sought-after item for customers at In-N-Out however, as word gets out it will also be a hit with the number of people who enjoy it.

Do it the next time you’re ordering an entrée, and see what you’ve missed.

Tea Aid (Arnold Palmer)

The name is Arnold Palmer. But with another name. You can purchase it in In-N-Out. What more could you want?


7-Up and Lemonade. Sounds like the deliciously sweet beverages that Applebee’s offers (the Green grasshopper) However, it has an In-N’Out twist.

Extras – The Secret Sauce

Some say it’s the reason why In-N-Out’s burgers are so delicious. Some speculate that it’s the thousand island dressing. My personal opinion is it’s actually a customized mix that only the In-N’Out team knows the formula to the best of their ability, and they’ve perfected it creating the ultimate hamburger topping.

The thing that is not widely known is that if you simply ask for an additional packet of sauce. If you’re looking to drizzle your burger with dressing or dip your fries in a new tangy flavor, this sauce is the perfect complement to an excellent dinner.

This free sauce offer has me tempted to purchase the sauce each time and store up a supply for the rest of my life. Really isn’t it? kidding…I could not even endure one dinner without eating all of it.

Chili Peppers

They can be diced in your burger or, if you prefer, separate in small plastic bags. They’re small and yellow and packed with flavor. They’re pepperoncinis in color, but they’re yellow.

Grilled Onions

Gives a little flavor to an unnoticed onion. Grilled whole or cut into pieces.


You could as well add crushed chilis to your hamburger and request no salt on your patties. You can also request mild salt or none for your french fries. Want extra toast? What about without toast? You got it!
Are you a parent? Has the milkshake been divided in half for sharing?

From In-N-Out employee and Secret Menus fan:

“With drinks, we are able to mix all flavors. Once, a customer requested 1/3 diet as well as 1/4 normal, and we did it.

We can cut the hamburgers in half for kids if you’d like. You can also cut it into 4 pieces. We try our best to please our customers and always strive to meet your needs. You can simply inquire.”

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