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Β Lazy Dog is one restaurant that you should definitely visit for its menu of food. I’m not saying that they are bad, but they’re fantastic in flavor and authenticity. They are among the few restaurants that offer an authentic American cuisine with their own flair. There aren’t many of them in the United States which are concentrated in the area in California with around tens of the other regions of the United States.

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The Lazy Dog restaurant is a restaurant you must go to for their delicious menu of meals. I’m not suggesting that they’re bad however they’re outstanding in taste as well as authenticity. They are one of the few restaurants to provide authentic American food with their own distinctive flavor. There aren’t many of them in the United States which are concentrated within the region of California and around ten percent of other regions in the United States.

Lazy Dog Happy Hour timings, as well as the menu of food, including costs, are provided below.

Lazy Dog Happy Hour

To serve various groups of people with the hope of serving the most people possible, Lazy Dog offers two different happy hour options throughout the week. As you may be aware, the first program runs on weekdays through the hours of noon. This is the usual happy hour. The happy hour begins around 3 PM at noon. It closes at 6 pm at night.

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πŸ•– Lazy Dog Happy Hour

Days Of The Week
Happy Hours
Monday to Friday
03:00 PM to 06:00 PM

Does Lazy Dog offer late-night Happy hour?

Yes, they do. The second happy hour referred to in the form of “late-night happy hour” is available on Sundays and Thursdays until 9 pm. on the outlets.

πŸ•– Lazy Dog Late Night Happy Hour

Days Of The Week
Late Night Happy Hours
Sunday to Thursday
09:00 PM to close

But, you might want to ask the shop regarding this late-night happy hour. Restaurants in states that don’t allow alcohol sales during the night (usually after 9 pm) don’t provide this happy hour.

The stores, too, close at 12 midnight. Some outlets that run after midnight might stop serving happy hour food because of alcohol laws in the US.

Lazy Dog Happy Hour Menu

Β Lazy Dog Happy Hour Menu & Prices πŸ“™

Food Items
Happy Hour Price
Cajun Fries
Waffle-Cut Parmesan Chips
Loaded Potato Hush Puppies
Buffalo Chicken Nuggets
Bacon Candy
Brussels sprouts
Buffalo Wings
Togarashi Edamame Beans
Chicken Lettuce Wraps
Sweet Potato Tots
Onion Rings
Mini Corn Dogs
Crispy Deviled Eggs
Dirty Dog
Queso Dip
Wok-Fried Calamari
All-American Burger


Happy Hour Price
Ankle Buster Blonde
Huckleberry Haze IPA
Sun Spanked Red
Liquid Blanket
Whoa, Nellie Lager
Bonita Bonita
Old Pal White Ale
Sangria (varieties)
Martini (varieties)
$7 – $8
Cowboy Up
House Beer
Margarita (varieties)
$5 – $7

To summarize the cost that is offered during Happy Hours All beverages and food are priced between 4.00 to $ 4.00 up to 9.00.

In the working hours of the day when the prices are doubled as when the Cowboy Up is usually at $7.00. 7.00.

Bottled beers such as Coors Lite and Bud Light are available for sale for purchase at 3.00 per 16 Oz packs, and 6.00 for packs of 22 Oz. 6.00 on packs of 22 Oz packets during Happy Hours.

lazy dog menu with prices

For additional information about Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar, please visit

Inspired by the life that is typical of the Rocky Mountains where founder Chris Simms spent time with his family as a child, Lazy Dog offers the perfect atmosphere for a short evening meal, a leisurely meal with friends from the past, or a night out with friends. It was originally a Lazy Dog restaurant that was opened within the Huntington Beach area, California in 2003. It offered a diverse menu of classic family dishes that were reinterpreted using bold new tastes and served with the charm of small-town hospitality.

The restaurant is open for dinner, lunch, and weekend brunch. It has a comprehensive bar menu featuring distinctive and accessible specialty cocktails and a variety of craft beers, and The Lazy Dog’s beer club, which is a quarterly membership designed by beer enthusiasts for beer enthusiasts. Lazy Dog has 30 locations across California, Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, and Texas with additional locations on the way. For more information visit

Lazy Dog Restaurant Our Locations

Perimeter, GA

Opening Early 2022
4532 Ashford Dunwoody Road
Dunwoody GA 30346
(770) 376-0111

San Mateo, CA

Opening Early 2022
2208 Bridgepointe Parkway
San Mateo CA 94404
(714) 596-9960

Lazy Dog Happy Hour FAQsπŸ™‹

Why is a lazy dog called a lazy dog? πŸ™‹

πŸ‘‰ At the beginning of 2000, Chris Simms and his father started their first restaurant. they called Lazy Dog Cafe (the name was changed in 2012 to Lazy Dog Bar & Restaurant in 2012). Simms thought of”Lazy Dog” as “Lazy Dog” name during a ski vacation within Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Can you take your dog to Lazy Dog? πŸ™‹

πŸ‘‰ It’s true, you can bring your dog on the outdoor patio of the brand new Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar featuring a dog-centric design located in Downtown Summerlin. … It is not a good idea to let your dog snarl to bark, or even bite. 3. Lazy Dog servers won’t be looking after your dog or even stroking him.

Who is the lazy dog? πŸ™‹

πŸ‘‰ Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar
Type Private
Industry Restaurant
Founded Huntington Beach, CA (2003)
Founder Chris Simms, Gabe Caliendo, Steve Price, and Roshan Mendis
Number of locations 30

What are umami fries? πŸ™‹

πŸ‘‰ Umami refers to the fifth taste sensation that is found among sweet-salty, sour as well as bitter. It’s the feeling of euphoria that occurs by the earthy, savory flavors blended with other flavors. Our burgers and fries are delightfully seasoned with Asian spices and herbs.

Are dogs allowed in restaurants in Illinois? πŸ™‹

πŸ‘‰ Umami can be described as the 5th sense of taste that lies between sweet-salty, sour, as well as bitter. It’s the sensation of joy that is created by the earthy, savory flavors blended with other tastes. Our burgers and fries are tastily spiced with Asian spice and herbs.


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