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J Co Donuts Menu and Price List Philippines 2023

J Co Donuts is an Indonesian chain of cafes and restaurants specializing in doughnuts, coffee, and frozen yogurt.

It was founded in 2006 with the opening of the first of its stores in Indonesia. Today, there are 44 stores in the Philippines.

It’s a basic yet very delicious meal that is perfect for all Filipinos to enjoy.

J.CO Donuts & Coffee Menu Prices 2023

Today, I’ll give you the latest J Co Donuts menu prices, J Co Donuts hours, J Co Donuts Menu, J Co Donuts Near Me, J Co Donuts Coupons, and other important details.

Below is the most up-to-date J Co Donuts menu and prices applicable to the Philippines.

J.CO Donuts & Coffee Menu Prices


MenuEach1/2 Doz1 Doz2 Doz
Berry Spears Donut₱45c₱255₱405₱660
Blue Berrymore Donut₱45₱255₱405₱660
Caviar Strawberry Donut₱45₱255₱405₱660
Candy Cane Donut₱45₱255₱405₱660
Choconutzy Donut₱45₱255₱405₱660
Copa Banana Donut₱45₱255₱405₱660
Don Mochino Donut₱45₱255₱405₱660
Green Tease Donut₱45₱255₱405₱660
Alcapone Donut₱45₱255₱405₱660
Avocado Dicaprio Donut₱45₱255₱405₱660
Black Jack Donut₱45₱255₱405₱660
Glazzy Donut₱45₱255₱405₱660
Heaven Berry Donut₱45₱255₱405₱660
Caviar Chocolate Donut₱45₱255₱405₱660
Forest Glam Donut₱45₱255₱405₱660
Crunchy Crunchy Donut₱45₱255₱405₱660
Coco Loco Donut₱45₱255₱405₱660
Cheese Cakelicious Donut₱45₱255₱405₱660

J.CO Pops Menu Price

Snow White Donut₱295
Oreology Donut₱295
Strawberry Fondue Donut₱295
Tira Miss U Donut₱295
White Desert Donut₱295
Sugar Ice Donut₱295
Why Nut Donut₱295
Mr. Green Tea Donut₱295
Jcoccino Donut₱295
Jacky Chunk Honey-Glazed Donut₱295
Mississippi Donut₱295
Marble Hazel Donut₱295

J.CO club Menu Price

Katsu Savory Donut₱48
Red Velvet Sweet Donut₱48
Egg Mayonnaise Savory Donut₱48
Cheezy Rich Sweet Donut₱48
Chicken Salami Savory Donut₱48
Sausage Savory Donut₱48
Omelette Savory Donut₱48

J.CO Coffee Menu Price

Hazelnut Latter Espresso Shot₱85₱100₱110
Caramel Frappe Espresso Shot₱85₱100₱110
Mocha Espresso Espresso Shot₱85₱100₱110
Avocado Frappe Espresso Shot₱85₱100₱110
Jcoccino Honey Dates Frappe Espresso Shot₱85₱100₱110
Mocha Espresso Frappe Espresso Shot₱85₱100₱110
V60 Drip Premium J.Coffee₱85₱100₱110
Espresso Strong & Concentrated Coffee Shot₱85₱100₱110
White Chocolate Espresso Frappe₱85₱100₱110
Caramel Jcoccino Espresso Shot₱85₱100₱110
Jcoccino Frappe Espresso Shot₱85₱100₱110
Macchiato Espresso₱85₱100₱110
Piccolo Espresso Shot₱85₱100₱110
Cafe Latte Espresso Shot₱85₱100₱110
Americano Hot Black Coffee₱85₱100₱110
Jcoccino Espresso Shot₱85₱100₱110

J.CO Cool Menu Price

To Go Fat-Free Frozen Yogurt₱240
Single Fat-Free Frozen Yogurt₱155
Couple Fat-Free Frozen Yogurt₱190
Sharing Fat-Free Frozen Yogurt₱95

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FAQs – JCo Donuts’ Menu

How much is the 1 dozen of JCO?

P405 per box

J.CO Donuts Price List (SRP) Price: P45 for each piece. Half dozen = P255 for a package (save the price of P15) 1 dozen 405 for each box (save P125)

How much is a box of JCo Donuts in the Philippines?

A complete package of J. POPS is priced at $265 and is available at retail stores or via delivery. It is also available through FB Messenger.

How long can JCo Donuts last?

Donuts of average size, such as doughnuts with glaze or plain and those covered in powder, can be stored fresh for anywhere from one to two days on the counter when adequately wrapped and stored for upto a week in the refrigerator. Doughnuts filled with cream require refrigeration and will last up to five days.

How much is a donut in the Philippines?

In 2020, prices for JCO doughnuts in the Philippines ranged from 252.73 to 252.73 and as high as 253.60 for a half-dozen doughnuts.

How do you order JCO for pick up?

You can place an order ahead of time at the nearest store, await confirmation from the shop, and then collect it or select the delivery service you would like to use (Grab FoodLalamove, Grab Express or Angkas)

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